⚠️ Another Admin Abusing Their Position with Booming Support - @milakz

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UPDATE: I have just seen this comment from @daytona475 which should be read alongside this information. In particular, please respond to this:


Please do no put in the comments as it can spoil community support
For now we get both 01 and 02
We also got sponsors like @steemchiller and @shitcoiner

I will be contacting all users who have delegated to @steem.skillshare in due course.

This morning, I woke to the unusual sight of being tagged to a comment, and subsequently muted within a community.

The comment was highlighting some users who were receiving booming support within the Steem Skillshare Community who as the comment suggests - were powering down a much larger percentage of their power than was being powered up. I.e. these users are not in club5050 and should therefore not receive booming support.

The user highlighting this was instantly muted, suggesting that @milakz didn't want people to see...


But this could have been a mistake on @milakz's part and the simple response would have been to say, "Oh yeah, I'm sorry, my mistake. I'll check more closely in future." But this isn't what happened. Instead, I was tagged and instantly muted.


So, no mistake then, no accident. @milakz doesn't want this investigated. So let's find out why...

I'll begin with the first account mentioned - @natulya21.


This one's quite quick to identify. The first 2 transfers in June 2021, 1 month after account creation are to @milakz.


The huobi-pro account being used provided us with little additional information at first glance. But there are ways of digging deeper... so I followed the money on 22nd February...


And we can see that it made its way to @deepcrypto8 (Binance) minutes later.


So let's see who owns this wallet...

deepcrypto8 - Memo 101241249

It's interesting to see that there are A LOT of transactions to this wallet, over 26,000 Steem in fact. @poloniex, @bittrex, @withdrawal-kr and then a few usernames.

@digital.mine - Creator of many of the accounts listed below and owner of the Steem Skillshare Discord channel.
@vik24 - Moderator in Steem Skillshare.
@live.log - Delegator in Steem Skillshare.
@crypto.lion - Only posts in Steem Skillshare.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that all of these users receive booming support, none of them are in club5050 and all of them withdraw their steem to the same wallet.

So now that we've got the destination wallet, let's save ourselves some time, and track these withdrawals back to the original accounts and get ourselves a list of users.

I'm inclined not to go through every transaction - just enough for all support to be removed from this community and all of its users.

Transaction 1


Came from @mirco.snt.


Another loyal Steem Skillshare user who only posts within this community and receives booming support.

Transaction 2


This time, it's @life.pics


Shall we see where they're active - you probably already know the answer...

You guessed it. Steem Skillshare. More booming support and more withdrawals.

It's worth noting at this point that all of these users receive a 100% post to booming support conversion rate. Which isn't really surprising. It's also worth noting that I started this post having not started the investigation. So you get the exciting process of discovering at the same time as me.

Transaction 3


Comes from @the.journal.


Same pattern again. Steem Skillshare. "Developer Team" this time. And no doubt this post will have received booming support by the time you've read this.


The question I'm asking myself now, is when to stop. The abuse is clear, consistent and the mastermind @milakz can now be hung out to dry.

Let's do a few more...

Transaction 4



@saule.sara - Same pattern.

Transaction 5



@mirco.snt again.

Transaction 6



@passionfruit this time.

This one links through to @andyfish.


It's worth noting, that all of these users were highlighted by @daytona475 in their original comment, highlighting that these booming upvotes were suspicious.

Transaction 7



@live.log again.

Let's add in a little bit more at this point - @milakz shares a wallet with this user.


Transaction 8



@masix this time.

Now we've covered the 8 users that @daytona475 highlighted somewhere in this post. Great work @daytona475 - hopefully some big upvotes will be coming your way shortly.

I investigated many more transactions and they all come back to the same place - Steem Skillshare and booming support. More accounts, obviously.

I've tagged too many people for a tag to the Steem team to get noticed, so I'll tag you in the comments. I hope that you withdraw booming and all future support from these users.

I recommend that anybody who has delegated to the community account removes their delegation immediately as it is clear that @milakz will shamelessly use your power without remorse.

