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First of all, thank you for your dedication so far! Oh no, you must not retire, we need you!

But not you all alone, because the question of "plagiarism hunting" is clearly more complex. I think we need a central authority, but it has to have much more power. And so I believe that the whole project only has a chance if such an authority is integrated into the Steemit team (which of course must be assisted by experienced helpers, preferably even with technical support).
Why do I believe this? Well, I think we already set very good signs and "catch" a lot of users who try to fraud by disregarding copyrights. But most of them are still small fish (and I said exactly that when @endingplagiarism was born), nobody dares to approach the big fraudsters who plagiarize daily (multiple times) to feed their delegation bots. This is not to say that small fraud is not as bad as big fraud, no, fraud is fraud, abuse and breaking the law. But it's unfortunately the big ones that a (new) user sees first when they come to the steem. "Aha? That's how it works?" - there are very bad role models.
And this is where we need to work together. We need - through or with the help of Steemit Inc. (VP/DVP) - a zero tolerance strategy. And that through all user layers. This is a major project for which you have to acquire people, including some developers!
Is there a central interest for this?!

Oops... to your suggestions....
In our community Deutsch Unplugged you are already used as a moderator. Sometimes I feel like that fact alone is a bit of a deterrent. We don't have that much to do with plagiarism either, so far my team has uncovered and acted on everything pretty quickly (warning, article mute, in two cases also a label). In two very difficult cases (two in seven months is not much) I asked you directly for support in detective work.

We are active in the fight against fraud and would also like to be labeled as an active community, happy to work with you. However, I would not like to join a Discord group. Every find gives me a bad feeling, every time I lose a little bit the trust in the majority of honest users. I think if I see "cases" in Discord all the time, I don't even like to act here with joy anymore. Besides, I always find that mergers in groups can lead to a kind of witch hunt, especially when "private detectives" are also involved.
I don't like a kind of "paid denunciation". Of course, every fraudster must expect and live with consequences, but in my opinion, this should be regulated on a small scale. Denouncing on the whole steem is not good. In this respect, I would never write a report.

Yes, moderators of communities that see the problem a little more loosely or even encourage it need to be addressed and guided. If they "don't care" and don't care at all about plagiarism, maybe publish some themselves, there must be a way to close the community. Every community leader has a responsibility.

If you still want me, I am ready to cooperate - as before. I would also delegate SP again. However, only if I see that this is not another drop in the bucket and also from Steemit itself very, very much power is used for a zero tolerance strategy. Otherwise, we'll all remain "private detectives" that the big scoundrels will laugh their heads off at.

Best regards,

Oh, sorry, a whole article. I could have made a lot of money with that... 🤪


We need - through or with the help of Steemit Inc. (VP/DVP) - a zero tolerance strategy.

Otherwise, we'll all remain "private detectives" that the big scoundrels will laugh their heads off at.

You've rehighlighted the main reasons I decided to take a step back to start with.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a considered reply, your thoughts are always appreciated.

I doubt this will ever get seen by anybody other than me and you but Steemit Inc. know where to find me when they decide that the community can't do it alone. Until that day comes, this is @endingplagiarism signing off 👋

I was afraid of it... 😫

I wish you all the best as you continue your journey on the Steem. Thank you for your offer. I'm sure: We'll read each other!


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