February # Dedicated to Health # Health Series - 5 # The Deadly Endocrine Disruptors

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Endocrine Disruptors - Also known as Hormone disruptors. We are using them almost every day knowingly or unknowingly. We are using Shampoos, Plastics, Cosmetics, Preservatives, Sunscreen lotions any so many other products almost something or the other on a daily basis. These products have all sorts of chemicals which play a havoc on our systems. The many common problems that we face with these EDs are Reproductive issues, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid and so many more. These are very common diseases in today's age.


Lets see which are the major Endocrine Disruptors:

Plastic Containers & Bottles: BPA & BPS is used in plastics to hardened them and when we use them the chemicals get mixed up with our food and disrupting our systems. Best to use is Glass or Steel bottles and containers. In that case even plastic wraps which are again a very common kitchen use should be avoided and replaced it with cloth or even a wax paper which is safe. With the use of Plastics we are not only destroying our health but also our environment.


Preservatives: Very commonly found in almost all packaged foods and besides that a lot of other usable items like Plastic materials including baby items. BHT is found in processed foods to prevent spoilage. Other common one is tBHQ which is a responsible for causing allergies.
It is best to use homemade foods rather then going in for packed and processed foods.

Cookwares - Teflon and nonstick cookwares. Using them at very high temperatures makes the coating break down and releases toxic chemicals into the air which is not good for the health. It is better to use Iron cast cookware, conventional or ceramic cookwares.

Parabeans: Usually found in Sunscreens, Deodorants, Cosmetics. Parabens disrupts hormone functions and a high risk of developing Breast cancer. If the active ingredient is Titanium oxide it is safe to use though it does have toxicity but at a low level.


Triclosan: Found in Personal care products like Hand sanitizes, mouth wash, anti-microbial products. Best is to use more of natural products as possible. They also influence the Thyroid hormones in the body.

GMO Foods - GMO foods are created by inserting foreign genes into the plant to have more production and also to make them look attractive. A lot of research has been done over the GMO foods and significant dangers have been observed. What we eat matters the most, hence it is good to check on the source from where you get your food. This also includes the livestock that we eat.


It is very difficult to keep a track of so many things to use or not to use but then at the end of the day what should matter to us is our Health and Safety. We may not be able to do much about the Environment, though collectively if everyone realizes we can, but we can surely keep our health in our control by ensuring we do not use and consume products that can harm us. Going the Natural way is safest.
You do not need makeup to look beautiful. Beauty is in simplicity and hence the cosmetics can definitely be avoided or to minimal use. Plastics are not difficult to replace with glass items. Eating home cooked healthy food is not difficult then going in for packed foods.

Most of the Endocrine Disruptors are very stable and they don't break down very easily which means they are there in our Body, Water, Air, Soil for a long time and creating all the possible effect to our Environment and Health.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Now a days is pretty difficult to get anything pure and original untill you are living in a far off by isolated areas like rural part. The fast forward life increase our dependency on packaged item without even caring about our health.....nice topic brought in👍

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I don't think it is that difficult, I feel it is like stepping down from where you are and coming back to simplicity. I have made some very simple changes like avoiding plastics as much as possible, stopped using phenyl for mopping and replaced with salt, no use of make up, replacing key utensils to cast iron. Just these little changes I guess is helping me a lot. But then as you say it is simple to do all of this in rural area which is more or less correct, cause the high lifestyle in cities have such elaborate lifestyles that somewhere you fall for it in some way


Agreed to your point. Change of little bit in lifestyle may benefit us, but how we keep a check when we go out...like if we miss to carry water bottle..or something like that...I have been living in my village for last 5months and find a lifestyle totally non existent in cities. Can you believe here we still get many items in used news paper bags..rather than plastic.....and also the fresh vegetable , milk and water.

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I think we are all becoming more aware about the negative aspects commercial products can have in our life, and with so many new options to buy and support small businesses - enjoy fresh products from markets, organic foods, simple basic hygienic and cosmetic products rather then commercial.

Plastics are bad for the environment, and the general trend is to remove them where possible - it is a case of going against convenience and cost saving to prevent pollution - so everyone needs to try and do their own little bit to buy less plastic based products and if they must ensure it is recycled or disposed of responsibly.

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Useful info
As you said it is difficult to choose what to use and avoid. Chemicals have become integrated in day to day life, and they are completely avoidable. Excellent you brought this up

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I think they are very hard to avoid. I last lived in the us in 2016 and had "gone clean" in 2013. I was off of everything I knew to be toxic in food, beauty, household etc. I was filtering the air and water in my apt (so gross). I did multiple detox protocols over those years as well.

Then I moved to Thailand had had a huge immediate health improvement. Over the next 10 months, I watched my finger and toenails grow out a brown tinge and finally go completely to pink. The hairdresser I was seeing said my hair was "dead" when she first saw it and then by the end of the year she said it had improved.

Even for California, people thought I was crazy for all the precautions I took. Now I think they were not enough.


May be the weather helped

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I think it was that the food and other products have way less toxins in them.


Chemicals are all around us in almost every single use, it really gets hard sometimes when you need to drop off something and look for a natural healthy way to find the replacement.

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Any imbalances in our endocrine system will certainly drop the body down even with nutritional imbalances will make the body respond negatively like what happened to my hyperparathyroid which was caused by high phosphorus over a period of time. @nainaztengra
That lead to my parathyroid to make my bone leach calcium from my bones just to balances in what it perceive to be an imbalance to the phosphate-calcium in my body.
It made my bones weak and resulted in deformities and Leontiasis.
Now my life is hard and is expensive to maintain too.