UPDATE 2: @talk.chinese is another account as confirmed in the comments

UPDATE 3: Abuse of the Community Account (@steem.skillshare)


Please note: Since @arunava and @dwarrilow2002 are the only users in this list not to consistently receive 100% upvotes, I do not believe that either of them are involved in this scam.

It's also worth noting that although not in the top 10, @vik24, @natulya21, @andyfish, @steempod, @masix and @crypto.lion are the only other users to always receive 100% upvotes from the community account.

Of which, @steempod is the only user not to have received a mention so far and fits the profile alongside all of the others, the money ending in the same destination wallet.



Update 4

In a separate post, it has been suggested that all of these users are unique, autonomous beings and that I am ruining thousands of lives. I have taken these concerns seriously and subsequently investigated further with the following information which I have shared with the author elsewhere (as I've mentioned before (more than once), I was muted from Steem Skillshare before this investigation began):

A community moderator highlighted that Booming was upvoting content that did not fit the booming criteria

All of these booming upvotes made their way through to the same wallet - Binance 101241249.

Transfers to deepcrypto8, wallet address 101241249 on 7th February - This date chosen as it is the largest cluster of transactions to this address in a single burst.

I have labelled the transactions for ease of reference.


TransactionAccount OriginUser LocationJoined
1san.marcoUnknownJun 2019
2masixMilan, ItalySep 2021
3passionfriutPortugalJun 2021
4steempodUnknownJan 2020
5vik24KazakhstanApr 2021
6the.journaldigital.mineJan 2020
7crypto.lionPortugal (related to live.log)Sep 2021
8live.logPresumably PortugalJul 2019
9natulya21KazakhstanMay 2021
10talk.chineseChina?Jan 2020
11life.picsPortugalJan 2020
12milakzKazakhstan (introduced by live.log)Apr 2021

The recovery account for all of these users (with the exception of milakz) is digital.mine.

12 different users transferring their money to the same wallet in sequence over a 2 hour period. Each transaction gap is between 8 and 19 minutes.

Some clusters of user location but distribution across the world in different timezones.

Now my interpretation of this information could be wrong, despite rumours to the contrary, I am human. But these transactions appear to indicate that a single person has systematically visited these accounts and transferred the assets to their binance account. It is common knowledge that in some countries, access to a crypto exchange is limited so money goes through a single user who distributes the money to his countrymen. Whilst this is possible, I am unaware of restrictions in Italy or Portugal to understand why the money would go to another account first.

Similarly, there's suggestion that the funds are making the way to this wallet as payment for services or goods. The lack of withdrawals from these accounts to other exchanges suggest otherwise. Likewise, why go through huobi-pro which incurs a fee and not a direct to the user's account.

It is not uncommon for people to digest and perceive information through their own lens of life and it is natural that a user will defend a community that they believe is doing some good and supporting users that are also doing good. Unfortunately, we have also seen numerous accounts that appear to be genuine people which have been created to gain booming support and subsequently abuse it for their own benefit.

It is also worth noting that digital.mine is the owner of the following accounts - at this time, I have no idea how many of them are active or within which communities. I am in the process of digesting this new information and further details will hopefully follow soon.


To Summarise




Sorry, @talk.chinese is also included, I missed it. When I realized everything, this user had no power up and was receiving support from Booming.





Also confirmed via transfers to the same destination wallet👍🏼

Bien trabajo hermana. Eres muy valiente y se bien que eres una mujer integra.
Estoy con vos

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo amiga, lo aprecio mucho!

Thank you so much for speaking out. God bless you.

I am so proud of @daytona475 for finding these abusers as she is from our team. Way to go team #sevengers.

She's done great - It takes a lot of courage to speak out against a community leader in this way.

Yes, it does take a lot of courage to speak out against an account that has the responsibility of such a good community. I admire her for the steps she has taken and I ask everybody who is reading this comment to do the same to save the Steemit platform from such ill-minded people, who only think about their own profit when many users are not getting any support.

Thank for your post
Indeed we should speak out!

Thank you very much, the truth was not easy at all.


