February # Dedicated to Health # Health Series - 6 # Low Carb Diet Pros and Cons

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As we continue with our Health Series, I can understand there are a lot of health articles and news coming up these days so one would think what to go ahead with as some are very contradicting. As I mentioned earlier one should listen to the body needs and go ahead. What may suit one individual not necessary will suit another person. There are ample of different types of Diets like Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan, High Protein, Raw Food and so many others and every theory is different. What one needs to keep in mind is am I getting enough nutrition from the diet I am following and is it a balanced diet as per my body requirements.

Today let's see the Low Carb Diet how it works on the body. One thing in "Low Carb Diet is that it restricts Carbohydrates in favor of Healthy Fats. In a Low Carb diet ideally 50 to 100 grams Carbs is advisable in a day. A Low Carb diet is ideally preferred for Weight Loss but it can also help with other health benefits majorly controlling the blood sugar and Insulin levels in your body. If you are high on Insulin a Low Carb diet is good. Keto and Atkins Diet fall under the umbrella of Low Carb diet and are most advisable by Nutritionist. Refined Carbs and sugar can change our mood and not make us feel very good.

Benefits of Low Carb Diet on Health

  • Weight Loss - One of the major benefit from following this diet
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Helps with fewer Migraines
  • Obesity
    However it is advisable that Pregnant ladies, Breast Feeding, High Blood pressure, Diabetes all of these people should go ahead with this Diet only with doctor's advise.


Risk from a Low Carb Diet

People on regular medications must consult the doctor before starting this diet. Low Carb diet can be a quick gain for a weight loss but ideally it is observed that once the person stops and get back to normal the weight is gained again, hence it is advisable to take proper guidance. Also this diet can leave you with a lot of vitamin deficiency if it is not well planned which can create other complications for the body. Before going on for this diet one must get a medical test done for all levels and then around it plan the diet along with a Nutritionist.

Foods to Avoid in Low Carb Diet

  • Processed Foods, Cookies, Chips, Biscuits
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Fruits like Banana
  • Starchy vegetables
    In Short Sugar and Starchy foods need not be consumed.

Foods Good to consume in Low Carb Diet

  • Non starchy Fruits and vegetables like Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli
  • Chicken, Meat, Fish, Eggs
  • Olives
    -Berries family fruits
  • Avacodo
  • Dark Chocolate

What you need to be careful in a Low Carb Diet

In a Low Carb diet the Fiber intake goes down which is received from Grains, Beans and Legumes this can create constipation hence one needs to drink sufficient amount of water.

Please note all Diet Plans are not bringing standard effect to our body. What may serve well for one may not for another. Hence do not go imitating other people without proper consultation. Each body mechanism, metabolism, hormone levels are different and will give different reactions. Hence there is no 1 standard plan for all. What we read across is standard information but will not go in a standard manner for all.

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writing is useful for maintaining health from fat and for body needs such as nutrition and vitamins, thank you for sharing, @nainaztengra.👍

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I have known a lot of people having said that they eat a lot of rice before they had a type 2 diabetes. So it is better to eat just a fistful of it plus vegetables and meat perhaps or fish @nainaztengra
There should be lifestyle change in order to avoid illnesses arising from the wrong consumption of foods especially large carbohydrates consumption especially fatty foods.

  ·  7 months ago Reveal Comment

I too had very shabby eating habits till a few years back, but now I have become very conscious, there is so much adulteration in the food and then you keep hearing about these deadly health problems all around which is so scary.