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My message to One & All

I & Associates May Vote You....

Have been in Steem Platform for almost four years. Yes a Steem Veteran that have gone thru many HardForks.
I do know you all. Previously working in Phishing Dept. in Steemcleaners . I do knows your activities.
For All that are just about to start Spamming ( realself ="theycallmedan" , azircon ... etc ) read my clear message. I am not Buckrogers nor Starfleet Enterprise; your activities have been intercepted....

Firstly, I Welcome Our Chinese , Koreans , Indonesian Brothers/Sisters & Others.
@glory7 @virus707 @cjsdns @kakakk @slowwalker @justyy @maiyude @xpilar @project.hope @sultan-aceh
@angelinafx @suonghuynh @dobartim @flysky @khaiyoui @wisdomandjustice @beajinsu @happyberrysboy
@dodoim @friendlystranger @jayplayco @bji1203 @noisysky @trafalgar @goodhello @twinpapa @mrspointm @sweetsssj @cheva @morningshine @gotogether @jsquare @cyberrn @seunglimdaddy @lemooljiang @jjy & others

Let's Makes Steem Better and Ever.. cos We Cares

We have Form New Steem Governance , Steem Governance A Board Committees that Cares for Steem Crypto Economy & Community. Steem Governance will be Replacing The Steemcleaners & Spaminator work Scope.

Party who have interest may join Committee Board as Volunteers.

Please check with me at Discord @bullionstackers #5159

For those who need Help...

Need A Vote???

Please drop your link below with Your Account & get My Attention!

You can Join Our Whalepower , Community.... if you like.

For those who likely to Spam & Milking during Migration to Hive "Don't!"

Spam Contents will Not Be Tolerated!


Will do The Clean Up.....

Some can collect some Flag!

Please Do Not Spam & Copied Paste! & Repeat.

( This is for Markyy , You have Pissed Off Many! & Stop Bullies Others )

For those who got Flag

Why you were Flag Recently??

Stop Spamming! Stop Self-Vote like No Body Business

If I do need Further Delegation, I will get it..... Now Listen! Don't Piss me off! , Just wait...

I am not Miss @sweetsssj ; can stand to be pissed off by A Bunch of you.

Message for those Who Flag this Post , Your Name will be Collected on My Blacklist!
Zero Tolerance! I will Engage...

Let's Makes Steem Better and Ever.. cos We Cares

Whalepower Hub Discord

#whalepower A Project for Better Community
All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

#whalepower HUB Help-Desk Discordapp @bullionstackers

BEE SMART HUB Discordapp @bullionstackers

If you Like it, Love It

Follow and Visit my Page at @bullionstackers


I see you've had some run-ins with certain Scum-Bags...
They stomped all over me... It's not easy, to get it back...
April 12, 2020... 5.5 Hollywood Time...

That was a very nice Up-Vote...
I'm still trying to dig myself out, from an attack by a Mob of Down-Voters...
So, everything helps... Thanks @bullionstackers...
April 21, 2020... 0.5 Hollywood Time...

IT MAKES ME WONDER WHAT ONE, 100% UP-VOTE FROM @binance-hot would be...???
April 21, 2020... 2.2 Hollywood Time...


Like what you write, there are clear words for the money here.
And the opinions are also straight forward

Thank you for welcoming me, as you know I am fighting for Steem. Steem is in my heart. Yes let's bring Steem to new heights
We have just as much time here and we have seen most of the time here in the four years

Yes, let's fight for STEEM

Much love @xpilar

I just want to say: "Congratulations you have become a big boss"

You never know if its better to the big boss or the big nobody who is bigger than the big boss :D @siniceku

Hello @Bullionstakers! I found your message strongly clear about a better future for many people that want to make a place to live in here. Many creating good things in the hope of supporting the difficult economy of most of our countries. So is good to hear that projects are being launched to help in the creation of better and more educated communities on the operation of this blockchain.

I take the opportunity to share with you a plan of action to help from my resources. It would be great to count with your inputs and advice for a better structure of the plan. In short, 10 little accounts working in group to get to the minnow level through posts and engagement in the shortest time. I share with you the details of the project and hope to be in touch.

Best wishes for your projects and a brighter future for everyone!

KNITRIAS PROJECT | Definition and Roadmap

I know that you care about me and Indonesian stemians. You have supported me for a long time, long before you held 1 million SP. Support is real, not bullshit.

thank you very much for your support

from: stemian liar dari kumpulan yang terbuang @lord-geraldi

smart words support is real not bullshit - Internet Wisdom brought to you by our man #@lord-geraldi

Anda yang membuat kami tetap semangat untuk bertahan disini, dukungan anda selama ini untuk kami para steemian Indonesia adalah nyata.
Terima kasih untuk semuanya.
You Are The Legend.

Steem can continue and make progress, for the past 4 and bit years all i have heard is..steemit is scam and will be gone in 2 months or Hardfork 19/20 will kill the platform.

blah blah

We still here :)


I am very happy to be in the team @whalepower. I always get support. thank you very much sir @bullionstackers. I will try to always display useful posts.

