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Holistic Health Series #1 It was common knowledge 75 years ago that Real Silverware was used not only because it was pretty, but because it kept the family safe from illness. Silver is antibacterial and antiviral and is used in medical practice even today. Germs can not live on silver for more than about 30 seconds!


So mom and the kids can relax, because they don't have to be great dishwashers to keep the family safe!
In fact, with daily use, I never have to polish my silver. The frequent use keeps it clean with no polishing! (Serving dishes that are not used very often would probably be a different story.)

Pictured above is my everyday silverware, no polishing required!...In fact, I noticed just yesterday, when I was lazy and soaked the dishes overnight, my silver was especially shiny!

So dust off grandma's silver or pick up various pieces at garage sales and auctions. That is what I did, to make my cool, mix match set!

Many more "Wow, I had no idea!" in the series to come!
Love and Peace,


I can remember my mom getting out the GOOD silver for holidays - that silver is now in the hands of my daughter !! (along with the gorgeous box)

Great memories...thank you for sharing... I just love all of the homesteaders and sweet women and men I have connected with this week...:

My old German Granny always used sterling silverware. She had two sets, everyday ware and the fancy stuff. I'm lucky enough to have some of her silver. It's been a while since I've eaten with it. I think I'll break it out and let it do its thing while reminding me of all her love.

That makes me so happy that I inspired use....yippee! Wow that swells my heart...thanks for sharing!
love and peace,

Great advice @joearnold :) I will be taking a look around and starting my hunt for the real deal Silverware.

Thank you much. Upvoted & Resteemed.

Thank you for your support! It is fun favorite.

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Great Job on the logo ...Mama!

Thank you precious! Getting it up was not easy image was way to large initially and I was struggling! But it is Up! YEAH!

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What neat information! I have a set of family heirloom silver but I might start looking at yard sales and thrift stores to get a set to use without worry!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the upvote! We have much in common it seems from your blog...following you now! Many blessing,

I grew up eating of silver and was given by my godparents one piece for a set every birthday and Christmas. I didn't appreciate it as a kid. Now, as an adult and after understanding the health benefits of using silver as cutlery, I am sure glad I have my set!

Thank you for reading and appears we have a great deal in common based on your blog introduction...I will be following you, have a great day!

Thank you Melissa. I am following you as well. Yes, I do think we have a lot in common!! Down to the silverware

Silver.... the MOST under valued asset on the planet.

Interesting and thanks for sharing.

Thank you for dropping by and the commenting, It is sincerely appreciated!

Ah, a post of informational value. Tis good :)

Keep em' coming, friend.

will do! working on one now :)

Good on ya m8 =D

Will check it out.

That is interesting. I didn't know that silver was helpful from a medicinal point of view. Thank you for sharing that.

Stay tuned for more on silver and other crazy, amazing, silly things my husband and i have learned over the years...glad to pass on these tidbits!

Thank you, Melissa. I'll have to pass that along to my partner as she would be interested in that. Do you happen to have any links to research done on this? I'd be very interested in what the science says about it. Any studies you know of? Either way, it is good to know. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Thank you for must have missed the link. It is at the bottom of the article where it says in bold "now the facts"..extremely extensive article from green med is a great site.
Love and peace,

Thank you for touching back! now following you..i really enjoyed your helpful steem tips!

Thank you, joearnold. I look forward to connecting more with you in the future.

Thanks for this excellent bit of "re-education."

EVERYONE needs to know this!

I'm enthusiastic to see this because we produce machines that automatically make colloidal silver as a health supplement... ;)



P.S. I'm here because @wholesomeroots mentioned this post, and glad of it!

Very nice to "meet" you today. ;)

Wonderful to meet you as well.
Many blessings,

That is awesome....We make it all of the time and keep it on hand...I just love this group....I was going to do that on one of my WOW posts...regarding alternative antibiotics ..later though...

so excited you touched my blog :) following!

Thanks, Melissa...

Considering our common ground, you may find my Library Health Shelf interesting:

Table of Contents

Take care!

Does it work with silver plate?

hmmm...that is a great question ..My husband has a double major Chemistry and Micro-biology so I just asked him ....he says "yes ...just does not hold the same value" it is plated externally and that is where the silver comes in contact....if the surface was scratched would not be as effective" so ...There you go..great question :) following you ..

Wow! I never thought about that, but I see the reasoning. Thanks for posting!

Wow, I never knew that!! Time to get the old silver out and put it to use!! Thanks!

I am just full of things that make you go HMMMM? Thank you for checking it out! I am going to have to talk my husband into more steem power as my power can not seem to keep up with my enthusiasm!

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Have a great day!

That was a great post about the silverware. Thanks. 🐓🐓

Thanks for coming by :)

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Really, I have no idea.
Thanks for sahring. I've learned a lot here.

You are very welcome....I am hoping my new series along with the eat the weeds will be informative and help others....Thank you for your encouragement...
Love and peace,