The Weekly STEEMIT Health Challenge (WIN 45 STEEM!)

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The Weekly Steemit Health Challenge


We are back! Because of the wild success of the Six Week Health Challenge I'm launching the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge! Every single week you'll be able to enter the Steemit Health Challenge to a chance to win Steem.

Let me tell you about the specifics...

1. There will be a different challenge each week, posted on a Monday. These will rotate each week and will include, recipes, exercise, stress relief and walks/runs.

2. All entries need to be submitted to the comment section of Monday's post, by 8am on Sunday of that week.

3. You must use THIS banner at the end or beginning of your post.

4. The winners will be chosen each week by a panel of judges, including myself and the challenge's sponsor @sweetsssj.

5. First place each week will win 30 Steem, second place will win ten Steem and third place will win five Steem.


Use this banner on your entries!

The Challenge This Week!

Every single week we're going to be doing a new challenge. But obviously there's only so many challenges that allow everyone to join in - so we're going to stick to the five challenges that we used in the Six Week Health Challenge.

This week I want you to:

Go on a healthy walk/run/bike ride

The goal of this week's challenge is to get you out there, getting fit and getting healthy, in nature or around your city/town. We want posts with beautiful photos, inspiring other Steemians to get outside and get fit and healthy. If you've not been part of the challenge before, go and check out some of our past finalists HERE. Remember, to enter for your chance to win a bunch of Steem, you must link your post in the comments below!

I'm looking forwards to seeing all of your entries very soon!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben



Good morning Steemit! PENCILS DOWN!

This weeks Health Challenge is now closed. Any entries submitted after this post won't be including in the judging as it is past 8am GMT on Sunday.

Don't worry if you missed the deadline - look out for a new challenge tomorrow!

Oooooohh! health challenge! Awesome idea! I was just thinking how I haven't gone out for a good walk/run in a while. This is a perfect motivation. Haha. I'll make sure to submit an entry by the end of the week. Great job Coach Ben and @sweetsssj for inspiring Steemians to get healthy. 💞💪🙏

@jazzybellys, glad I was able to swoop in at the right time and give you some motivation. Can't wait to read your entry and see what you got up to! I think I'll have to leave myself some free time on Sunday to go for a run myself after being inspired by the judging.

Not sure if my entry made it before the deadline, but here it is:
:) Thanks for this challenge. Looking forward to this week's.

Yay! Our first entry this week. Well done for being so pro-active and getting going so quickly. Beautifully presented as usual :)

😄 thank you so much! Your words have warm my heart, I have to do things swiftly nowadays as you know a clingy koala baby is around 😂
Thank you for encouragement!

Thanks for the entry. Looks like great information but I can't enter it because it wasn't about a walk/run/bike that you did :)

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Yes!! Am so happy seeing this post. I take really long walks and am on a weight loss journey. It's been hard but I cant quite. Thank you , this means a lot to me. I would be submitting my entry soon. love you guys

:D This is so awesome. Walking is a great low impact way to use up some calories and keep fit, running burns more but isn't accessible to everyone and bike riding is perhaps a bit of both! Looking forwards to seeing how you keep fit and lose weight @ritaaugustin

heheheheheh 😂 in Cardi bs voice here is my entry You guys are awesome for this

Thanks for the entry :D Love people focusing on their health

Thank you. you have no idea how happy this made e. it gave me a lot of energy and motivation ☺ thank you

Wow, it's back again, that's absolutely a great news for all. Thanks Coach Ben and Sweetsssj sis :D

@wilhb81, my old friend. Great to have you back and to be doing this again. Can't wait to start handing out some Steem in exchange for people getting healthy. Good to talk again!

Hooray for the health promotional event to come back! I'll stay tune for ideas from all over the world.

You'll stay tuned? I hope that you'll be joining in! :D But obviously stay tuned as well, I can't wait to see all of the entries this time.

That's great news!!! Thanksss coach ben @healthsquared and sweetest @sweetsssj !

@pizzapai! It's absolutely amazing to see your face again and to learn that you'll be joining in with the challenge - you entries into the Six Week Health Challenge were always so amazing :) Looking forwards to your entry! Have you thought about what you might do?

