Contest: :How did you choose your username?

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This contest is a little different as I have started it for the newcomers (but all Steemians are welcome to post)

(Image mine)

I was walking on my lawn when I saw a flock of pigeons. They were sitting on the street and probably finding something to eat.

But they reminded me of those 11 doves whom I had rescued years ago from a bird seller and made free by paying INR 1100 to the bird seller. That was always on my mind, so when I had to select a user name for myself, I went for dove11.

I first thought to make it 11 Dove, but that did not sound like a proper username, so I did it as dove11.

My question is: how did you select your username? Even if it's your real name, how do you feel about it?

The rules are simple.

Subscribe and post in this community- @hive-107855
Make your entry as creative as you can, even if you have to write a fictional story. Creativity will count the most.
You have to write a post in 400–500 words describing your username.
There is no need for any club status, but if you fall into one, mention it in tags but it will make no difference in the selection process.
Your post should be steemexclusive.
Use of AI is strictly prohibited in any form, whether text or image.
Please use one of your own images or one taken from free image-sharing sites. (one image only and cite the source of your image)

Please use these mandatory tags, #dove11, #username your country name, and #steemexclusive.


2x2 = 4 SP
100x5 = 500 SP in delegation for one month

Remember, Steemcurators are watching you so you can win big votes!

As this contest has been specially designed for newbies, I will provide 100 SP in delegation to 5 contestants for one month.

I will also provide two SP each for the first two selected posts.

So, what are you waiting for? Please give me your story now! The result will come immediately after this post expires.

I request @wilmer1988 @ripon0630 @goodybest and @suboohi to please spread this contest.

CC @weisser-rabe and @soulfuldreamer

@disconnect please add this contest to your blog please, and tell us why you chose this username!

Beneficiary @hive-107855


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 last month 

Thank you so much!

Fantastic idea! I'm really interested in this with some people anyway!

 last month 

Thanks, I hope it helps the newbies!

Very interesting.
I can already imagining very unique and interesting entries.

Let's keep it rolling!

 last month 

Thanks! I hope newbies take this opportunity to increase their voting and posting power!

You are helping newbies like us a lot sir thankyou so much for everything!


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Thank you so much, much appreciated.

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We are the hope!

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