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My name is Rosemary Achu. I am happy and privileged to share with you all how I chose my username.


My username is @rosemary-achu. It really took me some time to think of such a name to use on Steemit because, when I was creating an account on Steemit, the rules and regulations that were given to me were that; there must be no upper case letter and there must be a sign or a number. After reading all the conditions, I dropped my phone on my lap and began to think. I thought of using my real name but it seemed too casual for me then I changed my mind.

When I could not think of a reasonable username, I decided to take a stroll on the street, still thinking of a username. While walking, I passed a small garden and took notice of all the plants there which were mint, bay, rosemary, thyme and many other plants. As I saw the rosemary plant, I remembered that my name is also Rosemary then I took a flashback to remember what the conditions were on creating a username for Steemit. When I remembered the conditions, I thought of using rosemaryachu19.

I rushed back home and went back to where I stopped at in the creation of my Steemit account and typed "rosemaryachu19", after doing that, it showed me that my username was to long and I was like "WOW, if I can't use my full name as my username, what can I use?.

I would have loved to use my social media name which is Ehis Black Jnr, but I thought of that to be long as well so I left it. I was already tired of brainstorming and I dropped my phone then went to have a nap in my bedroom. While sleeping, I was awoken by a phone call that was so loud that I almost fell to the ground from my bed.

When I picked up my phone to check who the caller was, it was my colleague from my place of work. I answered the call and we spoke for a few minutes before she ended the call.

Then I sat on my bed totally awake and remembered that I hadn't thought of a username for my Steemit. Immediately, it occurred to me that my colleague addressed me as Mrs Achu while talking on the phone, then the name rosemary-achu popped up in my mind. I picked up my phone right away and went to my Steemit to sign up, then used rosemary-achu as my username and to the glory of God, it worked. So I was able to get a reasonable username to create my Steemit account.

 last month 

Wow, you made a lot of effort to choose your username but thankfully you finally achieved your target, Mrs. Achu! I hope you will make the same efforts while posting in an appropriate community. I was sorry to see one of your posts was hidden because that community is not for everyone. Have a nice time ahead.

Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏

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