Steemit Engagement Challenge S7/W5|What do you do to stay balanced in times of stress

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Hello Steemit family,
That is the fifth week of the challenge, and we are glad that we get this opportunity to participate in this challenge for another two weeks.

This week we selected a challenging subject that is nowadays familiar to us. In this busy and fast life schedule, we often go through stress. We all are running to sustain ourselves and to perform our responsibilities. Whether it is in our personal life or it is about professional life.

Mental health is essential, and we must take care of it. Hence we selected a subject that can make us all understand how we should deal with our stress and should take care of our mental health.

This time we thought to know from our steemians, "What do they do to stay balanced in times of stress?"

What we are expecting in this challenge.

  • What do you do to stay balanced in times of stress?

  • Give three main reasons behind our stress?

  • Do you think now we should take this problem seriously? If so, then describe why?

A few rules for the contest that everyone should follow

1.Plagiarised content and pictures will be disqualified.

2.The title of the post would be:- Steem engagement challenge-s7/w5|My way to stay balanced during the time of stress.

3.Use, #incredibleindia-s7w5 #mentalhealth #steemexclusive # club # your country name(eg-India) in the first five tags.

4.All countries and languages are welcome to participate in this contest.

5.Only use copyright-free photographs and at least share 3-4 snapshots. Remember, copyrighted pictures are not allowed, and the post will count as an invalid post.

6.To enter this contest, you should maintain at least one club(50/75/100).

7.The post should be steemexclusive, and
only bot-free users can participate in this contest.

8.Subscribe to the community, and your entry should be in the Incredible India Community.

9.At least use 350 words to elaborate on the contest subject.

10.Re-steem the contest post, invite at least three friends, share the contest link in the comment section, and share your comment in the contest post.

11.Visit other contest posts and reply to your self comments(we will count engagement while selecting the winners).

This contest commences on February 06, 2023, at 00:00 and concludes on February 12, 2023, at 23:59P.M, UTC




First Position5steem
Second Position3steem
Third Position2steem


Stress has become a common nuisance for us in this fast lifestyle. Unfortunately, people make erroneous decisions during this stressful period.

Now we can share our opinion and guide others to overcome this situation by following some methods. Discuss them and help others to overcome this situation.


50 Sp 100 Sp 150 Sp 200 Sp 250 Sp 300 Sp 350 Sp 400 Sp 450 Sp 500 Sp 600 Sp 700 Sp 800 Sp 900 Sp 1000 Sp

1500 Sp 2000 Sp 2500 Sp 3000 Sp


Meraindia discord link

Incredible India telegram link

We will evaluate the contest post based on a few criteria

Evaluation processFeedback


@user name

Our team would like to relish you for abiding part in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 7;
which is enduring in the Incredible India Community.

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PeriodOctober 10, 2022, to January 10, 2023
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The prevailing articulation of your content is good, and you have suitably used the markdowns. I wish you the best of luck with the contest.


Votes are not guaranteed, but then there is an opportunity to receive support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 in quality content during this challenge.




You have set a very nice topic for the fifth week of the engagement challenge that I find very unique. Anyone will feel very comfortable writing on such topics. I hope you move forward with new ideas. We are all on the team with you. We can see some great content in the fifth week with new topics.
Best wishes to all.

Like every week, I like the topic chosen this week. Hope everyone will present us nice post on this topic. Thanks for choosing such a nice topic.

 last year 

Thank you. Once again for the 5th week in the Community Contest, Sundar has chosen a topic. I like it a lot, anyone should. Because mental pain peace is more or less everyone. I think it will make everyone feel comfortable to participate. I will also participate very soon inshaAllahi will try

Kind regards! Personally, I have been able to combat stress with some of Dr Joe Dispenza's guided meditations. He is the writer of several books in which he instructs us to reprogram our mind and our emotions and thus eradicate the disturbances caused by Stress.

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