# 2 Once You Go QUACK, You Never Go BACK! 2 minute video bonus ~ see our ducks and pen!

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Not only do pastry chefs seek duck eggs, but we should too! As homesteaders, we think chicken....right... well, maybe not! You may want to reconsider as chicken eggs are acidic and duck eggs are more alkaline. In cancer prevention and just overall good health, our goal is to keep the body alkaline.

For this, duck eggs are just the trick! A duck's diet is a bit different than the chickens and this results in a more nutritious egg. Ducks eat more greens than chickens and offer up an egg much higher in B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids

Our ducks below:

Another tidbit as you fellow chicken owners would know, is that chickens can tear up the yard with all that scratching and digging! Ducks are much easier on your garden!...No need to pen them up! They do eat your greens, but not enough to matter unless you have a very small yard. They also train just as easily as chickens for their night time protection.

One final note regarding eggs in general, If you are a cancer patient you should look into quail eggs as they are cancer curative.
More information here regarding that: http://www.naturalnewsblogs.com/quail-eggs-hidden-healing-wonder-cancer/

Original text and video
Here is the link to the first in my series if you missed it, more to come!

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Great info on duck eggs, I didn't know that! We are considering chickens, although it's looking like perhaps next year -- now, we're considering ducks as well! :)

so glad it was informative!

Damn! This time I had no idea...gonna see if I can get duck eggs locally here.

Do they taste like chicken eggs though? A huge part of the reason I like eggs so much is that oh-so-delicious flavour when they're had sunny side up or boiled in a sandwich.

EDIT: Just saw the Minnow Accelerator...might not have stumbled upon it if not for your post. Just upvoted you and signed up myself as well.

Cheers =)

so glad I could help in both areas...First, the duck eggs are more creamy as they have higher albumen level than chicken eggs, um....they have bigger yokes, and harder outer shells. They taste a little different but still delish!
(MY husband likes his runny and loves them)
On the other topic, Thank you for voting, etc...I will follow you back so I can do the same for you in the next MAP contest...glad you were pleased!
Have a great day!

Right, gonna try dem duck eggs next time. Sound like they'd be perfect for anyone considering weight training and intense physical exercise.

And no problem :)

Hopefully I'm chosen. I think my odds are good, given what I've understood of the selection process.
-le finger cross-

Anyway, thanks :P


great! thanks for touching back!

thank you, sorry about the hack!

great post, as usual!

thank you! Hope you are having a great day!

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You probably forgot as you curate so much! I am in MAP 12 now running...I went to the discord channel a few times but never caught you there...thank you for your support..Melissa

It will happen one day, but not this time! As part of the MAP contests I do a round of upvoting and resteeming for all participants; the comment text is really directed at other readers who may wish to join.

Your help is sincerely appreciated!
Blessings, You have given me so many already!

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