@steemcurator01 - Please take note of the above


Hi @endingplagiarism and @daytona475, thank you for this Investigative work. I can't really believe that some users have such criminal mind. @milakz can't complain she received constant and it is really constant support from @steemcurator01 and even then this is not enough? then I just have no words. I am very disappointed with the Community admins and Country Representatives.

It just drops a bad shadow of few good ones as well people will stop trusting each other.

But I think this kind of background check should be undertaken on regular basis, randomly and of course if any of hte user notices anything like that.

That is why I was always calling for such Function like "Report Abuse" that should be available for people to report it. I am glad that we have you @endingplagiarism!

Hello thank you very much.

That is why I was always calling for such Function like "Report Abuse" that should be available for people to report it.

That may be an option that can work

I am glad that we have you @endingplagiarism!

I am also happy for the good and fast work of @endingplagiarism, it is admirable!

Thank you for this investigation. It seems that I was caught in emotions, because we have a war here in Ukraine.

@steemcurator01 - I deleted the vote.

Thanks - they've gone to some effort to cover their tracks.

Honestly, I am very ashamed that I supported this post without properly checking it before. I checked on club 5050, and found that 2.1% was missing. But I wanted to vote for it so much that I did not investigate further. And I didn't have time for that. Probably next month I will not be curating, now I can not do it well.

Don't beat yourself up about it. You upvoted a post that you felt warranted support, all of their abuse was hidden.

https://steemit.com/hive-136998/@endingplagiarism/r7yltr - Now this is somebody who should feel ashamed. Not you.

Sorry about the war.
Stay safe

Where is this platform heading to. Need to get rid of the abusers once and for all.

It's deep rooted and literally everywhere.

I'll take some snacks to watch the drama here

Wow!!!! you are great i fully support you..

Removed delegation. I have also removed the trail.

Amazing work you all do. Many thanks to keep clean the platform.

On the other hand, in my opinion, there should be more filters for signing up to Steemit, such as linking the account to a phone number or some other type of sign-up control.

Money is very greedy and not everyone has enough sense of ethics to behave honestly as this research shows. And we don't know how many scams of this type must be operating, but I suspect several more.

On the main steemit.com interface, a phone number is required but it's very easy to create an account (like @endingplagiarsm was) and then fund it via another method.

It appears that in this case, multiple accounts were created and the one which became the most successful was used to syphon money to the other accounts. There's not doubt that digital.mine and milakz are the main instigators and in all likelihood, the same person.

And we don't know how many scams of this type must be operating, but I suspect several more.

Without a doubt, several more. Unfortunately it takes a great deal of time and effort to identify and subsequently present enough evidence for their actions to be clear.

Perhaps amusingly, if I hadn't been muted before I'd even noticed the notification, I'd probably not even have noticed.

Hello @endingplagiarism, good evening to you and thank you for your perfect work on these platform

Perhaps amusingly, if I hadn't been muted before I'd even noticed the notification, I'd probably not even have noticed.

I'm still actually confused with the reason this user had to mute you. It definitely means the user knew what she was doing is totally out of steemit etiquette. I'm so happy justice have finally been prevail as they culprits have been figured out. This serve as a good lesson and warning ⚠️ to other leaders who are doing thesame as these culprits

A lot of things are poping up on steemit lately.
We all have to be careful because many peopls are now coming in to just benefit or ripe where theu didn't sow and eventually spoil the name of leaders when they are not be able to reward the real people who deserve it on time.

We need to be watchful and help sort out those who aren't real.

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Thank you so much @daytona475. We all are really proud of you. God bless you dear. I have removed my delegation and left the trail too. Keep it up. Thanks to @endingplagiarism for quick response to this case. Scammers are really increasing in number day by day and we need to stop them.

Hello, thank you very much for your words, I hope they are sincere. I just saw that it is a Steemskillshare MOD. So I do not understand?

Think before you are in league with someone who scammed Booming with multiple accounts.

I want it to be clear that my accusation is only based on the misuse of Booming, nothing else. If she used those accounts to help her friends, it didn't cost her anything to keep club5050 up to date. Don't you think?

