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Hi everyone,

We all have tried to cook or at least prepare a beverage once in our lifetime. Let’s have some fun together. This is not about preparing the best recipe. I want you all to share your experience while cooking. Prepare something for this contest.

Cooking Fun (1).jpg

I know that everyone has experience of success and failure while cooking. Sometimes we get the dish we wanted at the end. Sometime it is a complete failure. Sometimes we turn it into something else. Anyway, there are hidden stories behind those dishes. The fun experiences we had.

What you should do:

  • You can prepare a meal, a snack or a beverage.
  • Share about how you did it.
  • What happened while preparing it.
  • Tell us the success or even the failure of it.
  • Tell us what the funny things are happened.

  • Collage 2021-09-30 12_43_00.jpg

    In my experience, I have made a toffee that can’t chew while making milk toffee. One day we made burnt cupcakes, another day I got mixed up expire dates while cooking. Those things we still remember and laugh together.

    I think now you have an idea about what I am saying.

    Rules for you:

  • It should be a new experience of cooking(a meal, a snack or a beverage).You can’t share past experiences or dishes.
  • It should be your own work. Use your own images.
  • Write at least 300 words about it.
  • One entry per one person.
  • Price for you:

    1st place – 10 STEEM
    2nd place – 6 STEEM
    3rd place – 6 STEEM
    4th place –4 STEEM
    5th place – 4 STEEM

    We will try to give booming support for creative posts also.


    Winners will be selected based on the best experience and the creativity of the presentation.


    Challenge will be ended on 10th October 5pm on Sri Lankan time. Let’s have some fun together!


    This is a very useful contest. apart from increasing activity and contributing to this great community, this contest will also add to the knowledge and amazing experience. hopefully with this contest all can benefit those who are here 👍👍

    Let’s see some good experiences..

    yes.. i will take part in this section and will wait for beautiful posts in this amazing contest

    This must be an interesting challenge. Hope to read various funny posts.😏

    There will be lot of experiences😁.

    I'm definitely going to join 😍😍😍😍

    I am waiting to see your experience 🤗.

    wow great topic.. I can put my quarantine recipes now.

    yes. you can try something new also.

    Good contest but unfortunately I don't know how to cook so that I will be a reader in this contest.🤣🤣👍 I'll grab some ideas from this contest......Then one day I will😍

    You can try to make a snack or a beverage🤗.

    you don't need to know. just make an omlet. we want everyone to cook and have fun

    Oh, I'm in big trouble 🤣🤣🤣

    Monawa hari hadanna

    Well, now I'm going to get in trouble! 😒 But this will be an interesting and delicious challenge for all of us. 😋❤️ And looking forward to read so many cooking stories. 🙊

    May be you can try something for this one 😁.

    Wow,this is good for me. I''ll participate.

    Looking forward for your entry 🤗.

    Interesting 👌☺️

    yes. Let's see some fun experiences.

    A contest with challenge!!!
    It means so many interesting entries are on the way 😍

    yes.. it will be so fun 😁.

    @ashen99 you have a great chamce mchn 😍, Nce contest akke 😍😍

    ඔහ් නෝ.ඔව් නේ ට්‍රයි එකක් දාල බලන්න ඕන

    You too can try to participate 😁.

    perfect one. Everyone in the community have some ability to cook.

    Yes.. let’s see how participation goes😁.

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    this would be a good chef, it's very interesting.
    hashtags used

    Hope you will participate..

    serious 😊

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    Still no entry here... I want to be a last commenter here...To win this....

    Be the first one 😁.

    Girls first...

    Wow! It'd be a nice oppurtunity for the people who truly love in with cooking!❤️

    yes. cook and have fun 🤗.

    Ade… nice contest😍😍…hmmm.. I think the girls will win this food has been prepared in the time I can remember

    I think boys also can win. It is about best experience…

    Interesting contest..😍 It will be win by girls. Girls will think so.🙊🤭 But It is win by boys.💪

    Your guess may be correct. Let’s see who wins 🤗.

    Wow... Nice contest. We can be seen very good competition between girls😍

    This is not only for girls 😅. This not about best dish but, best experience.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. A boy has started it 😁.

    Entry No. 01.

    1st Entry from boy....Wow...

    Mmm, we will be able to read many funny experiences of others and can share ours with them too. Let's see.

    Yes. fun is the important fact here 😁.

    this will be fun. Reserved Sunday for this

    Looking forward for your post. We will find many new recipes to try and not to try😁😂.

    This is is nice i will give it a trial

    Looking forward for your entry 🤗.


    You have done it well. Good try and a tasty dish. Thank you for participation.

    Entry No 03.

    Woow.. an interesting contest Rasi. We will be able to experience many recipes here. I also can share my experience . 🤗💓

    yes, it will be interesting to see what everyone has to share. waiting for your participation.

    I like to eat, but unfortunately I'm not good at cooking

    But you can try. this is not about giving us a good output but trying to cook something.

    Yes, that's right, thanks for the advice

     last year (edited)

    Ikut contest sebelum berakhir 7 hari, 2 Hari lagi teman ikut.

    Thank you for sharing a yummy fruit juice with us.

    Entry No. 04.

    Hello friend, thank you for the grateful support🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Thank you for sharing your experience in the kitchen.

    Entry No. 07.

    Thanks and welcome dr.

    You have made us hungry with your entry 🙊. Thank you for the participation.

    Entry No. 08.

    Thank you for creating this contest...

    Your other entry has accepted as Entry No. 17. Thank you for the participation.

    Thank you for sharing a delicious dish with us.

    Entry No 10.

    This is good try sometime. Thank you for sharing.

    Entry No 09.

    It is good do something different for your anniversary. Thank you for the participation.

    Entry No 11.

    ‌Hello Rasi, this is my entry for your contest. ❤

    Thank you for Sharing about your new experience.

    Entry No. 13

    Here is my Entry ☺️

    Thank you for sharing your delicious pizza recipe with us.

    Entry No. 14.

    Interesting to know about pink sauce. Thank you for the participation.

    Entry No. 16.

    Good to see that your Grand Father really likes it. Thank you for the participation.

    Entry No. 17.

    This serves as a great opportunity for everyone out there to share their cooking experiences and also to learn more about the difficulties they’ve so far encountered in the cooking field...Thanks for bringing up this contest and hope to partake in the next

    Yeah. it is not only about sharing the success of cooking but sharing the failures and fun you had while cooking.

    You have put so much effort with the resources you got. Thank you for the participation.

    Entry No. 18.

    Your kottu is mouthwatering. as for your first cooking post, well done 😁. Thank you for the participation.

    Entry No. 20

    as for your first cooking post,

    I'm happy about that 🙊

    Hola amigos Steemians. Aquí les dejo mi Participación

    "Deliciosas Hamburguesas de Pollo crujientes con cereal"

    Hamburguesa 10.jpg

    Thank you for sharing this chicken burger with everyone. it looks delicious.

    Entry No. 21.

    Friend @rasinkani, is a pleasure for me. Thank you.

    Here is my entry.

    I have already put an entry number for you 😂. Thank you for your participation with delicious fries.

    Entry No. 19.


    My Entry 🤗❤


    Thank you for your participation with a spicy but delicious recipe.

    Entry No. 22.

    A mouthwatering dish for us. Thank you for your participation.

    Entry No. 23.

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