@arrowgate / @endplagiarism04 - if you wish to reignite your initiative in hiring private investigators and using this community as your vehicle, I won't stand in your way. Good luck.

 6 months ago 

Totally agreed with @chriddi ! My only intentions were to the Steem team was a little push so that we could establish the system to detect and fight against all these frauds plagiarism etc.
Why everytime i use to highlight this all matter again and again?? Because nothing is in control yes it's true in many communities @endingplagiarism is Mod but to be honest does this change brings any differences?? Not at all yes i know it's too difficult to manage all this but once it got settled everything will be in controlled.
I am not denying that community Admins and Moderators aren't working against plagiarism yes obviously they are doing their best jobs but as earlier idea of private investigators should be alive,and as you mentioned this community should be used as vehicle.

My last words "As some experienced Steemit fellows have been given the task of verifying new users in New comers community called as Greeter helper or Greeter Fairy,their job is to verify the users same like that i wanted to introduce the team like that who will work as team unit they will be given out different communities according to their experience where they will check each and every post of the day and if they will catch some thing wrong are user practicing plagiarism they will label them as Stage1 warning and will mention to the community Admins Moderators and at the end of week they will submit the report of their whole activity.
That is the strategy in my mind but it will be honor for me if you ask me about this something more surely I'll act according to your will.
Thank you !

It's worth trying 👍

 6 months ago 

I will use the word for it "IF" steem inc support us then everything will be possible but there is no response,so I am confused that what next step should be🤔 that's why I haven't started it again.

Please sir, I would be please if you or @endplagiarism04 join and help #steempromoafrica fight against plagiarism.

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