Steemit Weekly Health Challenge #2 (Win 45 Steem!)

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The Weekly Steemit Health Challenge


Week number 2 of the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge! Every single week you'll be able to enter the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge to a chance to win Steem. There's 45 Steem up for grabs so make sure you get involved!

Let me tell you about the specifics...

1. There will be a different challenge each week, posted on a Monday. These will rotate each week and will include, recipes, exercise, stress relief and walks/runs.

2. All entries need to be submitted to the comment section of Monday's post, by 8am on Sunday of that week.

3. You must use THIS banner at the end or beginning of your post.

4. The winners will be chosen each week by a panel of judges, including myself and the challenge's sponsor @sweetsssj.

5. First place each week will win 30 Steem, second place will win ten Steem and third place will win five Steem.


Use this banner on your entries!

The Challenge This Week!

Every single week we're going to be doing a new challenge. But obviously there's only so many challenges that allow everyone to join in - so we're going to stick to the five challenges that we used in the Six Week Health Challenge.

This week I want you to:

Cook a healthy dessert recipe

This weeks challenge is about replacing unhealthy desserts with healthier ones. Most desserts are laden with calories and unhealthy ingredients. This means they are easy to over-eat, not good for your body and will hurt your health. However, they are tasty! So this week I want you to cook a healthy dessert recipe so that you can teach us how to replace some of those unhealthy treats with something that's much better for us! For inspiration and to see what a GREAT entry looks like, check out some of the past finalists HERE

Good luck Steemians, remember, I need your desserts entered by 8am on Sunday THIS WEEK!

I'm looking forwards to seeing all of your entries very soon!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben



Hey Steemit!

Thank you for all of the awesome entries. Entries are now closed but you can find out if you won TODAY! If you didn't enter but would like to, make sure you check out the next challenge tomorrow :D

Coach Ben

Waw! I wish I know how to cook:)

That's exactly the point of the challenge! Now you can learn how to cook which will help you become healthier!

Happy to participate here good challenge.

Excellent! Really looking forwards to reading your entry. I'm sure you'll inspire people to get cooking :D

Lovely :D Thanks for the entry. Just starting judging now!

Thanks :). Are you going to join in?

Awesome! Love the step by step instructions with the photos - very clear and easy to follow for everyone. Thanks for putting so much time into making it really easy to look at and follow with the great formatting of the post :)

Thanks @healthsquared, I love to participate in this beautiful contest, we know that I will say to promote good eating habits in many people.

GREAT!! Love this challenge sooo much as desserts ;-)
3 years ago I started to follow Kayla Itsines on instagram and started to read her H.E.L.P. guide about clean eating. That time I tried a lot of new recipes and changed my way of cooking completely.
This recipe I wrote down for this challenge is one of my favourites.
healthy pudding for you steemians! enjoy!

Sounds amazing! Thanks for the great recipe - I love the step by step instructions :)

Excellent, always with your good advice and initiatives, and leave my entrance with a delicious dessert.

Lovely to see you commenting on the post again :) Can't wait to find out about your delicious dessert idea this week!

Wonderful initiative for this challenge, I find it a great way to publicize the new talent ... I congratulate you. I will tell my mom, she knows how to cook .. I do not ... but if I would like to visit my profile and have your help .. thanks.

Get your mum to help you learn together! That would be a great post. It would prove that you don't need to be the best cook to be able to make yourself some healthy food :)

great job to useful more people i resteem this to show the challenge

Thank you @maad666, very grateful! :D

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Thank you audio robot thing!

Good evening, greetings to, @healthsquared y @sweetsssj, entertain me and teach a lot this type of contests.
This is my ticket:

Good morning @marialara, so lovely to have you back! Missed seeing your face each week and that dessert looks amazing!

Great contest and excellent way to teach us to eat more samo with this challenge, I join the challenge, soon my participation.

