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Hello friends…

This is my 1st post after the wining the 4th place at SPUD4STEEM - October. Actually it was huge moment for me. Therefor I wanted to post a very special one, which will be more beneficial for the Steemit platform as well as to the society.

This was related to the Steemit promotion. So we selected few people at our office to do brief introduction about the Steemit platform. Our intention was to select few good people who can get some benefit from Steemit. Firstly we decided have small meeting but after country get opened. But still there are few regulations here due to the covid-19. So plan was changed to online meeting. Google meet app was used to conduct this session. It is a really simple app, user friendly. I prepared small presentation to show them, how the Steemit is working and what we have to do there. For that I could gathered few my steemian friends also. They also shared their experiences in this platform.

Welcome to steemit.jpg

Our key points were,

1.What is Steemit

Since this is new to them, they were really interested to know about this.

2.How it works?

3.What you have to there ?

These two points took more times than one. We explained step by step about this points. How we can enroll here, who are there, how the system working, our role here etc.

Welcome to steemit.jpg

Participated list has given below.


So this is how we conducted the online session with them.
This is the 1st step, and we hope to have more discussions with more people in near future.





Welcome to steemit.jpg

Until that, be safe…Be happy…

Thank you for reading, Have a nice day…



this is great, it will develop, this is extensive knowledge, I think it is very useful for the team🙊 good job

Thank you for your appreciation....

You guys have done a great job on promoting steemit ayye. Let's continue this forward😃🥳

Thank you malii...lets do more....

Great job. you have done it well👏👏.

Thank you very much...

Good job ayya.... Well organized work... Keep it up....💪

Good job aiya ! You have done a really good thing

You guys are always encouraging me...Thanks...

Well done. Hope we'll have more good faces here in the future😊

Yep, Lets gather more...

Wow weldone guys.. Seems you have done this very well. Try to continue this multiple times with new people. Very useful

Try to continue this multiple times with new people.

Our intention is same... We have planned few more...

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Great presentation for newcomers...

Lets do more...

You have done a very good job.The steemit has a bright future.

Lest light-up this...

New experience ..

Yes yes,,, My 1st one...Hope do much better at next time...

Good job ayye 💪 Keep up the such a great work. 💪

Yep malli....Lets to great.....

U hv done it nicely , Well done aiye ☺️

Thanks malli...

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