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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.


Happy Sunday everyone, today with excellent news after a long time we granted the official membership of HeartChurch, in advance we want to thank the people who write every day and have supported the different stages of our community.

We must remember the characteristics of a community is that of a group of people linked by common perspectives and joint actions. We must be understood in time and exercise the call as a responsible member, these are the first members, if you are not on the list and want to be part of HeartChurch you can communicate through the available channels.


Among the joint actions of the members is to promote all the activities of the community, share ideas or suggestions with other members and remain active in all the networks and technological platforms where the community is present.

As a member you will also have the benefits that the community brings, but it is subject to performance, for the curation of blogs the conditions remain the same.In case of violating the community rules, the membership can be revoked.

Actual activities:

2.-Promotion of Heart Farms.
3.-Publication of blogs with topics of interest.
4.-Support with new user registrations.



Criteria that were taken into account for the assignment of membership.

2.-Support at all times.
5.-Content Promotion.


 last year 

Thanks for the update Apostle D. We look forward to more increase, both in membership, activeness, Spirituality, wisdom and in sharing responsibilities in this family of heartchurch.

For those that aren’t yet listed here, please feel free to do the needful; meeting up the requirements as listed above and also contacting the Church through Apostle Darlenys.

Maybe the need to re-enlist the procedure to secure memebership into the community.

Great, congratulations to the official members of the community, if possible I would also like to be an active member again. BLESSINGS.

 last year 

Of course, those who wish to work are always welcome.

Thanks for the opportunity always ready and ready

God continue to bless our mother church on the blockchain! @heartchurch and our @ darlenys01, thanks for the membership. we continue to work for our beautiful community!

Thanks very much for your God work. Happy that you have included me in the membership list, I will also inform my Ghanaian members who have been writing here to join the membership list.

My pleasure 😁🙏

What can i do to become a member?

Glad I'm mentioned and I'll gladly do the assignment. Thank you ma

It is privilege to be amongst the affirmed members, will continue to do my very best for the growth and development of our community

Waoow! It is a privilege to be counted among the membership of the great community of HeartChurch. Thank you Lord and more grace and blessings to the leadership.

I hope to recognized as a member in this wonderful community.

Hola yo quisiera ser miembro de esta comunidad ya que ese fue mi propósito desde que me suscribí, pero no me veo en la lista. Bendiciones para todos

Its really a privilege to be mentioned among the members of the first Church on the steem platform and i am nit taking it for granted. Hoping to do better and more. Much love💗💗💗

Thanks for the special update. Through God we shall overcome everything

I am so happy I was granted the membership in Heartchurch even whenI lest expected it. It is indeed a privilege and I won't relent effort.

Thank you very much for this.

Excellent information. Thank you for allowing me to be an active member of our first virtual church on the Steemit platform. We will continue our hard work in the glorious International Ministry of HeartChurch. Blessings for all the members and for those who wish to be part of this beautiful family.

That good!!. I am very happy to be part of this list.
Congratulations to all my fellow community members who received this award.

Saludos y bendiciones, se que la publicación tiene meses, pero tengo una inquietud, ya he realizado algunas publicaciones dentro de la comunidad, ahora me gustaría saber los requisitos de la membresía, gracias, Dios les bendiga 🤗

I'm impressed. Let the good work continue. I love this community. Happy Sunday to us all. Remain Watchful and remain Reputable

Congratulations to all who made it on the list, I know they deserve it based on their works in this community. I hope I'll be there too one day, for now, I'm just a newbie and still learning

Solo quede impresionado con tu humildad. Bendiciones! 😉

I am active member wish you to add my name

Quisiera estar activamente en esta comunidad y ser aceptada por todos, amo al Sr Jesucristo. Saludos

Good evening I would like to know, if to make any publication in your community what steps I should follow, Blessings.

It's a privilege to be named among the members of this great community. Thanks


I sometimes have problems with the internet and I am absent for a long time because of that, I do not have the label of a member of the community.

bendiciones para la gran familia de HeartChuch DIOS continue multiplicandoles de nuevos miembros y confiando en nuestro creador de que en algún momento me permita ser bendecido con la membrecia que se les otorga a los perseverantes en las escrituras de dicha digna plataforma

Good morning friends, I am eager to belong to this great community. That is why I make the request and I await your satisfactory response. blessings to all and thanks in advance.

Nice vote for me

With grateful heart i appreciate your update on this platform, My Apostle.

Hello, I would like to be an active member of this community, if I have to do any procedure or presentation, I would appreciate it if you let me know, Blessings

buenas noches quisiera tener membresia, en esta comunidad cristiana

We will sure do our best in promoting the kingdom expansion mandate.
However, personally I've registered and helped some newbies ( whose names I wouldn't want to mention) to sign up to the @heartchurch community and support it's programs through their comment and blogs of which they do, however, they give up easily because most times their blogs are not curated.

In view the above, I would please beg that emeseries be sent to go and get those lost "sheep" back to the sheepfold.

Looking forward to getting a postive feedback from you our Apostle.

I remain


Your pastor Teacher

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