Great! Can't wait to see your entry this week :)

Wow that looks amazing! Great entry to the challenge from a new face :D Thanks for getting involved. I really want to try that now!

thank you, it's the first time I participate but I love the contest

This is awesome. Thanks for the opportunity @healthsquared. I wish to find out something. Must the pictures be live pictures snapped in the process of preparing the dessert? I know and can describe how to prepare a dessert but I have no intention of preparing one for myself now hence I won't be able to snap pictures. I'd be glad if you can clarify me on this.

They don't have to be live pictures of the dessert no :)

Thanks @healthsquared for coming up with this healthy project on Steemit.

Here is my entry for week 2 contest, i hope to win because i have not been so lucky before.

Awesome @johny11, thanks for the entry! Well done for getting so early in the week :)

delighted to participate in this second week of the weekley health challange I hope you like this recipe super rich and easy to make, I really had a lot of fun doing it

Here we go :D what a cool idea using the molds to make fun shapes! Thanks for the entry :)

Guys, this is awesome. Absolutely love what you are doing here. I honestly cannot bake a THING. It's truly horrible. Butttt great work and i'll definitely join next round!

That's why this challenge is perfect for you ;) find a simple recipe online and try it out! You'll learn to bake a bit more so you can make healthy desserts and we get to see what a non-baker can make :p

Ooooh ok maybe you've convinced me a little ;-) Let me see what I can do.

That would be amazing! Proof from a beginner that you can do it too!

Waooo sure I will participate this week in this challenge. I love to transform common desserts to healthy desserts!

Well done for doing so well last week! Can't wait to see your entry.

Hi Ben. This is my healthy Post. I wanted to make a healthy alternative to traditional Oreo cookies. Sorry for the late, the work has kept me very busy.

Healthy Oreo


They look awesome! :D

GREAT!! I will participate

Can't wait to read your entry mate! I wonder what it will be?

Wow I think its amazing that you are so supportive in getting other fit with healthy food tips and fitness tips. I commend your willingness to give up your own Steem to motivate others to join this challenge. Good stuff!!!

Thanks for checking out the challenge - looking forwards to you getting involved in the challenge because it looks like you're an amazing role model to us all :D

I would love too, but I don't know how to cook desserts. LOL

great challenge!!! I am gonna enter this for sure

Can't wait to see your healthy dessert idea. I'm sure it will be amazing if your other posts are anything to go by :D

You won’t be disappointed

Thanks for the absolutely love entry and all the effort :D

Great instructions, very detailed. Looks amazing!

Wow, what an interesting idea! Thanks for the entry, looks amazing!

Hi, this is my entry i hope liked you


fruit salad!

to see more enter: HERE

Dear Coach Ben,
I love this challenge: to a cook healthy dessert recipe, as I like to prepare healthy meals at home. This is my entry about a Chinese secret dessert recipe:
Hope you enjoy reading. Thanks:)

What a great and different entry. I've definitely got to try this one :D Thanks for entering

Very original and the colours look amazing!

Thank you ! I am adding some Color to my rice today 😆

wish know how to cook

Everyone can cook - find a really simple recipe online and just give it a go! That's part of learning how to be healthy is learning how to make your own healthy food :) And worst case scenario you make something really funny ;)

Greetings @healthsquared, happy to be able to share again another healthy recipe with this beautiful community, always promoting good habits in our life. Here I leave my post, I hope you like it.

Hello Ben
Here is my entry:
It’s almost 06:00 am where I am now, I was sleeping but woke up and remembered that I didn’t post my link here. Lol

Hi there, I just found out about this challenge but I already made my post which happens to be a healthy desert for another weekly contest, id love to enter into this contest aswell, is it possible to enter the same post into this contest?

That's absolutely fine :) Just make sure you post it into the comments here and add the banner to it! :D Looking forwards to it

Thats awesome I might also make a new dish too, is it possible to enter twice?

Absolutely fine :D

Hi I decided to enter only one entry in the end, as the other is expiring soon

here's my new healthy creation....

Good morning, happy to participate for the second week in this great challenge. Here my participation:

Wow that looks really cool! Thanks for another great entry :D