If I can attest that Milla knows her friend Live.log! who by the way lives in Italy and her son crypto.lion, a beautiful boy who I once gave Spanish classes to. But, I ask, what does helping a person collect Steem have to do with scamming Booming? @dwarrilow2002

Ahh, by the way, other questions, why did Milla's friends agree to cheat on Booming for several months? If they managed their accounts autonomously. why didn't they Power Up? On the contrary, all the accounts maintained the same pattern. They even started to turn off at the same time. Let me point out that the users involved are from different countries. I don't know what they have to do with Steem.Market of Milla that is in Russia.

This is also in response to @dwarrilow2002's post where I can't reply because I'm muted!

The link is the following


Thank You!

I am not in her team dear friend. Actually I asked her before that matter. That I want to become moderator in her community. But first she said you have to wait for it. But when she removed you and one other I think that you have left the community. At that time I didn't know all these scamming. Last night she asked me that you want to become moderator after all these things and I accept the offer.

But I also said that other community admins in which I am working will not consider it good. So, I take time till evening but she assigned me as moderator in the morning. At that I was just talking to one of my senior that she appoint me as a moderator but I am not fully satisfied.

But after that I leave a message on discord that I don't want to become moderator because it will ruin my future too on steemit and I am working here to fulfill my studies dues.

I am not with any scammers on steemit even I am also against it. I am working as moderator in siz to check plagiarism and I am strict in my rules that no have can do spamming either by coping someone data or anything else. I hope I have clear all the things and you can check my account that I have removed my delegations and left her community trail too.

Thank you.

If I can attest that Milla knows her friend Live.log! who by the way lives in Italy and her son crypto.lion, a beautiful boy who I once gave Spanish classes to.

It is helpful to know that some of these are real people, especially if you have met them face-to-face.

Do you know why they all have digital.mine as their recovery account and all transfer their funds to the same wallet? I have 114 similar accounts and as you can see from the post, everything paints a very sad picture.

The truth is that I found out about all that from you. I didn't know that those accounts went to digital.mine. I had no idea how Milla managed the community, because as I said on one occasion, she denied it to me. And I have proof of that.

It's all very strange. Milla appeared to be an honest user - when Steem Skillshare was created and I look at the team that created it, they are users that I know well and have a lot of respect for. It's notable that they have all left the communtiy, many of them before this came to light.

But once again, an honest user has been corrupted by power and the prospect of making more money for themselves. It's happened before and inevitably, it will continue to happen - such is the nature of power, money and corruption.

Yes, I thought the same. When I analyze the situation everything leads me to suppose that she has been influenced by another person who knows exactly how the system works, I don't know why everything leads me to suspect dwarrilow2002. At the beginning of the community, he contacted me and Milla and said many strange things that at that time and now I did not understand. He always talks about helping people from different countries. At one point he says he's helping people in Ukraine and then he says he's helping users in Nigeria. But, he is very elusive with his words and since my language is Spanish it confuses me what he is trying to say in English. I mean, it's confusing. Even after this incident, he contacted me through discord and we have had long conversations where he defends Milla with absurd things and then tells me that he is trying to defend me. I feel that he wants to waste my time with his arguments for no reason, so I stopped writing to him. I feel like he influenced Milla with all those accounts using people she knows.

I think that he's desperate to help somebody and believes in the Skillshare idea - perhaps making him desperate for it to continue and turning a blind eye to the abuse. I don't know who led her to this path, ultimately, it was her decision. It's perhaps telling that she's not concerned that most of the delegations have been cancelled, perhaps knowing that shitcoiner is her most powerful backer who will continue support, along with digital.mine's curation trail. It appears there's enough dirty money behind her for her to continue. Hopefully the Steem Team will cut her off but that's not something I'll think about again. Time to move on 🤷🏼‍♂️

He just made this post on steemskillshare, of course so that no one can reply but continue to mislead users with false claims.


There it uses an invalid date for the system, it puts the month of December first to the month of October. We know that October comes first, we are not fools. He says I'm using a kind of SBI voting service that he gave me somehow last year. That can be seen in the screenshot


At that time, he wrote it to me in Spanish, because I gave him some Spanish classes, where the value of the class hour was 7 steem.

