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Hello Friends….


Our life is not too long. It’s short. But we have a list of Dreams to achieve. Big dreams. We all like to have nice vehicle to use. Sometime you may already have a vehicle. But is that you are like to have??? Love to use?? Or Dream to ride??? This time I have arranged a contest about your dream vehicle. It may be a bike, car, jeep, SUV etc.

There can be various reasons / facts. Like shape, brand, performance, prestige, usage, affordability and availability etc…. Sometime you have already experienced that vehicle. Therefor I wanted to share your thoughts with us in a beautiful & attractive manner. To make it perfect you use following guideline to write.

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Tips to use –

1.What is your dream vehicle. (There can be one or more, but please restrict to maximum 3 nos)
(You can add reviews in YouTube.)

2.Why you like – Body Shape / brand / performance / usage etc.

3.What you prefer to have as an additional option – Engine / sunroof / color / interior etc.

4.Previous experiences (if any) – You can use pictures that you may have taken with it.

5.This is a big dream, How to make it happen ???

Like this you can simply write about your dream vehicle. Because it is very common to all of us and very easy to write. You can add more guide lines to write.

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Rules & Regulations:

1.You have to it write as a new post and Put your entry as a comment to this post.

2.Write at least 250 - 300 words about it.

3.One entry per one person.

4.Please include the #mydreamvehicle tag for your post.

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Price for you:

1st place – 6 Steems

2nd Place – 5 Steems

3rd Place – 4 steems

4th Place – 3 steems

5th Place – 3 Steems

For women’s entries, I will add 10% extra points for their entries as an encouragement.


There may be extra rewards also. Therefor don’t hesitate… Quickly put your entry here.

There is a possibility to give booming support for attractive posts.

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Winners will be selected based on the quality, style, content, creativity of the presentation.


Challenge will be on 31st October 5pm on Sri Lankan time. Show your dream to us & have our wishes to make it happen!

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Hello, I told you about my dream. After reading the post, our dreams may be the same. Be careful. :)

5th Entry...

I wish good luck for myself. 😇

awesome idea.. I will join too.. thank you for organizing this

This will be a simple one to write. Let see who will be the winner...

I know, you want to buy a Mercedes.😊🎉

no I want to buy a red car


I'll join this contest definitely, its awesome

Sure bro... This is a simple one to write. I know you will put a strong entry here,...

I went through your post & it is really good one.

Thanks brother

wow. nice contest aiya.

Then you can put a entry here. Shall we???

I have not written any post about vehicles on steemit yet. So this contest is the best time for that. Thank you for organising such a contest..

Ahh haa...Then this would be best chance... Let's put a entry here....

It will be interesting to participate.

It means You are also participating with this , no??

Should try. Don't know much about vehicles. I will try to find out 😁.

Interesting contest, would like to participate asap. I'm excited 😀

I am very interesting to see your entry here...

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Wow. Nice topic. Most of Steemians will join this.

You may also join with this no???

I will definitely join. An interesting contest.

Let me guess.... Your one will be a Tesla ...

Onna damma balanda.

This will be very interesting contest. I hope to participate also. 😇

I am waiting to see your one here...

I'm also joining this contest..

Sure sure... Topic is very simple. You can easily write.

Interesting topic 😍😍 hope to join with this 😍

This is a common dream to every one. I know you also have ...

I have more than one 🙊 and first I was afraid and after seeing first tip, I felt yay 😍

I am very interesting to see your entry here...

Wow. Nice contest. I will join this contest definitely..❤❤❤

Sure malli...Show your colours here....

Awsome I will share my dream vehicle soon 😍

I will share my dream vehicle soon 😍

Wow...What is that ???

I will share my dream vehicle soon 😍

Wow...What is that ???

Actually I have 2 will meet you with the post 😌

If I join this post and a my dream car come true.

Yes yes..Please join with this.

Woow. A nice concept aiye.. hope to participate soon.🤗

Why not...I know you also have a nice dream car,,,,

Great idea, I will encourage you to participate!

I am waiting for your entry/....

I will make an entry soon.

Sure...Sure.. I am waiting to see your dream car...

Ah ha.. You have put the 1st lucky entry here.... Thank you so much for the participation.

 last year (edited)

2nd Entry...

I know nothing about vehicles 😒 but i want a car and it should be black 🌚 Anyway nice contest aiya 😋

Black is good for a Car....White is good for a girl... This is a general wording....

You may also have a brand and shape. So Why don't you put a entry... ???

Interesting contest and I hope to join this.😍

Sure sure...Honda entry ekak daamu malli...

I would like to join this competition

Sure Sure. Boys can easily write on this.

This is a great match for us. I look forward to attending.

Yes yes... You have to score here...

Haven't think about this😊 will think now😂

Don't get late.

Nice idea and hope to join with this.

I am interesting to see your entry here.

Here is my little entry :)

Aiwath dagena yanna e car eke.

6th Entry...

Here is my entry for the contest!

Your entry has been accepted. Thank you for participating...

9th Entry...

Here is my Entry..🤠

10th Entry...

Shall we put a entry here.

Love it what if i have my dream car can i still enter female extras bonus also x

Here is my entry🤗

15th Entry..

This is my entry

Accept with thanks...

16th Entry...

Malli baba...Meka 17th Entry eka....

Ok ayya babo

Wow...19th Entry...

Thanks for the 20th Entry....

You're welcome 🙂

This one is 21st Entry....Thanks amigo...

An interesting topic. Hope to participate as soon as possible.

31st Will be the end. Don't be late bro.

22nd Entry.... Love you bro....

Love you too...

23rd Entry....Thanks amigo...

Your one is 24th Entry to this contest.

Ohh It's 26th Entry...

Awesome contest to participate on.
My enter link

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