ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #13 - Remote Viewing The War In Heaven From The Book of Relevation - Mars & Maldek.

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Remote viewing is a technique that can be used to gain insight and data about targeted events that are remote in both space and time. Protocols were developed by US, Russian and other militaries (in secret) to explore the potential for psychic ability to be used to remove the limitations we typically experience that prevent us from seeing beyond what our 5 common senses perceive. The results were so successful that large sums were spent on the projects and the military protocols used are today used in the public realm by various groups for various purposes. The Farsight Institute publicly air some of their projects online and seek to answer controversial topics in as objective a way as possible, including ET/Off-word related subjects.

While their program director Courtney Brown Ph.D, initially did not have expectations of encountering any such controversial material while exploring remote viewing, he quickly learned that when viewing major world events or controversial topics, his teams would often concur that they were viewing phenomena which produced surprising answers to difficult questions - sometimes involving off-world beings. Previously they have remote viewed the building of the Egyptian pyramids - identifying extra terrestrial involvement and now they have released a video commenting on their new work regarding the battle that is described by the 'The book of revelations' in Biblical texts.

Remote Viewing Protocol

The protocol used by the Farsight Institute involves multiple specialist/trained remote viewers being given a target code word/number that identifies the target which Courtney has determined will be viewed. The viewers are not told what the target is, they only receive a code word/signal/number. The idea is that they then meditate in specific ways that allow their conscious mind to take a back seat and from where they may then tap into the greater consciousness (field) that pervades the universe, from which they may draw information and 'records' of events past, present and future.

They typically release videos on youtube that show them in the flow of their work and at the end of the process, their results are compared to find out whether the various viewers agree on their target's parameters. It is claimed that the remote viewers do not communicate or meet during the process and that scientific protocol is observed throughout.

They may receive imprints, thoughts, images, feelings and sounds relating to the target and then enquire further to learn more details as they go on into their session.

The Book of Revelation - War in Heaven


The book of Revelation in Christian thinking is partially a description of events yet to come for us on Earth, but also contains details from the past too. The relevant passage to this work from the Farsight Institute is from Revelation 12:

7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

— Revelation 12:7–10 (NIV)

war in heaven

There are many different interpretations of almost all of the symbology in Biblical text and particularly of Revelation and so even attempting to describe them is way beyond the scope of this post. Briefly, it has been noted that Biblical texts have maths encoded in them and often also sacred geometry which suggests that at least part of the texts may not be literally true at all, but are ways of passing on multi-dimensional information that can be decoded and used in somewhat unexpected ways (that often relate to the arrangement of stars/planets in 'the heavens above').

The Farsight Version of The War in Heaven

The following video demonstrates the basic observations made by the Farsight institute regarding this Biblical passage. The targets were configured to view:

  1. The War in Heaven, as described in the book of Revelation.
  2. The original source for our understanding of this topic in human history (who first spoke/wrote about this topic).
  3. The planet Mars during these events.

The resulting data was apparently the same for all 3 viewers and they all saw a war between groups of extra terrestrials, which resulted in the destruction of a planet. They also all agreed that a human had received the information about this subject from extra terrestrials, meaning that at least some of the information in 'The bible' has an ET source. Finally, they all concurred that Mars was under attack during the events of the war and thus Mars was part of it all.

Given that Mars is classically identified as 'The god of war' and that the word 'Mars' is essentially 'Wars' with the first letter reflected, their results are a perfect fit for the expectations we might have about the history of the planet.

I highly suggest also viewing the previous post in my series here which proves mathematically that the pyramids and face on Mars were created by conscious beings who used the same form of maths that was used to create the pyramids on Earth - demonstrating clearly that not only was Mars inhabited in the ancient past, but that it's inhabitants were connected to the Earth culture here too.


From the heart and with love,

Ura Soul


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yea i love there channeling anyone can remote view ive done that lately and even had a out of body /astral projection experiance oh yea u can use dreams 2 gain informaiton about other realms of existence and bring it back here to! u can even see with your physical eyes closed to!

Yes, being a clear channels is quite an achievement!

This post is historical related...I gain knowledge this post..Thank you very much for sharing dear..

This content is the outstanding and memorable event of the situation.It can be more educative story my dear friend.I appreciate it and I hope you must share this types of story again and again. I always follow you my dear friend.I am waiting for your next content.Again thanks my dear [email protected]

Duuuude, I might be the only person I know who feels like Mars definitely inhabited by some form of ancestor of ours. I just have always felt that I think it is in my DNA. Great article. RESPECT

DNA is a record of a great deal, yes - some of us have lived lives that others have no idea about - I suggest exploring the subjects of DNA activation, detoxification and the emotional processing necessary to uncover lost memory. <3

Great share @ura-soul. Thank you.