In addition, he says that he recommended me to SBI and since then I have received votes from them. I already asked him to remove me from that service.

I need to contact you on Discord, I am willing to give my Discord password and verify all the conversations there. Eye, I have not deleted anything! There is the sequence of everything.

I have known for months that I have to verify my club5050 before posting. I even search Steemworld if any power up will expire in a short time.

Let him say what crazy date he put on that graphic that appears that I published without club5050.

I was thinking of leaving this like this. But, I find myself needing to respond to the false accusations against me.

Comment deleted. I'm pleased to hear that you've decided to do the right thing.

Hi @endingplagiarism

Sir I don't want to show this but I think it would be better that I can share with you all. That I have changed my moderator role to member few minutes ago. Because I was asking about this from someone. Then she told me about this and now I have removed myself from skillshare moderator.


I have already leave a message on discord that I don't want to become my moderator because It will spoil my reputation too which I build through my hard work and passion. I hope anyone else can't blame that I am with sacmmer. I will also help you all if I find any scammer on steemit platform. Thank you.

I don't know how this message has been removed from discord. I will share it screenshot privately if anyone wants more proof of my sincere ness for steemit. But I have sent this even I was attending my classes at that time.

Do not be concerned, I saw it for myself after you had posted it.

It is very interesting that your Discord message was deleted - it all adds to the behaviour of the community that is intent upon muting people opposed to their behaviour. Just as they did with @daytona475 and myself before having the opportunity to ask for myself.

If you do not mind, it would be helpful if you share a screenshot here so that others can see - there are still those who believe that the community is acting honestly but every person that tries to speak out is silenced - in my opinion this all helps the Steemit Team to better understand the level of dishonesty and lack of integrity that is becoming increasingly clear.

Yes I will. I am glad that I would be able to help other users. Here is the screenshot when I was checking my network because it was not working properly. But I took it's screenshot and now I take another screenshot where my message has been removed. I seen when message was sent and I was waiting for her response. But now I have seen that message has been removed. It's really weird thing that how anyone else can remove your message. I don't know. But the community was really helpful for those who was working honestly not for spammers.



Thank you, I have been a member of their Discord channel for some time so here is your comment in context, before it was deleted.


@lhorgic, @dibie - Sadly, I am unable to reply to your post as I was muted from steem skillshare before Milla's actions were shared with me.

You'll see that my post here was written 4 days ago and Milla has already responded. She has continued discussions with dwarrilow2002 in private and if you wish to see him speaking on her behalf, this can be seen in his comments and replies to me (it'll be easier to search his profile than mine).

There's a lot of information to be found in the comments of this post - I suggest you digest it to form your own opinion, also based upon your own experiences. I don't expect you to hear from Milla on this topic and don't be surprised to see your post muted or for you to be asked to keep silent.

If you have not already done so, I recommend reading all of the comments here to better understand the leadership of the community that you are a part of.

My suggestion would be to continue your good work in a new community with the same goal of sharing skills. As you say, the community has some committed users which in my opinion deserve better.

This decision is yours. My hope and expectation is that Steemit withdraw booming support from Steem Skillshare however Milla's curation trail is strong so if the finances are important to you then your best route may be to stay there. It's also possible that a new community run by an honest leader will attract Steemit support in the same way that Milla did when she created Steem Skillshare.

Steem Skillshare is not Milla.

Unless any new information comes to light, this topic has been discussed to death and I have little more to say beyond what has been said.

Whatever your decision for the future, I hope that it works out well for you.

Thank you. I think that it is not sent due to network issue. But I think you have to think about all other users too who are working honestly and doing work only on Steem skillshare. I have seen some users who post only there. Thanks again. It was a suggestion nothing else.

Thanks for this brilliant investigation, as of now I will be glad to withdraw my delegation I see any criminal practices in any subscribed community. People who should be motivated to steem on aren't and people who lavishly withdraw are given 100 support.

