February # Dedicated to Health # Health Series - 4 # Importance of Folic Acid in the Body

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Why Folic acid is important for the body?

Folic acid also referring to Complex B Vitamin is one of the preventive measures more then a cure. It is similar to Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B9 which aids the body produce and repair Red Blood Cells, RNA and DNA and very good for Brain Health. It is highly recommended for Pregnant women as Folic Acid aids in Cell development which is important for the growth of the Fetus but nevertheless we all need it in our body.


What are the Health Risk from Deficiency of Folic acid?

As we age up the number of RBCs or Hemoglobin keeps changing. Reduced RBC can create a lot of problems in our body, hence Folic acid is one important vitamin required for our body. One of the major role of Folic Acid is to reduce the number of birth defects which we find is so common in today's time.
The major benefits of Folic acid are;

  • Reduce or eliminate birth defects
  • Maintain Heart Health
  • Avoiding Hypertension
  • Maintaining Brain Health, Depression
  • Age related hearing loss
  • Preventing Cancer.
  • Bone Health
  • Hair Loss and weak nails

What are the Health Risk from Excess of Folic acid?

While it is very important for our body, an excess of Folic acid can also create problems for the body. It is very important to get a Doctor's prescription before starting with any supplements or taking excess food for a particular vitamin. All Vitamins and Minerals if in excess in our body will also bring harm to our body. Excess of Folic acid can cause harm to the DNA production in sperms. While Folic acid helps in preventing cancer but at the same time high level of folic acid can also increase precancerous cells.

Sources of Folic Acid

From Diet
Let's look at what are the common foods that help us with Folic Acid

  • Asparagus
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Beef Liver
  • Pressure cooked beans and other Legumes
  • Lettuce
  • Oranges
  • Brussels Sprouts

When one does not get it enough from the diet then it is advisable to take supplements but only on Doctor's prescription.


As such Folic Acid is water soluble and does not have many side effects and it is also required on daily basis, but it is always good to get the test done first for you to determine whether it is required for your body or not.

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Nice article.
To add, It is advised to start preconception and to continue folic acid supplements for the first trimester in pregnancy.
Much higher dose is needed for the pregnant woman who are on heavier side of weight, epileptic, diabetic or if there is a family history of neurological defects.

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Thanx. It's getting validated by a doctor makes me feel good. The additional inputs are definitely valuable to add on.


Thank you

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Folic acid, we can easily get from food consumed every day, with this article very helpful to get to know cheap health, very useful friend, 👍☺️


That's true, if we take good healthy diet we will be always healthy

I was prescribed in taking Folic acid for a better iron absorption @nainaztengra but it also helps me in other ways other than that like this build-up of substance I actually forgot.
But it is really essential for pregnant mothers to take it so that the child would not develop nerve or brain-related abnormalities.


That's true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts @cryptopie

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I used to eat Liver often when I was younger, I used to enjoy it as part of a meal with my parents - unfortunately my family are not keen at all - and it's rare to see it on a menu if you eat out.

Broccoli I have often, and Brussel sprouts although again not a family favourite - I don't know why I really like them. I do have lettuce regular, and I know I should eat more fruit but that's something to work on.

I can't recall ever having Asparagus, I really ought to try that - although I have no idea what it might taste like.

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