How to Control Blood Sugar

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Diabetes is a common disease in the world is quiet then it was said to be not wrong because it is a killer disease can cause many diseases and to the type of diabetes surprisingly 25 per cent often is not a victim of this knowledge.

However, if you often blood sugar balance and check every time it comes in, it can also forward you a diabetes.

However, there are some foods, ورزشیں, and other ways to tell which blood sugar levels are helpful in bringing healthy level.

Vegetables, fish and fruit rich

According to the various medical reports diabetes risk is reduced to 21% by using, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, nuts when people crops (wheat, which etc) and olive oil make a part of your diet. The use of fish and poultry meat, butter or sweet red, however, should be constantly ashiasko should eat sometimes. Foods containing fruits and vegetables can help keep blood sugar in control, while olive oil decreases the risk of swelling.

Grapes and Berry's use of

grapes and berrys are helpful to control sugar . A new British research that was under noroch medical school, according to the daily use of blood sugar in some grapes or the same impact on Berry's physical weight loss .

Turn not away from breakfast

If you often leave in the morning's without first food, the chances of this are so numerous that you type to be victims of diabetes. For blood sugar throughout the day from breakfast can help to stabilise your blood sugar. According to a study at the University of America mini breakfast is better and healthy things, contains too much grease is also blood sugar nkhsan so for breakfast one breakfast as much as you.

Make the exercise habit

Those who exercise (walking, or any kind of physical activity of at least two and a half hours jagang per week) and reduce the risk of diabetes compare to those who remain sitting long in their life or get meal on bed.

Avoid seating more

After twenty minutes, two minutes walk to your seating habit is useful to prevent diabetes. A new British medical research said that after sitting a little while your blood sugar after eating from the apnalane habit of walking too much risk is increasing.

Take your medication review

Asthma medication for different diseases such as cholesterol level, to control and to reduce blood pressure drugs to reduce blood sugar can be also lead up. If these medicines with the use of blood sugar in, then contact your doctor and take other medicines to treat diseases without any opinion about the pernicious effects that you can with.

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Avoiding processed foods and consuming healthy food will help. Also fasting and exercise and not being stressed out too much.

a very informative and to me abit impressive post sddressing health issues. reeally good content. simply amazing

Most people don't take care abuot themselve, it is sad, and needs to be change

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Healthy tips you sharing, thanks @lays for updating infos.

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Indeed a useful post for many!

my 2 cents into it

  1. in food bitter-gourd is quite effective

  1. in food habit, suggested to have eating habit every few hours (could be lite snacks)

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Taking care of Health is the first thing to do always

very useful post...thanks for sharing....

Nice post! It's sad to see how type 2 diabetes is slowly becoming a norm. When someone tells that he/she is diagnosed with this disease, people don't really react... In reality, having a healthy lifestyle, following the tips you wrote about, can prevent and even cure type 2 diabetes.