Announcement of contest winners : Share your resolution on Steemit in 2022 - Happy New Year !!!

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50% of the rewards are donated to steem charities @steemkindness and @adollaraday

Happy New Year to all steemians, may 2022 be the best year for even greater STEEM growth.

The contest organizers would like to thank all participants of the "Share your resolutions on STEEMIT on New Year 2022" Contest. We also pray that the resolutions that you have shared with us can be achieved well in 2022.

The "Share your resolutions on STEEMIT on New Year 2022" contest also aims to raise funds for economic empowerment activities for small entrepreneurs Grandma Aminah (80 years old) and charity activities by distributing aid and school supplies and equipment for her two grandchildren who are currently studying in elementary school. Participation in the contest is also a charitable activity because all participants distribute rewards to support charities from @steemkindness and @adollaraday. Thank you very much to all participants for the support for STEEM charities.

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Next I will announce the 5 best posts in the contest : Share your resolutions on STEEMIT on New Year 2022.

  1. Participant : @goodybest
    Link : My Resolutions On Steemit On New Year 2022 || steemkindness50pc

  2. Participant : @sailawana
    Link : MY Resolutions In STEEMIT on New Year 2022 | steemkindness50pc

  3. Participant : @asiahaiss
    Link : My Resolutions On STEEMIT On New Year 2022 | steemkindness50pc

  4. Participant : @wantimaulidar
    Link : Contest : SHARE YOUR RESOLUTION on STEEM NEW YEAR 2022 | @wantimaulidar

  5. Participant : @niglys8

Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to all participants who have participated in the "Talk About #club5050" Contest.

Contest Notes :
  1. All winners will definitely get booming support.
  2. The jury's decision is irrevocable.
  3. All contestants write in very good quality and we wish all the best for all participants
  4. The results of the evaluation will determine the continuation of this contest.

Great thanks to : @aisyahmichun @vickydear @bgreza @kyara2 @smartpatrick @emmybless

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @pennsif

 2 years ago 

Alhamdulillah, big thank you for choosing me as one of winners in this lovely contest, Mr. @harferri ☺️

Barakallahu also to all of The Winners in this lovely contest @steempreneurship 🏆🎉
And special congrats to my pretty sista, Mrs. @sailawana 💖🎉

Yazz, Alhamdulillah Kak, we did it 🥰

 2 years ago 

Alhamdulillah. Steem On !

 2 years ago 

Alhamdulillah. Steem on ! 🎉

 2 years ago 

Alhamdulillah, terimakasih.

Surprise di awal tahun 2022

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to the winners. To those who haven't been lucky, don't be discouraged. We will have a lot of surprise contests in 2022. Hopefully it will be better

 2 years ago 

Aamiin Yaa Robbal 'Aalamin, Sir
We hope so ☺️

 2 years ago 

Alhamdulilah.thanks a lot for best support and the appreciation. It really means for me😊. Also congrats for the other winner. Yess we didi it cukis @asiahaiss

 2 years ago 

Congratulations all winner

 2 years ago 

Good job. Thank on announcement!

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much, congratulations to all the winners 💃💃💃 it's well deserved

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to all the other winners and I!
Thank you so much for the support 🤗

 2 years ago 

Congratulations also to you, my pretty lady, Ms. @niglys88 😚🤗

 2 years ago 

Thank you dear..

 2 years ago 

Don't worry, sweety 🧡

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