Whalepower 2.0! :D

Good to see you guys again! There are still many people that believes in steemit, we need more curation projects that focus in people that only post here. Good luck with the project!

Terima kasih Sir @bullionstackers @whalrpower team yang dari dulu selalu mendukung kami redfish untuk bangkit, bersama untuk sukses di platform steemit...

Good to have you back Sir.
Wow! Where did you get that Power??? One Million Steem...
I really lost mood to do any post since your departure.
Like no one cares around here; now made me likely to blog again.
Having Whalepower is like family.

Hmm! New Community , I want to join in too.
Thank you Sir


Thanks for your support for the @Knitrias Project!! It will be a pleasure to keep you informed with developments.
I'll be subscribing in your community too!!
The Best for every project!!

Saludos @bullionstackers ya me he unido a su comunidad, sin embargo aun no he publicado contenido en ella, es bueno saber que personas de gran influencia como usted pueda brindar apoyo a los usuarios. He notado en mis notificaciones que me ha estado siguiendo en varias ocaciones, me pregunto si es por algo bueno jjajajajja, espero que si. Trabajo día a día incansablemente y llevo muchas publicaciones sin tener apoyo, sin embargo considero que nuestro trabajo aquí se debe construir de manera sabia y honesta y dando lo mejor de nosotros cada dia, amo todo lo que hago aquí y pienso que debemos seguir adelante con fe y seguir construyendo con nuestro contenido energías positivas para este ecosistema que nos cambia la vida. Estoy agradecida de Dios por estar aquí y gracias por seguirme. Dios le bendiga a usted y su comunidad. Con cariño desde Venezuela. ❤️🇻🇪

regards @bullionstackers

I hope you are healthy @bullionstackers
thank you for your welcome

I am only as a photographer "insects, nature, travel and flowers" inace, in joining the Steem community, already, 35 months, starting from August 2017.

let's make Steem better, forever, together, photographer in the community.

regards @sultan-aceh

Do not welcome him, this fights Islam and attacks regarding publications that contain Quranic verses

Hi @bullionstackers
I haven't heard from you in a long time,
How are you doing there?

That is very reassuring to see such post, being for long time you know how it began and how it is now. The people who left they have to leave these people on Steem in peace and live their lives. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings. We joined your community too and would be happy to be a part of Committee Board as Volunteers. You can add another geographic location German and Scots and here in Scotland we say: Aye!-Yes!

Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently
Vielen Dank für die wertvollen Beiträge auf Ihrer Seite
Ich bin dankbar, mit Liebe und Respekt hier in der Gemeinschaft zu sein. Kein Monopol. Kein Rassismus. Keine Diskriminierung. Das ist es, was wir brauchen. Liebe, Wertschätzung, Respekt und Zusammenarbeit
Ich werde mich gerne meiner Seite anschließen und mich dauerhaft unterstützen
페이지의 소중한 게시물에 감사드립니다.
나는 사랑과 존경, 독점, 인종 차별, 차별이없는 당신과 함께 공동체에 여기에있어서 감사합니다. 이것은 우리가 사랑, 감사, 존중 및 협력을 필요로하는 것입니다
내 페이지에 참여하고 저를 영구적으로 지원하게되어 기쁩니다.

Hello @bullionstackers ! Help! Please! @crisking ....

fuck your mother Son of a bitch

I actually never liked downvoting, I still don't. I think if you are going to downvote your targets should be people who self vote in extreme like ten bad articles a day and a self vote for all their posts. Sometimes I have to upvote to get above the dust threshhold. Right now, really is not the time to try to scare off people, enough are leaving already without having to alienate others.

Just as an idea why don't they limit the amount of posts an account can make to four? I really think nobody can make four good articles in a day, but perhaps there are a few who can. Ten is way too much and isn't even the limit.

Nice to see a shift around here. The previous regime ran steem into the ground. By the way if you are looking to use some more of your downvotes, acidyo and tarazkp are posting a bunch of times each day making as much as they can to sell before they leave for hive, just a heads up :)

A better job than thesneakymark ever did so far. Keep it up!

Yes at last we have a sensible voice. we have some hope now at least. Will support.

im not very impressed with how you are treating investors of Steem. I personally invested 20,000 USD and three years of my life on this platform.. and without asking any questions you continue to downvote all my posts .. for what reason? I am not responsible for other accounts actions.

What kind of message are you trying to send to people? You make it very hard for people to feel safe to invest here acting like this.

Good afternoon.
Could there be a reason why you recognize my post?

Finally, a beacon of hope! Thanks @bullionstackers for stepping-up against this abuse in Steem. I've noticed their activities lately but couldn't do anything about it.

Steem on!

Hello @bullionstackers Here's my account and need some help @suraj if you can please. help me that how to grow.. thanks My account: @suraj

I thought i would share with you that i have nothing to do with the downvotes from TSU toward anyone else.. and you flagging me only hurts me.. an innocent bystander.. TSU really don't care if u flag me, i get their support and that is all..

i think i get why you are doing it, but i do request you cease as its not helping anyone or related to me.. and I have been very active here for years helping the communities grow.. thanks.

I do not understand why you gave negative votes to my articles today.

