Contest: :How did you choose your username?

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Hello, my friend @dove11. When I saw this contest, I want to participate it, because it is uncommon. You designed it specifically for newbies, but it is open to all volunteers on this site.

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When you notice my username, @senehasa, you might be concern about what it means. It's my style to add significance to everything I do, even this. It is not based on my name or anybody I know, but it has a truly beautiful meaning. Let me explain how I picked this name.

I am genuinely loving not only for humans but also for animals, the environment, and everything around me. My heart is full of love and affection, and I aim to spread kindness to everyone in the world. I dream of a beautiful world where people love and care for one another. Do you remember how our ancestors lived in harmony and peace in the early days? They had no war or big competition; they love and respected one another. But can we find this harmony in today’s world? Unfortunately, no. We often see people filled with hate, competing destructively, and trying to undermine each other. Only a few people still have such positive ideas, while the majority appear to accept negativity.

I cannot change the entire world to love and respect one another, but I can change my family and friends who believe in me. Truly, love starts from our family. When we treat our family members with love and kindness, it will create a foundation for how we treat others in society. And I've done it.

If you read my previous writings on this platform, you'll see how much I appreciate affection and kindness seen in the world. Wherever love and peace develop, it becomes a wonderful place to live. When people love each other, they never produce things that are damaging to the human or animal body. Love has the power to bring people together, cure any disease, and create relationships.

You might think I've strayed from my topic, but that is not the case, my friends; this is in line with my username. Now I will explain to you how I chose it.

"Senehasa" is a Sinhala word that translates to "affection (love)" in English. I selected this simple yet powerful word because the feelings of love and affection always haunt my mind. Every day, my username reminds me of the importance of love and the positive impact it can have on the world. By using "Senehasa" as my username I wish to spread this message of love to everyone I interact with.

Now you can understand the story behind my username. My username @senehasa represents the love and affection which I eager to spread throughout the world.

25% @null.

Thank you all for reading my post.


This is a good one, how I wish voice note could be done, to listen to the correct pronunciation of your name, by the way, I love it cause it stands for something strong and meaningful, God bless you @senehasa

I appreciate your lovely feedback.

Thank you, friend!
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First, let me say-

Do you remember how our ancestors lived in harmony and peace in the early days?

Yes, I remember because I was born at that age and I used to walk with them in a loincloth 😂and I had only one so sometimes without even that.

As for your name, I already know the meaning because it is similar to the Sanskrit word Sneha which means exactly the same as what you mentioned. In Punjabi, it's spelled as Seneha which means love and affection.

I was not present, but I have read several tales about our forefathers in my country. Vedda is our first generation; English writers such as R L Spital and Leonard Woolf have written many books on them. With those stories, I learnt how they live with love for one another Their requirements were very limited, and they had no competition with each other. When I read such stories, I thought about how lovely it would be if today's people could live in such a way.
Thank you so much for reading my post and your kind feedback.

I didn't know the meaning of your user name and didn't do any research. But your explanation corresponds exactly to how I experience you in your texts ;-))

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