Incredible India monthly contest April #02|My town in 10 pictures.

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Greetings friends,
Here we are with our second contest of the month. I have seen various steemians love to share photographs, and keeping them in mind;
This time we decided to announce a contest, and now we couldn't see it broadly on this platform.

In the city or town we live, we grasp their pictures;
and share them on social media.

Now, it's time to introduce your city or town to us;
by sharing ten pictures of your town.

As we mentioned earlier, now our community will conduct two contests in a month, and we decided to increase our prize pool;
which will be distributed from the community account.

Today, we are here with our second and last content of April, and we enjoyed comprehending something about our steemians friend's hobbies.

So here we are with a contest where you can share; your town in 10 pictures.

What are we finding for in this contest!

1.What is the name of your town, and when did you capture those pictures? Describe.

2.Introduce each picture with details, and share reasons behind why those places are unique.

3.If any picture contains a narrative, you share that anecdote with us.

A few rules for the contest that everyone should follow

  • Plagiarised and AI content and any source pictures will automatically be disqualified.
  • The title of the post would be:- "Incredible India monthly contest April #02|My town in 10 pictures."
  • All countries and languages are welcome to participate in this contest.
  • Only share self-captured photographs.
    It would be adequate if participants shared the location while sharing the photographs.
  • Entries must be bid-bot-free, and you should maintain at least one club(50/75/100).
  • The post should be steemexclusive.
  • Subscribe to the community, and your entry should be inside the Incredible India Community.
  • At least use 300+ words to elaborate on the contest subject.
  • Re-steem the post and invite at least three friends.
  • Visit other contest posts and reply to your self comments. Share your post link in the comment section.

The contest commences on 23rd April,2023, at 00:00 and conclude on 29th April,2023,at 23:59p.m (UTC).


First Prize:- 12steem
Second Prize:- 10 steem
Third Prize:- 8 steem.

We are looking for some delegations, so here is our quick delegation link.


50 Sp 100 Sp 150 Sp 200 Sp 250 Sp 300 Sp 350 Sp 400 Sp 450 Sp 500 Sp 600 Sp 700 Sp 800 Sp 900 Sp 1000 Sp

1500 Sp 2000 Sp 2500 Sp 3000 Sp

We will evaluate the contest post based on a few criteria

Evaluation processFeedback

@user name
Our team would like to appreciate you for abiding part in the contest;
which is enduring in the Incredible India Community.

Verified User
# club100
2/ 2
# SteemExclusive
Plagiarism Free
Bot Free
Use of Markdown
Post Quality
Total Score
PeriodOctober 10, 2022, to January 10, 2023
Transfer to Vesting 1,000STEEM
Cash Out
Voting CSI 13.4%

The overall presentation of your content is good, and you have suitably used the markdowns. I wish you the best of luck with the contest.

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Our twitter link:-

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 5 months ago 

Que Genial Concurso 😍 siempre hay lugares hermosos para compartir de nuestras Ciudades.

Mi pregunta es puedo hacer mi participación o debo antes hacer algún tipo de verificación o algo así. Nose si mi compatriota @noelisdc pueda orientarme.?.... Les agradezco

De poder hacer mi entrada aqui estaré muy pronto.

Bendiciones 💞✨✨

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 5 months ago 

আপনাকে অনেক ধন্যবাদ দিদি এমন আয়োজন করার জন্য। আশারাখি এখানে সবাই অংশগ্রহন করবে।

 5 months ago 

A very beautiful topic has been chosen for the contest. Hope everyone will participate this time also. Best of luck everyone.


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