Meet HeartFarms - A Promised Land Of Endless Opportunities.

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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.

Happy Sunday to all our friends and collaborators at HeartChurch, we are having a wonderful time as a community at the launch of HeartFarms, without a doubt we will be able to create our own paradise in a short time, in the meantime we can secure the grounds where we will build a great story.


Below we show the 3 active regions in the virtual system, and the link to go to the latest Pelican Harbor auction system.

1.-The Emerald Coast


2.-Isle Sapphire


3.-Pelican Harbor


Pelican Harbor Virtual Land Auction

You can get more information about the region 3 auction at the following link.
Heart Farms Region #3 - Pelican Harbor ⛴️


HeartChurch is a community based on Christian beliefs without distinction of people, focused on satisfying the spiritual, educational, and personal growth needs in order to break mental paradigms about religion, our message is that of freedom, justice and love.
We are creating a value system with a futuristic vision destined to fill spaces that have been forgotten by deficient systems in countries, cities and the world in general.

All the tools we use are for a single purpose: To leave the world in a better place.

Now we are promoting through HeartFarms, a virtual land auction system that will soon become a game, we expect great social participation from all regions of the world, where the family can participate in a fun, educational environment, laying the foundations For a new economy and development of social projects that improve the quality of life of crowds, we can all participate in what we call a "Purpose Game",allowing a freedom of action, naturalness and a pleasure rarely found in other activities, it offers a great advantage of excellent opportunities for physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

We are at the gates of an open virtual paradise designed for users to plant, build, interact and enjoy a digital life on blockchain. Many expectations keep the areas under construction and waiting for the themes of the central city, a world full of possibilities for game lovers.


Our greatest wish is that the majority of the people involved in the technological platforms, social networks, friends, family, churches, ministries or anyone can join this life project, it will surely be a great adventure, we place information available in the informative channels , so you can also visit the latest videos on youtube , visit the channel Goldsmith Money


If you do not belong to the community and want to participate, we are available to help you obtain your virtual plots and accompany you in the auction process,We also invite you to share your experiences in acquiring the land through your posts with the hashtag #heartfarms, preferential votes, and special awards.

This virtual land auction on the Telos Network blockchain

Websites of Interest.

TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd


This post was written for HeartChurch by @darlenys01



It is an interesting experience to be able to participate in the beginning of this project. In particular, it has made me remember the adventures that the first settlers lived in the lands of America in which the discovery and consolidation of new territories led them to overcome the fear of the unknown. I hope you continue to successfully develop the project and be a blessing to our Community. New people join and as a result new challenges to provide real help to those in need.

 3 years ago 

Beautiful, the Heart makes a difference in everything and the vision with which it is also reflected, definitely.

Shedding more light on heartfarms for every one to see and appreciate. Kudos apostle Darlynes

Indeed the tools we use are for a single purpose: To leave the world in a better place. Turn take dear,
Thanks for this

Am so living this idea.. Thanks for this explanation.. But can I ask some questions??

Without a doubt this project is great, surely the hearts of Heartchurch will travel the world and do shady things wherever they happen

Indeed, this is creativity that brings this family together and I pray that this project will be completed successfully. Thanks for the update @steemchurch.

I joined this community because I believe there's a future here,this is an awesome step towards achieving something tangible. Thanks for the update

how do i join the group?

Indeed,a virtual #heartfarms should have a #heartchurch nearby.

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