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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.


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Wishing everyone a happy start to the month, we enter the second half of the year, an unusual year since the covid-19 pandemic that has transformed the world began, a solution has not yet been found to eradicate this terrible disease that has left many families marked, we have lost friends, relatives, it has been a time of internal review and of getting the best of each one to stand firm in the midst of chaos.

At HeartChurch we are committed to working on the community vision of being a spiritual, financial and moral support for the families of the earth, for this we are building a new way of adopting Christianity, outside of religion, of legalism, in a world where let us all fit with love, respect and tolerance.

A community is built with the responsibility of each of its members together with the sense of belonging, where each one plays an important role in the scope of the mission and vision, hence we are fine-tuning the scenario every day so that everything it happens in an environment of unity and that the benefits reach future generations. What benefit will a community have that is based on personal benefit? If we are going to put down roots we have to empower the individual in favor of the advancement of their environment, otherwise the sense of community should not be proposed.

In this context, we will be Promoting community participation and Updating of Members who will also have special benefits according to the activities they carry out, including the curation of blogs and support in general to meet some objectives. Plagiarized publications have been flagged through the @endingplagiarism account, in some cases they are in stage 1, the call is for all those who wish to continue in the community must make the achievements mentioned there, we will not be voting unsubscribe publications quality and little original content, will be silenced and with negative votes.

For new Users

For new users of the community we have an interaction method, which will be carried out from now on:

1.-You can join the HeartChurch community and you will be a guest, since membership must be subject to approval by the board of directors according to performance.

2.-You must make your introductory publication based on the achievements published in the newcomers community, these publications must be based on the HeartChurch Community, its mission, vision, projects, and the reason why you want to be part of it.

3.-Image with the current date, the user, and the community.

4.-Join the telegram channel to be updated on the tasks of the community.

5.-Participate in community updates: comments, promotion on social networks of the best HeartChurch content and projects.

6.-Respond to the call to action when required.

7.-Make community proposals with approval of the Board of Directors of HeartChurh.

8.-As an additional advice we recommend keeping your SP (Steem Power) so that you can have voting power and grow within the platform.

We officially welcome you and share the most important links that will help you on your journey, hoping that you can grow spiritually and as a human being with empathy, and desire to leave the world in a better place, and that together we can strengthen families, communities, regions and countries through a new sustainable economic model:

🚀Newcomers' Community, you will find information of interest that will help you on your initial journey.










We currently use as a blog platform Steemit and as a platform for the development of Heart Farms Telos Blockchain.
We also use Twitter to share relevant topics, additional to our Official Sites:

HeartChurch (HeartChurch Official Site)
Heart Farm(Heart Farm Official Site) of financial guidance and blockchain technology.)
TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd (Heart Farms Developer)



ABOUT ....

HeartChurch is a community created since 2017, founded by @sirknight and Managed by @darlenys01, in the course of the process it has given way to different projects for the benefit of many people in the world, especially in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, now we want to expand our horizons from the virtual world to the real world, therefore, we are focused on the development of Heart-farms and promoting mini poultry farms as sustainable development of families and communities and to supply the Bread From Heaven children's kitchens.

On the GoldSmith.Money page, we can find financial guidance and blockchain technology as well as promotional and introductory videos based on the platforms used such as Telos, to obtain a Heart Farm land you must have the Heart token, belonging to our community.We leave you a tutorial link to acquire the Heart.

We continue working for all of you, with a portfolio of images made by our great designer @edxserverus, exclusive to HeartChurch, in this way to contribute and add value to your content.

"As part of our promotional marketing we chose the Steemit platform as the main platform to promote our content under the #steemexclusive tag, in this way we will be involving new users and building a solid community that expresses itself efficiently, empathically and with the ability to be an influence positive in the world."

This post was written for HeartChurch by @darlenys01



That's some great information from you. And I'm glad plagiarism is being checked day in day out on heartchurch. I hope the new membership update is done soon and I'm just hoping I'll be a part of it.
Stay blessed everyone. 🌹

Exelente trabajo amiga @darlenys01 desde hace un tiempo veo la dedicación de esta comunidad y su esfuerzo y perseverancia no son en vanos!!

Everything that HeartChurch proposes as a Christian ministry will be a success, it is a community oriented towards the achievement of collective goals, led by people with the feeling of Christ. It is a project a community that is placed in the hands of God

Excellent information and important for new users in the HeartChurch community. United we are stronger. Blessings.

These are hard times, and you are there reaching out and supporting, creating projects for the growth of all. I have yet to be labeled as a member (although my best label is the blood of Christ we have in common), however it is my longing to be considered, I have been here since 2017, maybe it is not a bad idea to introduce myself again as many items remain stacked. In any case I feel grateful to God for having found you and contribute whatever I can for the growth of the community.

Thank you ma'am for always having the church at heart. This will bring togetherness in the church. Thank you ma'am , God bless you

Okay ma'am, thank you for the information but I have a question, as I new comer in heartchurch am I supposed to make a new introduction post after reading this?

Excelente información @steemchurch @darlenys01 unnmuy trabajo vienen realizando. Cuenta conmigo para seguir produciendo contenido de calidad en la plataforma steemit. Sigamos creciendo juntos y en armonía. Saludos desde Argentina

Comprehensive updates. Thank you @darlynes01

Thanks Apostle @darlenys01 for the update, but am still confused...

@endingplagiarism account, in some cases they are in stage 1, the call is for all those who wish to continue in the community must make the achievements mentioned there,

Please what did they mean is it that you will have to do the achievement all over again and submit to them?

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