First of all, thank you for your dedication so far! Oh no, you must not retire, we need you!

But not you all alone, because the question of "plagiarism hunting" is clearly more complex. I think we need a central authority, but it has to have much more power. And so I believe that the whole project only has a chance if such an authority is integrated into the Steemit team (which of course must be assisted by experienced helpers, preferably even with technical support).
Why do I believe this? Well, I think we already set very good signs and "catch" a lot of users who try to fraud by disregarding copyrights. But most of them are still small fish (and I said exactly that when @endingplagiarism was born), nobody dares to approach the big fraudsters who plagiarize daily (multiple times) to feed their delegation bots. This is not to say that small fraud is not as bad as big fraud, no, fraud is fraud, abuse and breaking the law. But it's unfortunately the big ones that a (new) user sees first when they come to the steem. "Aha? That's how it works?" - there are very bad role models.
And this is where we need to work together. We need - through or with the help of Steemit Inc. (VP/DVP) - a zero tolerance strategy. And that through all user layers. This is a major project for which you have to acquire people, including some developers!
Is there a central interest for this?!

Oops... to your suggestions....
In our community Deutsch Unplugged you are already used as a moderator. Sometimes I feel like that fact alone is a bit of a deterrent. We don't have that much to do with plagiarism either, so far my team has uncovered and acted on everything pretty quickly (warning, article mute, in two cases also a label). In two very difficult cases (two in seven months is not much) I asked you directly for support in detective work.

We are active in the fight against fraud and would also like to be labeled as an active community, happy to work with you. However, I would not like to join a Discord group. Every find gives me a bad feeling, every time I lose a little bit the trust in the majority of honest users. I think if I see "cases" in Discord all the time, I don't even like to act here with joy anymore. Besides, I always find that mergers in groups can lead to a kind of witch hunt, especially when "private detectives" are also involved.
I don't like a kind of "paid denunciation". Of course, every fraudster must expect and live with consequences, but in my opinion, this should be regulated on a small scale. Denouncing on the whole steem is not good. In this respect, I would never write a report.

Yes, moderators of communities that see the problem a little more loosely or even encourage it need to be addressed and guided. If they "don't care" and don't care at all about plagiarism, maybe publish some themselves, there must be a way to close the community. Every community leader has a responsibility.

If you still want me, I am ready to cooperate - as before. I would also delegate SP again. However, only if I see that this is not another drop in the bucket and also from Steemit itself very, very much power is used for a zero tolerance strategy. Otherwise, we'll all remain "private detectives" that the big scoundrels will laugh their heads off at.

Best regards,

Oh, sorry, a whole article. I could have made a lot of money with that... 🤪

We need - through or with the help of Steemit Inc. (VP/DVP) - a zero tolerance strategy.

Otherwise, we'll all remain "private detectives" that the big scoundrels will laugh their heads off at.

You've rehighlighted the main reasons I decided to take a step back to start with.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a considered reply, your thoughts are always appreciated.

I doubt this will ever get seen by anybody other than me and you but Steemit Inc. know where to find me when they decide that the community can't do it alone. Until that day comes, this is @endingplagiarism signing off 👋

I was afraid of it... 😫

I wish you all the best as you continue your journey on the Steem. Thank you for your offer. I'm sure: We'll read each other!


Too bad, it's quite lonely here... 😔


@arrowgate / @endplagiarism04 - if you wish to reignite your initiative in hiring private investigators and using this community as your vehicle, I won't stand in your way. Good luck.

 2 months ago 

Totally agreed with @chriddi ! My only intentions were to the Steem team was a little push so that we could establish the system to detect and fight against all these frauds plagiarism etc.
Why everytime i use to highlight this all matter again and again?? Because nothing is in control yes it's true in many communities @endingplagiarism is Mod but to be honest does this change brings any differences?? Not at all yes i know it's too difficult to manage all this but once it got settled everything will be in controlled.
I am not denying that community Admins and Moderators aren't working against plagiarism yes obviously they are doing their best jobs but as earlier idea of private investigators should be alive,and as you mentioned this community should be used as vehicle.

My last words "As some experienced Steemit fellows have been given the task of verifying new users in New comers community called as Greeter helper or Greeter Fairy,their job is to verify the users same like that i wanted to introduce the team like that who will work as team unit they will be given out different communities according to their experience where they will check each and every post of the day and if they will catch some thing wrong are user practicing plagiarism they will label them as Stage1 warning and will mention to the community Admins Moderators and at the end of week they will submit the report of their whole activity.
That is the strategy in my mind but it will be honor for me if you ask me about this something more surely I'll act according to your will.
Thank you !

