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The second week's contest has ended, now the third week's challenge is here with another interesting contest to add enthusiasm and motivation to this journey.

In living life, everyone will certainly encounter various problems that come and go. The problems faced by each person will certainly be different from each other. There are those who just pass through small pebbles, but there are also those who are forced to fight against the ocean currents. All these trials often make you complain.

However, in the midst of various trials and challenges, remember that every struggle is an inseparable part of this life's journey. Just as a tree grows strong through storms, you can overcome any obstacle. When you feel like you have fallen, remember that every step you take to get up is a step closer to success.

In this contest, we invite participants to explore aspects of struggle, create motivating narratives, and inspire other people to remain persistent in facing every obstacle in life.

As a guide, we have attached several statements as part of the main points of your entry :

  • How do you understand the meaning of "Life is an endless struggle" in everyday life?
  • Tell us about one personal challenge you are facing and your approach to it.
  • How do you overcome these challenges? Explain the concrete steps you have taken.
  • Is there support from those closest to you in your struggle?
  • How do you maintain enthusiasm and motivation? Are there any special principles or values that help you stay focused on life's journey?

Rules, prizes and contest period :

  • Publish your entry in the Steem Entrepreneurs Community with content reaching a minimum of 350 words, make sure the writing is free from plagiarism, does not use artificial intelligence (AI) or other forms of fraud.
  • Participants are encouraged to join one of #club5050, #club75, or #club100, and are encouraged to support the #burnsteem25 initiative by setting 25% of the rewards to the @null account.
  • It is preferred to use original photos, but participants may use copyrighted photos as long as they state the source clearly, especially from recommended sites such as Pixabay, Pexels, and others.
  • Use main hashtags such as #steementrepreneurs-s15w3, #creativewriting, #indonesia (hashtag country name) and #steemexclusive. Make sure to set a 25% reward for @nulll accounts as a condition for using the hashtag #burnsteem25 as the main hashtag.
  • Meanwhile, for the use of entry titles : SEC - S15W3 : ... free entry titles .... Please make it as interesting as possible to invite users to read your entry.
  • Paste your entry link in the comments column of this post and don't forget to vote, resteem and invite your friends to participate in the contest.
  • The organizers provide a total prize : 9 STEEM POWER to be distributed to the "three best participants" selected by the Steem Entrepreneurs Team as judges and the decision is final.
  • The participation time is between Monday, January 29, 2024, 00.00 UTC to Sunday, February 4, 2024, 23.59 UTC.

Thank you for your participation and creativity in this contest. Hopefully each entry will be an inspiration for Steemit users. Greetings and happy participating!

Cc : @harferri @f2i5 @mainuna @hamzayousafzai @sailawana @pathanapsana

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¡Saludos amigos!😊

Por acá les comparto mi participación en la dinámica:

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Thank you for the inspiring and heart-touching topic. I'm excited to participate in Week 3's challenge , exploring life's struggles and the resilience we find within . I'll strive to craft narratives that inspire and motivate , sharing stories that highlight the power of persistence. Let's embrace the theme and create narratives that resonate with the universal spirit of perseverance.

I appreciate you so much for giving us this lovely competition. We have a lot of difficulty moving on with our lives. Through this post, we can be inspired by many people and learn about the experiences of many others. I am thrilled to be taking part in this competition. I will attempt to maintain my portion here very soon.

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