Join Week Five of the #sixweekhealth Challenge (Win 320 Steem)

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Week Three Challenge of the Six Week Health Challenge #sixweekhealth

We are now well over half way through the Six Week Health Challenge. We've had some amazing entries to some really interesting challenges so far. And now it's time for Week Five! We've got sixty Steem up for grabs this week and of course, we've still got the two hundred Steem grand prize that will be awarded at the end of the full Six Week Health Challenge to those Steemians who consistently produced great entries to the challenge.

But first first things first, before you read the new challenge this week - go and check out the finalists from last week. Before entering the challenge this week, make sure you read their blog posts so you get an idea of the standard your post needs to achieve if you want to be in with a chance of winning this week.

You can no longer enter for Week One, Two, Three or Four of the Six Week Health Challenge but you can still check them out below and try them yourself! After all, getting healthy is what this challenge is all about, winning Steem is just a little extra bonus (read on to learn more about winning sixty Steem this week).

Six Week Challenge Week One

Six Week Challenge Week Two

Six Week Challenge Week Three

Six Week Challenge Week Four

Week Five Challenge - Show us how you KEEP FIT and ACTIVE!


I love going on big hikes to stay fit - it took me six days to reach this spot.

Physical health is very important. Keeping active is a big part of making sure we are fit, strong and healthy. So this week, your challenge is to show us how you keep fit and active. Is it a sport? Going to the gym? Taking fitness classes? Doing yoga at home? Let us know and teach us about how you keep active. And even better, if you don't do something already, go out and try something new and tell us about your experience. Every week the top entry will winSixty-Steem.png for being the best post - voted for by you.

You post should have loads of good photos, have good levels of detail and be well formatted. Obviously this topic will include a wide range of different activities and hobbies. You may well do a few different ones or do exercise that's a little unusual - we'd love to learn about it and be inspired.

Want the best chance to winSixty-Steem.pngthis week?

Here is what good posts will be judged on:

1. Lots of original photos

The point of this health challenge is to get involved yourself and to inspire others to do the same. If you post a bunch of stock images then that kind of proves that you didn't physically get involved this week or else you could have taken some photos. Posts should also have a few images - one or two just won't cut it.

2. Limit the selfies

About one hundred entries in Week Two were discounted straight away because they were just selfies. Don't get me wrong - it's lovely to put a face to a name, but the challenge is about inspiring others with your activity not posting selfies. This week, when showing how you keep fit and active, we want loads of photos of the activity/equipment etc. not just selfies of you (though we'd love to see a couple of you doing your activity too!).

3. Your post should teach and inspire

Tell us why you enjoy your keep fit activity. Show us why we might want to try it out ourselves. Perhaps teach us how we can get started and what equipment we might need (if any). Most of all, make it a beautiful representation of your activity that make us want to join in too!


I love skiing but I don't get to go too often!

Keeping fit is important for our health because it:

  • Improves heart health
  • Promotes healthy weight
  • Keeps us strong
  • Helps maintain mobility
  • Slows the aging process
  • Improves symptoms of alzheimers
  • Improves symptoms of autism
  • Increases confidence
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Increases happiness

And so much more!

So it's pretty important to keep active in your daily life, right? There's so many reasons to get involved and get healthier, while inspiring others to do the same. But there's also the juicy prize ofSixty-Steem.png!to be won too!


Rules for Entering - READ CAREFULLY!!!

1. Create a post with the tag #sixweekhealth about how you keep fit and active.

2. You must follow @healthsquared.

3. Your post must include at least three photos (selfies DO NOT count towards those three photos).

4. Your entry must include Week FIVE and #sixweekhealth in the title.

5. You need to submit your post by 10.30am GMT on Friday the 9th of Marh 2018.

6. Again, make sure you tag your post #sixweekhealth to be in for a chance to win sixty Steem.


Remember, the top four posts in #sixweekhealth will be entered in to the final vote at the end of the week. The most voted for post (voted by you) will winSixty-Steem.png!

@sweetsssj has generously sponsored this challenge to help Steemians become healthier. She is putting forward half of all of the prize money with me (@healthsquared) putting forward the other half. If you haven't checked her out, get over to her blog and tell her that @healthsquared sent you! She has some of the most amazing posts on Steemit - you won't regret going to see her work.


If you're as excited to get involved as me, and want to have the chance to win a load of Steem, then type 'I'm in' in the comments below and upvote this post. Then get crafting your post (make sure you read the rules and recommendations carefully). Use the FINALISTS from last week as a guide for how good your post needs to be if you want to be in for a chance to win. I can't wait to see how all you guys stay fit and active and perhaps even learn and be inspired to try some new activities!

Let me know if you have any questions,

Yours in health,
Coach Ben #coachben #sixweekhealth


Super excited for the competition. Thanks for the guidance :)

Thanks for getting involved!

Just submitted! Really hoping my experience brings knowledge and inspiration to others.

Really good for the people, thank you!

Thanks for joining in @varignon :)

Thinking how to write a good one :)

Oh, you don't need to think! All you need is to tell us all you can about your favourite exercise, at least, it is easy to tell story about hobbies.

