The Steem News @ 6 November 2021 - Steem is Still Powering Up

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Steem is still powering up.

Dolphin Watch has found new Dolphins, Double Dolphins and even a Triple Dolphin.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SPUD4STEEM, SteemFoods, Steem Sports, WOX-HELPFUND, Steem Kindness Magazine, How-To's for #Club5050, and Endingplagiarism Accreditation...

1. Steem is Still Powering Up

The latest stats from @steemchiller show a continued growth in the number of Minnows and Dolphins over the last couple of weeks. There is even one new Whale. Only the Orcas have remained static at 264.

In terms of the challenge to get to 1,500 Dolphins by the end of the year, there are still 268 to go. To give some context to this, there were 1,073 Dolphins six months ago on 11 May.

There will need to be some considerable #club5050 inspired acceleration to hit the 1,500 target. Go #ClubDolphin !

CategorySP26 Oct '2106 Nov '21%
Redfishunder 500SP1,610,9491,617,537+ 0.41%
Minnows500SP - 4,999SP6,2236,261+ 0.61%
Dolphins5,000SP - 49,999SP1,2231,232+ 0.74%
Orcas50,000SP - 499,999SP264264+ 0.00%
Whalesover 500,000SP3031+ 3.33%

Please also note that in the table above the Steem Power values for each 'sea creature category' are only approximate, as the 'raw data' supplied by @steemchiller is based on Vests not SP.

For example 'Minnows' refer to those people with 1,000,000 - 9,999,999 Vests, and 'Dolphins' refers to those with 10,000,000 - 99,999,999 Vests.

2. Dolphin Watch

It would be good to delve into the depths of Steemworld to pick up the new Dolphins as they are newly minted (if that is possible), but in the meantime tracking the #clubdolphin tag has picked up these...

@samuel20 has recently become a Dolphin...

@papi.mati and @irawandedy have become Double Dolphins...

And @knopka145 has become a Triple Dolphin...

3. SPUD4STEEM Confirmed Results

Organiser @kiwiscanfly has confirmed the results for the November SPUD4STEEM.

Over 43,000 STEEM was powered up, and the winners were @disconnect in 1st place, @shehan8 (2nd), @fwinanda (3rd), @steemitphcurator (4th) and @yancar (5th)...

4. SteemFoods New Moderator

The SteemFoods Community has appointed @juichi as the new Moderator for Japan and Philippines...

Steem Sports is also seeking a new Moderator...


The WOX-HELPFUND run by @xpilar and his team, has donated 600 STEEM to @yamidegomez to help her mother-in-law, Mrs Barbar, who is suffering with a malignant tumor in her cervix...

6. Steem Kindness Magazine

@klen.civil has published the latest edition of the Steem Kindness Magazine...

7. How-To's for #Club5050

If you need more STEEM to balance your account for #club5050, SteemFoods has produced a useful guide on how to tansfer STEEM from an Exchange to your Steemit Wallet...

SteemAlive has produced a similar guide, specifically for Binance...

SteemAlive has also produced a guided on how to create a Steem account without email or phone number using

8. Endingplagiarism Accreditation

@endingplagiarism is proposing an Accreditation Scheme for communities to help them combat the ongoing problem of plagiarism.

@endingplagiarism is seeking input and feedback on the proposal...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap ]

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CoinMarketCap Ranking #292 7 Nov '21 2.10am UTC
SBD price US$ 7.52 7 Nov '21 2.10am UTC
Alexa rank ( #3,231 7 Nov '21 2.10am UTC
Unique visitors ( 862,737 / day 7 Nov '21 2.10am UTC
Page views ( 4,658,780 / day 7 Nov '21 2.10am UTC

This is #412 (6 Nov '21) of this daily news service.

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#club5050 😀

Thank you for featuring my post @pennsif

You are welcome.

Good evening my dear @pennsif !! I hope you are well. I am glad enough that every day many users join the wonderful world of Power up. It is impressive to observe how lately many of us have understood the importance of lighting. I reiterate once again my commitment to # Club100 to be a dolphin at the end of this month. And if it is possible to be a double dolphin before the end of the year! I will continue to do my best to help meet that goal. Greetings and blessings.

Seeing a big move on #club5050 year-end will hit the 1,500 Dolphin target.

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Dear Sir,
My Dolphin Challenge, My target of the end of this month will be TWO DOLPHIN. Thanks You for Your Support.

Nice post. Thank you

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