Thank you for welcoming me again!
Because it's a casual activity that I usually do (walk or bike ride), so I don't think I have very special Great photos for this round.
It will be a very daily and common photos but it meant a lot to me because it's a family workout time together.

That's still important and inspiring to others too I think :) I'm looking forwards to seeing it!

Hey @healthsquared I love the idea and look forward to taking part. I am already quite active but am lacking in the relaxation side of life so will definitely be using your challenge as motivation to take a breather. Well done on getting everyone at least considering their health and wellbeing. Excited to be a part of the challenges.

Hey @cheft, lovely to see a new face. It will be great to have you involved and to see your entry! I'm looking forwards to it a lot :D

I do like that article :) Will you submit one to the challenge too?

I love what you are doing. I love nature and I have always loved being very active especially in nature and so I love to see people like yourself teaching people and encouraging people how to feel better and healthier life.

Thanks @joalvarez, I hope you can get out and about and show us where you explored this week? Would love to see a post from a nature/activity lover!

Excellent @healthsquared happy that you are back, and be able to participate again in your challenges.

Can't wait to have you involved :D Thanks for waiting for me to return @mildreduh

Well, we have it! I am happy to! we start!🚀💪👏👏😀

Sorry it's been so long @jozef230! Wanted to get the banner sorted and also badges for winners etc. so that it could be really fun and interactive! Nice to see you back.

Great challenge, I like healthy lifestyle, even if I have some additional kilos I practice some sports, my preferable are running and cycling, so I'd like present to challenge my last cycling ride around Mons in Belgium, I hope it fits to competition.

Thanks @browery, really interesting submission. Really like that we can see where you went from your app/data. A couple of people commented with concerns that people might try and enter without actually having done the work - you've obviously done the work :D

Congratulation healthsquared! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 36min with 9 votes.

It will be first contest what I will be participate, hope you will like my photos and my post about this! I think that it's great idea with this!

I feel very honoured that you'd like to participate in the Weekly Health Challenge as your first contest! Looking forwards to your entry :D

Well well well, getting out there for whatever kind of exercise for fitness purposes is quite interesting. However, to do it for the purpose of winning SBD is a novel idea. My form keeping fit is playing Badminton in an indoor hall, can that qualify me to partake in your contest? Say how will you know if one is faking it or not? Because i can simply get my sports gears and move around Katsina my place of residence and snap pictures at attractive spots meanwhile I wasn't doing no fitness exercise?

Well you guys are doing a great deal to the steemit community, especially for we the winnows.
It is a good thing that @sweetsssj is also giving back to the community. God bless her.

Hey @izge, great to hear from you! One of the weekly challenges will be to show us how you de-stress, exercise and do sport so save badminton for that! You could go out in your sports gear and take a quick few photos, and at least that would get people out of the house. In the past the winners have always been the ones who have loads of photos in lots of different areas of town so it was clear they must have walked a good distance. Others also posted tracking from fitness apps on their phone showing their route or number of steps :)

The great thing about the challenge is that everyone can join in and if they are putting in good content then they can start to build lots more Steem!

Ai Ai sir 👋

I'm innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn for sure!!!! So excited for this new challenge!! :x

Great to have you back @missdeli, ultimate winner of the Six Week Health Challenge!

I've been missing running these challenges. Can't wait to get everyone's entries rolling in again :)

Can't wait either! Here is my entry for this week! I took a very long walk, enjoying it like crazy! I think walking is the best way to keep your body fit while traveling!

Hey @missdeli, thank you for your entry! I definitely agree with the walking while travelling. It let's you see the place you're visiting and obviously keeps you fit too :D

Fun idea! I love the motivation for people to live healthy lives.

That's the goal! We had 100s of entries into the Six Week Health Challenge - I hope to grow the Weekly Challenge just as big. On a mission to reach thousands of people :D

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Yay I look forward to participating in this challenge @healthsquared

:D Can't wait to see your entry @alexandraioana26!