I come here because by chance I saw your publication and I found the support you are giving very interesting. I have been steemit for almost 3 years now and I am executing a Mexican project, and I have worked very hard to get it off the ground. We support all people no matter their nationality, since it is really difficult to convince my compatriots to join the new technologies, I work with a team of curators, photographers and writers, they are all real people and I can verify it. For a long time I have asked for support for my project, with the desire to help the growth of others on the platform, but I never found it, the project is in good faith. Sometimes it is a little difficult for me to continue, but I always stay positive.
I am a 22 year old Mexican men, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and I hope that we all create a better Steem. Thank you! :)

Project @team-mexico.

Glad to hear it, what are the plans to grow this place?

Hi @bullionstackers
this is very good information for all steemit users, specifically I am pribadai.

I joined Steemit in 2018, I haven't been very active, a few years I was vacuum, this year I started to be active again, Ready to support STEEM. please guide and enlighten me.
Yours sincerely @muftii

Oh I don't think I've ever gotten any upvote from you. Here's a link of one of my recent post:

Or feel free to choose any of the other two on my profile. Thanks!

Good stuff man @bullionstackers71, whats the next plan for steem i honestly quite enjoyed the format but then again maybe I'm just an old timer with to much time on his hands :*(

Saya melihat ini ,, hhh , sudah sangat lama saya tidak aktif

How much did you lose you dog

Hello there, why are you downvoting my post?

Hard to read... Is that Google translate?

Hola saludos gracias 🤗 ❤️ desde Venezuela 🇻🇪.

Gracias amigo por votar 🤗💕

Hey how are things going for you ?
I see no posts or comments are you active on hive?

Please upvote

Inspiration Post !!

So why did you downvote my video I made and posted here? Just because I voted for it with my small account?

Hello friend, it's an animal with a Steem account that is destroying other people's posts He even destroyed some of my posts, but he is a malicious insect.

Greetings sir @bullionstackers
Here is my post need upvote if possible
Thank you for your kind offer of upvoting ❤️💖💗

Thanks for helping me finding Plagiarism and Reward Farmers.

Have a Nice Day😊

Thanks for Appreciating my efforts Buddy😀

Also thanks for the help in finding those reward farmers - I already have an eye on them but thanks to you now I believe they should be exposed because they are farming more than 45$ a day. Which I think is not a good act for the goodness of the community.

Have a Nice Day😊

thanks for the follow sir,,

I wonder if this is still up and I am a year late. However, Congratulations still and we are so lucky having people like you behind our back. Supporting little steemians here knowing that we can't give back something for you is a real big deal. Thank you for still being with us specially in times like this, steemit became a platform that provides our needs to survive amidst the pandemic. Stay safe and God bless!

Hi buddy thank's... regards from Venezuela

My Dear @bullionstackers
I want big support. Welcome

Good day sir.

Is any reason why are you downvoting all my post? I'm investing myself in my account and just cracked all, i lost all my money invested. Just tell me what i'm doing bad for fix it and thank you.

Why you do that? What's the problem?

Buenas noches, puedo saber por qué me siguen tanto? Casi todos los días me llegan notificaciones que dicen que usted me sigue?

Merhaba steemit Türkiye topluluğuna ait trail e katılıp bize destek olabilir misiniz 🙏

hello brother can you help me? 🙏

hello brother, may I ask you a few things about Steemit?

the legend where have you gone, and I just realized that in this steemian world there are good people like you, will you know me now? and don't forget to write my name in your diary. greetings to you🙌🏻😔

Good morning. Therefore, you have put up a flag. I wrote that my account was renewed, everyone is putting flags. What is the reason for this.

A short time ago I joined her, I hope it will be continuous support between us
He promised to support by voting with love and appreciation

Will see, how far you fly :)

Just a little hint. I don’t care about money... and the real battle is fought not in this sandbox you moron. It is fought in the exchanges....

You just got 1M steem delegation Lol! That is not even half my daily trading volume you uneducated racist moron.

I will see what is the real PRICE of that steem soon. Good luck and thanks for playing! Cheers!

@bullionstackers stop downvoting my posts Good for you

Lol you tell people not to self upvote yet you self upvoted. Also your english grammar is terrible. Did I really get downvoted by you several dollars again and again because I self upvoted myself 2 cents? Many people ask you why you downvote they and you never reply back to them

A real moderator? LMAO

You missed the part about being a real racist.

If you are part of the @bdcommunity, I would be wary of this guy who proclaims to be a curator. He's not your friend.

Wow, that is racist

It's a riot that a comment farmer now holds the keys to 1M Steem Power in a guise to fight abuse.

A list of some of your old comment farms

  • bullionstackers
  • the-reef
  • paul-gillbanks
  • tanaman
  • blockcleaner
  • bullionstacker
  • whalepower
  • quarantine
  • the-exocet
  • minuteman111
  • dolphinpo

You stopped posting a while ago because your comment farming was getting flagged.

Trying to hide the facts @bullionstackers?

You tell everyone you are voting for Haejin and Ranchorelaxo now, the largest abuser on the platform with Steemit Inc 1M SP delegation as well as other spammers like Dobartim?

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