Unfortunately, most booming people or administrators use this resource to choose people of their preference instead of quality, either unconsciously or consciously.

For some reason, I include the people I support through this "booming" resource in my weekly reports as a country representative.

There are also people who abuse the voting power of the community account to vote whenever they want, despite the fact that the power is made by delegations.

Anyway, I usually want to be as transparent as possible to never give anything to talk about, I wish they could always follow this example.

In this booming abuse material there is a lot of work to be done in all the communities "I believe", somehow it is not possible to know who selects whom for the booming unless a member of the community moderation team points it out.

It would be ideal if Steemit asked that each publication selected for booming or voting for sc04-08 identify the person responsible for the selection in a comment.

Hello @saracampero you have a very good point here and I fully support you

In this booming abuse material there is a lot of work to be done in all the communities "I believe", somehow it is not possible to know who selects whom for the booming unless a member of the community moderation team points it out.
It would be ideal if Steemit asked that each publication selected for booming or voting for sc04-08 identify the person responsible for the selection in a comment.

I really wish steemit team look into this your point because if it's adopted then I think many Steemians won't cry of not receiving booming support again for their continual publications. I say so because there are communities where Steemian hardly recieve support from booming despite their club status and constant publication whereas only certain members constantly receive

I have removed my delegations and trail as well.Thank you so much for being with the truth.

I suggest that this information along with the update be published in a new post and placed in a more visible way. I have noticed that too many users in the steemskillshare community are not well-informed of what is really going on.

I have contacted every user who has delegated to the community account to inform them of this information and this post has been resteemed 19 times so if users are still unaware, then they will remain so.

There are some users which will choose to continue supporting this community in light of this information and so the community account and the upvotes that they'll distribute will continue. This will subsequently attract users desperate for upvotes and it's inevitable that the community will continue to grow and the leaders who have become corrupted with power will continue to profit (I've reviewed her account and see good intentions from the outset which presumably changed once the power of booming was bestowed upon her).

Beyond sharing the information that yet another community leader has decided to abuse the power that they've been granted, there is little more that we can do and as with many cases such as this, once the community has been informed, it's best to move on and find the good that lies elsewhere.

We just have to hope that the Steemit Team digests this information and decides whether they wish to support this community - knowing that the booming upvotes have been abused, even if the shared wallet and shared recovery account is an unfortunate red herring. Especially in the knowledge that there are a lot of honest users who haven't abused the privilege and trust put in them in this way.

It's time to move on and leave it with individual community members on how they wish to react. Having experienced the community yourself, the idea that you're helping others is a very powerful attraction and will be very hard for some to walk away from.

You have described everything clearly. You are absolutely right, for some users it is difficult to leave a community that supposedly supports them, even with little vote. And I say supposedly, because from my point of view it is only fattening the account to filter the largest amount of steem through the accounts involved. And give little vote to users. The user tends to look for where they are most supported. This is seen in several communities where the support of the Steemit team has died. However, those users are wandering around various communities, which I will do now, trying to establish myself in some communities.

For many, a 4% vote from a curation trail with over 250,000 SP is more than they'll earn in many other communities. They won't care where the money comes from, nor that those "in charge" get the 100% upvotes.

We've done what we can - sadly, these are the economics of Steemit and it is time to let it lie.

Yes I understand. Thank you very much for all the support and effort. You do a very admirable job. Have a nice day!

Hoping @milakz will give information or feedback on this.

@milakz - would you like to give your response?


