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RE: # 2 Once You Go QUACK, You Never Go BACK! 2 minute video bonus ~ see our ducks and pen!

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Damn! This time I had no idea...gonna see if I can get duck eggs locally here.

Do they taste like chicken eggs though? A huge part of the reason I like eggs so much is that oh-so-delicious flavour when they're had sunny side up or boiled in a sandwich.

EDIT: Just saw the Minnow Accelerator...might not have stumbled upon it if not for your post. Just upvoted you and signed up myself as well.

Cheers =)


so glad I could help in both areas...First, the duck eggs are more creamy as they have higher albumen level than chicken eggs, um....they have bigger yokes, and harder outer shells. They taste a little different but still delish!
(MY husband likes his runny and loves them)
On the other topic, Thank you for voting, etc...I will follow you back so I can do the same for you in the next MAP contest...glad you were pleased!
Have a great day!

Right, gonna try dem duck eggs next time. Sound like they'd be perfect for anyone considering weight training and intense physical exercise.

And no problem :)

Hopefully I'm chosen. I think my odds are good, given what I've understood of the selection process.
-le finger cross-

Anyway, thanks :P


great! thanks for touching back!