It's worth trying 👍

 2 months ago 

I will use the word for it "IF" steem inc support us then everything will be possible but there is no response,so I am confused that what next step should be🤔 that's why I haven't started it again.

Please sir, I would be please if you or @endplagiarism04 join and help #steempromoafrica fight against plagiarism.

I'm ready for the "endingplagiarism accreditation". Steem-Travelers is double-checking every post, detected 5 cases of plagiarism since it was created 1,5 months ago and many small mistakes (wrong photos, not properly marked quotes) which were fixed by the users after sending the friendly information.

I'm already half-sleeping but tomorrow will join the discord and let the fun begin!

EDIT: I read the post, then commented and in the end, I have read your conversation with chiddri. Don't really know what big frauders you were talking about, probably I'm too short on this platform yet, but I see the resignation. I'm very sorry. Don't know what is the final decision and if the plan with the discord will work out or not, but want to help somehow - anyhow I can. Just let me know what I could do to help to fight plagiarism also out of my community and support you in your mission.

Thanks for the support @papi.mati and it's clear that you've been doing a great job within steem-travelers. We'll see what the future brings as I desperately want to clean up Steemit.

Unfortunately, as things stand, we can't do enough to justify the effort required whilst as @chriddi says, "the big abusers continue to laugh at us". As one abuser stated:

Also, we are farming here on purpose. We have mentioned it ourselves that we will do it here, and we encourage everyone who has left Steemit for Hive, and still has some power left, to do the same...

...You would need 30 million not 1 million to deal with that although you would probably not last long.

At our peak, we had about 35,000 SP. Not even close to what's required and unfortunately Steemit Inc. / Tron aren't currently in a position to help with a delegation. If that changes, we can go again.

Hello @endingplagiarism, I saw your edit while writing a comment and I was very upset about it. It was a proposal that deserved great support. It is a big loss for the plagiarism-free platform😞 I hope it doesn't stay like this. I still want to add my comment.

I would like to tell you my thoughts as a doctoral student working in academic. Academia is one of the fields most conscious of plagiarism. You have done a very successful job during the process you continued your studies. It is also very sympathetic that you use a humorous and creative style in your comments and posts while fighting against plagiarism.

Teamwork is essential to obtain a plagiarism-free platform. Unfortunately, as you said, there are still leaders who do not understand the seriousness of plagiarism. In this context, I completely agree with your idea of ​​Accreditation. This will be distinctive for real plagiarism fighters and so-called anti-plagiarists.

Plagiarism is unacceptable, especially in the quality content of day of communities that get support booming and steemcurator01 support. Likewise, the posts awarded in contests are also included in this category. Community leaders and moderators should conduct a serious plagiarism scan of the posts they choose for quality or the posts that win in competitions. Because these contents are upvoted directly by booming and steemcurator01, as a result of this, if there is plagiarism, big losses can be experienced.

In this scope, it is necessary to include the steemcurator (03, 06..) accounts that are managed by the countries. At this point, what I would like to say in addition to what you said if any plagiarism is detected in the posts selected as quality posts and awarded in contests, the accreditation of that community should be negatively reflected. Or there may be a scoring system and the score may decrease. Just like the points system on driver's licenses. Since this will be a sanction, the selected content will be reviewed more strictly and seriously.

I propose to write a collective appeal to Steemit Inc. But not with a request for delegation, but on DEMAND, and quite strict. One thing, a lone request, quite another collective appeal. Anyone interested should support the appeal in the comments. Then both we and Steemit Inc. will see how many of us, and whether we can be ignored. Silence or refusal Steemit Inc. will finally make everything clear.

Don't retreat too early. There are more of us than you think, and we need solidarity and leadership.

I've been told that all of the delegations are currently with steemcurator and booming accounts - so to receive a delegation would most likely require a reduction in steemcurator / booming power which would affect the reward that their upvotes bring.

That would be the consequence of providing a delegation for downvoting.

It would make more sense if steemcurator and booming accounts were used for downvoting content and not just for upvoting - like they used to do. There will be a reason that steemcurator stopped downvoting that we're not privvy to. And if we were, I suspect we wouldn't like the answer.

I admire your fighting spirit and those with the power to change things know where to find me when the level of plagiarism becomes intolerable again.

I admire your fighting spirit and those with the power to change things know where to find me when the level of plagiarism becomes intolerable again.

Ok, I will not raise this topic again :)

It's a very nice initiative and helps us to produce good quality content.

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