To be honest I have nothing much to say except that it was very disappointing to see how to people are trying to destroy the successful community that supported hundreds of user. One of that person who got her reputation thanks to Steem SkillShare. I always supported the team I chose, I think you can see the report of Booming upvotes moderators were always on top list. As @dwarrilow2002 replied mentioned @andyfish was club5050 when I submitted him. I never deliberately "abused" booming and as he showed to check club status is tricky even those who accused me were apparently not in clubs. I am ok that all the users of Steem Skillshare that I supported for months are now throwing stones in me. That is their choice. It was sad to see how they run away against their profit writing to me I got scared of endplagiarism who spam the network with his multiple accounts and a spam message undelegate to Steem SkillShare. The community that actually submits them to Booming, ask curators 04 and 07 in person to support our users, and tries to build curation trail by working with developer team and investors who powered up to support the Community.
We were building community in a way that even after clubs were introduced, the people still continue to create contests so community gave 100 % of curation trail ( 300000 sp) 70% and 50% to the winners that Steem Skillshare users select. Each user was allowed to throw a contest. To let users earn more I spent hours of my personal time to talk to big accounts and convince to power up and invest in the community. I always supported Steem platform, when I started Steem the only problem was no big cryptoexchange sites were working in my country. So I gave up the idea to build Community Kazakhstan as people won't be able to cash out. However, I still changed the name of my shop to Steem Mart to spread the idea of accepting steem as payment. I still didn't give up to promote Steem and decided to create Steem Skillshare. I wanted Steem to be used as payment method and create a link between specialists and learners or online service sellers and buyers. Unfortunately, there are no real specialists on Steemit as well as people who really want to learn a foreign language for example, so I decided to promote Steemit outside the platform. The problem of outsiders they are interested in blogging, teaching, sharing knowledge but they are not interested in trading, exchange or crypto so idea was that special team will take care of this boring part and distribute the money to the specialists who write quality content. As I think quality content is a big problem on Steemit so I wanted to bring through different promotions people who are interested in creating content not begging for upvotes. There are people who cannot withdrawal because of their country limits , there are people who are not interested in learning trading but my idea was to connect everyone.

This is my last response on this matter. I am replying to @steemcurator01 because I want to show my respect to the team that supported me from the beginning.

The last thing I want to say is that I am not here to please popcorn lovers or to fuel the scandals. There is a real war outside. The people die, kids die, countries send their army to kill and die. I am not questioning people why they power down why they decide to stop clubs, many were invited to Steem SkillShare before any clubs. If everyone wants community collapse, then I am sorry but I will survive. If Steemit team remove booming, that's your decision. I supported as much as I could every person who delegated even 20 Sp.


So you get the exciting process of discovering at the same time as me.

it was a pleasure of reading, thank you.

as for milakz: note she was blacklisted at other blockchain in some communities for plagiarizm, and also note she used the tipu bot massively in the past. all those things... they are a little signs, an indicators...

I was unaware of that and you are correct, it all contributes towards the character of the person in question.

A lot has come out with regards to this user and her dishonesty and lies continue to this day.

I have faith that Steemit will see this and remove all support for her and her community which is increasingly becoming a cult (if it isn't already).

Thank you for the information. I have removed my delegation from @skillshare.

Semua orang harus jujur
Terimakasih atas informasi yang sangat berharga ini

Excellent work, it is good to know that we still have a team fighting against steemit scams and plagiarism. This is very sad.

Happy day my friend.

#affable #venezuela

Thanks so much for bringing to our attention on this matter. I have responded quickly to this action by removing myself as a MOD in the community and also I have removed my delegations as well.

What more can I post in the steemskillshare community, sir?please sir one more opportunity.

I'm pleased that you replied to @abu78 having not read the post that you're replying to.

May I ask why you've been prevented from posting in this community?

Sir I still understand why?🙏🙏

What do you mean by one more chance, I don't get you?

Sir, I understand my mistake. Maybe that's why I appealed for booming support. I will never do such a thing again sir please forgive me sir.🙏

Ah what’s your mistake

This post I usually make is wrong sir. People only make mistakes, so you will see forgiveness, sir. No one can ever learn without making a mistake. I am one of your family, so my earnest request will be forgiven.🙏🙏

What Post?

🤷🏼‍♂️ I gave up trying to understand.

Sir, the contest was photography post. I will post again.🙏

Hi @abu78, Can you please tell me what happened? I was busy during the past two weeks. I don't know what happened?. Is steemskillshare community a scam? What should I do? As for as I remember you yourself gave me the label of Chemistry Teacher in this community and now you have resigned from the role of moderator.

Woaooah, many things are coming up. Hmmmm time to be more careful

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