See you there.

Looking forwards to having you all involved!

Test your brain power to solve this puzzle and get upvote for correct answer.

I luv this challenge, would rily miss participating cos nxt week is d last wk!

excited getting ready for the contest. Thank you for the opportunity

This is great, every time I enjoy this challenge more. I have already placed my entry, good luck to all.

Really nice to see your face again @xioran!

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Excellent, we will assume the challenge to maintain good health, greetings from Venezuela, I'm in

Lovely to see you again @felixrodriguez!

Thanks friend @healthsquared equally and in each challenge of these that are fabulous, I commented that I already feel a little sad because soon the challenge of the six weeks will be over.

I might look at developing a new health challenge once it's all over! :D

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Great pos. looks interesting.👍🏻👍🏻

Are you getting involved in the challenge?

Awesome to see a new face involved :D

the show goes on... ;-P
entry is coming soooon....tomorrow :-*
resteeeemed for more fellaz to join in!


hours it is :-D

if you practice it-let me know how you feel after :-)

Hi how are you? Really great challenge and healthy idea, i love it ! I would like to connect with other cool and creative steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.

I'm in and i'll win challange this week with altogether different stuff.

Ooooo, sounds great! Can't wait to read what you post about :)

If you see some of the nature, then the mind is filled. In fact, they will last forever

I am in, Greetings (@healthsquared from Venezuela, thanks for the promotion of these challenges that are really interesting, where health is the main tool to face these challenges that week by week are gaining more intensity in its participants

Thanks for joining in from Venezuela @exqueila!

This is the kind of initiative where Steemit comes into its own as a community. Wish I could give a dozen upvotes!

I wish you could too! :p Thank you for the comment :)

Muy buen post, excelentes fotos.

Wow, I so love the concept of this contest! Im excited for the inspirational entry by our fellow steemians

Me too - all of the past weeks have had some great entries that inspired and taught all of us!

<3 matterhorn

One of the most iconic of all mountains :D

I allow myself to approach you on the occasion of thanking you for these wonderful challenges and that play a key factor for human beings such as health, being so important and fundamental to have a good physical and mental attitude for all of us who are part of this great family. Excellent Initiative that encourages us to start hiking, exercising and obviously having a healthy diet. Greetings @healthsquared and much success.

Thank you for your comment @josegregori, I hope the challenge can help some people :)

Excellent challenge so I'm going to show you the best of me. successes

Perfect topic - Guess I need to join this time :)

Awesome to have you involved :D Looking forward to reading your post

What a cool challenge! I'm surprised I havn't seen this before. Gonna have to enter this! Upvoted :)

Thanks for getting involved @crystalpacheco30, I am looking forwards to reading your post!

I’m in. I start to think about post 😁

:D Thanks for joining in! Lovely to have you

Thanks for the interesting post!

@healthsquared Woah, week 5 challenge is finally here... :D

Haha, finally yes! Life has been very busy

I am already part of this interesting challenge because the most important thing is our health.

:D Thanks for taking part!

Yabadabadoooo! :-) I greet all active people!
It's more than just a prize. it's the health of life

I'm not healthy im slim body person but i have alot of stamina and im active, but i dont think so that im eligible for this contest

If you're active and staying fit then you're definitely eligible! Health is a spectrum and everyone is on it somewhere, but the important thing is we all try do little things to improve :)


Thank's for your Motivation
I must try to be a part of this contest

can you upvotes my recent posts

Another great challenge, I'm in! Thank you @healthsquared.

Great to see you again after such a lovely entry last week!

Thank you for joining in :D what a lovely post

Thank you so much for reading :)

Mi energía esta en el minimo nivel,pero debo incrementarla.
Me esforzare en apuntarme! Thanks +

Please upvote me and reestem

I'd love to learn juggling. Great little post :)

Thank you! juggling is really amazing and funny.
Try it!

Hello friends, greetings @healthsquared from Merida Venezuela. Thank you very much for this initiative. Here is my post:

Looks like a serious walk! Well done :)

Of course I am in :)

Great to see you again @agememnon :)

Yeah I'm looking forwards to seeing what people post about int his topic this week!

I'm definitely in. Been seeing the tag up and down and haven't had the time to check it out. Now I have and I'm glad I did. So I'm in. I think I already said that though🙈 but it's aii.

Good luck to the contestants. I congratulate the winners in advance.

I'm excited to see all of the entries this week :)

My blog is about cooking, but I'm definitely entering this weeks challenge :)

Like seriously, ama participate in this........... But my camera is not as sharp as the one that you used in taking your pictures. But then, i will participate and motivate others.

Can't wait to read your post :D Thanks for joining in and inspiring us

Hey @healthsquared,

I intended to participate in week five of the sixweekhealth challenge.
Unfortunately I got ill, so that I couldn't record any exercises earlier.
Since the deadline was 10:30 GMT this day,
would it be possible for me to upload a post later that day for participation?
Thanks for the understanding,

Please below is my entry link
I am happy to participate. Please check it out

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