Contest: The Debate (Week 29); Democracy or Dictatorships, which is more effective?

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Hey there, are you ready for an exciting contest where you get to debate and decide between two options? Get ready to showcase your persuasive skills and convince me why your choice is better.

A debate is a discussion or argument where people present their opinions, arguments, and evidence on a specific topic. It's like a friendly battle of words where each side tries to convince a judge that their viewpoint is the stronger one.

It's a great way to exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and learn from different perspectives. Hence, this contest is based on this idea.

The Contest

It's all about presenting your arguments, giving us your opinions, and perspectives, and having a friendly debate.

For the contest, I will be giving you two options for you to convince me of the better one and why you think your option is better. So are you ready? If yes, let the "this or that" contest begin.

Your Debate for this week

Democracy is like a big group project where everyone gets a say in what happens, while dictatorship is like having one person in charge making all the decisions. Democracy is great because it lets everyone have a voice, but sometimes it can get chaotic. On the other hand, a dictatorship can be efficient in making quick decisions, but it might not always consider what everyone wants. It's like a balance between having many voices and one strong leader.

Therefore, I would like you to share your opinion on this debate having the hints below to guide your argument.

  • Democracy or dictatorship: Which is better for stability and progress?

  • How does democracy help a country move forward compared to a dictatorship?

  • Can a dictatorship handle tough times better than a democracy?

  • Why is personal freedom important for a country to grow under different types of governments?

Last Week's Review

Last Week's option was to convince me of which is better between the two options above, and there was a whooping 9 entries in all. Thank you to each and every one who participated. Here, I present to you all three participants as the winners for last week;

@radlekingLinkBooming vote
@alfazmalekLink4 Steem Power
@lammiislamLink3 Steem Power
@raoabiLink3 Steem Power

How to participate?

  • Subscribe to Steem Fashion&Style, if you haven't already.

  • Pick the option you feel is better, or more important.

  • Make a publication of not less than 300 words, giving reasons why the option you've picked is better.

  • The title should be The Debate (no.29); your title

  • You must be in a club, at least club5050. We also encourage users who are following club75 and club100.

  • The contest's first 5 tags should be #sahmie-debate28 #steemexclusive, clubstatus, and your country tag (e.g. #nigeria for me).

  • Also, it is important to post plagiarism-free content. Try to post unique and original content in your own words.

  • Use your images or copyright-free images only.

  • Invite at least 3 of your friends to participate.

  • Upvote and Re-steem the contest so that more users can participate in the contest.

  • Please make sure you engage with other entries.

  • Drop a link to your post in the comment section of this post.

What is up for grabs?

A total of 10 Steem Power will be distributed to the best entries as everyone is a winner, as follows.

Steem Power
1st Place
Booming Vote
2nd Place
4 Steem Power
3rd Place
3 Steem Power
4th Place
3 Steem Power


Contest Deadline

The contest is open to participants till 23:59 UTC, Wednesday 29th May. At which it comes to an end, meaning all entries after that will be counted as invalid.


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Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

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Thanks for selecting me to be the winner of last week's debate i really appreciate it

WAW what a nice contest, I can wait to come out with my entry link

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