Wao this is a great way to motivate many people to be healthy. I love it so much! I'm sure I'll be doing something for this challenge. I always like to encourage my friends to be more healthy, exercise and eat well, I think this is my hobby

It's gonna be great to read your post @paolapaopoly, lovely to see so many new faces. I think it's going to be very inspiring!

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I like the fact that you want people to exercise and get fit but I always feel whenever people are told to exercise for a prize/price, then tend to stop after the prize/price has been won.

I agree with what @izge said though but again, it is a good initiative and I commend you.

Please note that this is not to discredit your intention

That's only if they win the prize ;) Plus, this is a weekly contest so if they want to win more Steem they need to keep entering each week which will help them keep fit weekly! Thanks for the comment @tolusedove :D

Love it! You definitely put some hard work in with your run here :D

Hello @healthsquared, thank you very much for doing this type of contests, I am new to steemit, and see your publications motivates me every day, Hello I love the idea and I hope to participate Excited to be part of the challenges so I started walking and walking in bicycle

This challenge will be a great way for someone new to Steemit to get involved! Great to have you onboard and thanks for the entry. Winner will be announced on Sunday night :)

I love this challenge and thanks to @healthsquared and @sweetsssj for giving continuity to this second part and then my friends here I present my first delivery in this wonderful challenge.

Great to have you back @felixrodriguez, you're an amazing supporter of the challenge as always. Thank you for entering once again :) I love the entry. That bamboo is hugeeeee

Hey! Thanks for your post. What a cool place for kids and adults to enjoy together!


Thanks. You getting involved?

I am in too, thanks a lot @healthsquared and @sweetsssj

Good to see you back sir! Always a pleasure :)

Greetings, happy that you have returned to these health challenges again, I applaud that initiative to inspire and motivate us to be active and healthy. Here with my participation

Thanks for getting involved @josegregori! Great entry and having so much fun with your son!

Take care of yourself Maintain your physical health, stay active, make healthy food choices and spend time with your family and friends. thank you for your challenge. Here's my entry :

You only get one body! Better keep it healthy :)

Great entry! What amazing scenery :D

What a lovely walk and great photos. Really love the mix of different photos and pictures of the area and of you. Looks like the weather is beautiful!

Indeed, there were over 26 degrees, so the weather was perfect for joining the sun and the breeze. I am glad you liked my photos and I wish you a great weekend!

Instead of going to gym today I took my bike and made a great tour in the wood.
Here's my post about today's biketour in Südtirol (Italy).
Note: the post is written in german, but the Pictures are nice to watch anyway ;-)

Hey @petraining, looks like that was a glorious day!

I am glad you are back with the challenges of health, I congratulate you for this great initiative. Here is my challenge I hope you like it.

Thanks for getting back involved :D Well done for submitting your entry. I look forwards to reading them all soon

I am very grateful to the promoters of this beautiful sporting challenge (@sweetssj and @healthsquaced, for motivating us to practice a sport to preserve health.

Well done for getting out on your bike! Looks like some great mountains around where you live :D

Looks like you guys had fun even though it looks hot!

grest healthy post. thanks for @healthsquared

You going to join in?

Dear Coachben, @healthsquared and @sweetsssj this is my entry for week1 for your review. Much appreciated and thanks.

Be blessed,

That's fine! You made it in within the time :) Great post x

Thank you! a pleasure to support these initiatives.

Thanks @dariela25, well done for getting your post in!

Hello, I am delighted to be able to participate again in this challenge, thanks to @healthsquared and @sweetsssj for this opportunity always thinking that we all have a better lifestyle. Here my post this week walking on a lovely mountain in a national park of Bocono - Venezuela

Awesome little entry. Thanks for taking the time to join in and nice to see you again!

Hello! Here I present my participation, make a spectacular and divine walk, where I enjoy with my family beautiful landscapes, a pleasant climate and a rich walk for the benefit of our health. Greetings from Barinas - Venezuela

Thanks for getting involved :) Just made it!

great! let's getting fit! thank you again for the challenge! you keep us excited!

Hey @janicechua, it's great to have you joining in :D I wonder where you'll go and walk/run or bike! Have you thought about it yet?

@janicechua, thanks for entering the challenge! Great entry and really good idea to include a little Youtube video too :) Good luckk!