Really diabetes can not eat sweet?

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Diabetes is one of the most common diabetes sufferers. But many of us have some common misconceptions about this disease. There are many doubts. Especially sweet food. Many of us think that eating more than sweet is diabetes. Many people think so

If you have diabetes, you can not eat sweet food forever. Many people are still hesitant about any type of sweets can be eaten, how much food can be eaten. Love to eat sweet? If you have heard of the disorder then it is like eating more sweet diabetes. It is true that those who have diabetes in their body should not eat sweets at all. But, if it does not, there is no special barrier to sweet food. That is the saying of the physician.

In a research report, this important relationship between sweet and diabetes has been highlighted. This information will help ordinary people to decide that he or she will never eat sweet or eatWPxWju_1529828009.jpg

What is 'Sugar'?

Sugar that is not only sweet, sugar or chocolate is in the food. Fruits, vegetables, dairy foods are also sweet. Apart from this, the sugar from the drinks also comes from the body. Junk Foods have been added to all this in the present life.

Now let's know what is 'diabetes'?

Diabetes is two types - type 1 and type 2.

In simple terms, body insulin cells become ineffective after type 1 diabetes. And type 2 diabetes is when pancreatic (pancreatic) can not produce insulin. That is, no diabetes is due to sweet eating.

However, for Type 2 diabetes, it can be indirectly taken into account. Because, eating more junk food or cold drinks increases the weight of the human being. As a result, he may easily get affected by this disease.

Now, the question may arise, is it possible to eat sweet even after diabetes?

  • Sweets may be eaten, but it should be modest. And of course, according to the doctor's advice.

  • With regular exercise, and Balanced diet.

  • Keep an eye out, in no way increase the weight.


it depends

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