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Welcome to the "We Love Local Products" contest in Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 15 Week 4! This is an opportunity to explore and share our love for local products produced by local entrepreneurs in various sectors, such as typical culinary delights, fashion, handicrafts or other products.

We are looking for inspiring stories, unique experiences, and testimonials of love for local products that make you proud. Include interesting photos and in-depth descriptions.

How to participate in the contest :
  • Share your personal experience in loving local products. What fascinates you and connects you to local products?
  • Explain the benefits and positive impacts of supporting local products. How can your contribution help the growth of the local economy and surrounding community?
  • Name one or two popular local products in your area. Tell us why tourists often look for it. No need to be too detailed, focus on the attractiveness of the product.
  • Choose one of your favorite local products and present it well. Include interesting photos that show the uniqueness of the product.
Rules, prizes and contest period :
  • Publish your entry in the Steem Entrepreneurs Community with content reaching a minimum of 350 words, make sure the writing is free from plagiarism, does not use artificial intelligence (AI) or other forms of fraud.

  • Participants are encouraged to join one of #club5050, #club75, or #club100, and are encouraged to support the #burnsteem25 initiative by setting 25% of the rewards to the @null account.

  • It is preferred to use original photos, but participants may use copyrighted photos as long as they state the source clearly, especially from recommended sites such as Pixabay, Pexels, and others.

  • Use main hashtags such as #steementrepreneurs-s15w4, #creativewriting, #indonesia (hashtag country name) and #steemexclusive. Make sure to set a 25% reward for @nulll accounts as a condition for using the hashtag #burnsteem25 as the main hashtag.

  • Meanwhile, for the use of entry titles : SEC - S15W4 : I LOVE LOCAL PRODUCTS.

  • Paste your entry link in the comments column of this post and don't forget to vote, resteem and invite your friends to participate in the contest.

  • The organizers provide a total prize : 9 STEEM POWER to be distributed to the "three best participants" selected by the Steem Entrepreneurs Team as judges and the decision is final.

  • The participation time is between Monday, February 5, 2024, 00.00 UTC to Sunday, February 11, 2024, 23.59 UTC.

Thank you for your participation in the "We Love Local Products" contest. We hope that through our support, local products can become a source of pride and dominate the domestic market.

Cc : @harferri @f2i5 @mainuna @hamzayousafzai @sailawana @pathanapsana

We extend an open invitation to make valuable contributions and foster collaborative endeavors with esteemed Steem Power delegates, all aimed at propelling the growth and development of our community.

We invite you to support @pennsif.witness for growth across the whole platform through robust communication at all levels and targeted high-yield developments with the resources available.
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Thank you for hosting this challenge, please find my participation:

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Saya sangat senang dengan tema minggu ini mencintai produk lokal adalah pertanda kita mencintai negeri kita sendiri, banyak produk lokal yang ada di daerah saya, yang akan saya bahas dalam postingan saya, kerja bagus Steem enterpreneur!!!

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