Workout of the Day: We've Got Metrics Folks!

in health •  2 years ago

Todays workout of the day was pretty nice I must admit. I had planned the workout to be done at the gym with some different equipment, but I ended up switching the game plan up and working out a the park. 

I didn't have a stability ball to get my rollouts and squats in like I had planned to, but at least I had my trusty dusty foam roller. 

It's nice always having a foam roller on deck... Just saying...

But anyways here's the meat of today's workout:

Again, I subbed in a couple sets of inchworms and a set of planks in place of the rollouts. I also followed this up with a nice little run. 

Did a little wind sprinting out at the park today. The weather here has been all over the place so my asthma was something I had to deal with but overall it still felt hellagood to just get out there and run. 

Cool news though!

I got a cool new fitness tracker that I got to play around with so I've got some metrics for the run:

I got the tracker just to have another way to keep track of my intensity while I workout. It's been pretty cool so far. I've been trying to keep my average heart rate within a certain range throughout the cardio portion of my workout and this just kind of helps me see whats going on with my body and make adjustment when needed. 

The device that I have is a Garmin but the graph here is from the strava app, which just gives me a few different different ways of looking at the workout. Another reason strava is cool is because the app can be used to get RUNCOIN if you're a bitshares user. Make sure to checkout @dragosroua for more information about that. 

I also have to give a big shoutout to @tradz for bringing reddcoin to my attention AND hooking me up with a tip through the reddcoin tipbot on twitter! Make sure to check him out on steemit and twitter as well...

Anyways I'm outtie!


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Thx f0r tht Shout 0ut, tht was nice and glad I brought RDD to your attention, did you purchase rd 17-20 level? Great if you did but @least you still have tht RDD I gave and m0re to come!
RUNCOIN huh! hmmm Will check this out, def resteem!

Nice plan, pal. I use BPM Counter for make my playlists. Is a fact that a 100-120 BPM song help me to give my best and more.


You've got it down to a science! But yeah lately I haven't been listening to as much music during my workouts but thats cool you know exactly what type of music to select like that.

But yeah I'm still playing around with this thing just trying to learn how to use it the best way possible.

Nice post... I wish I had a foam roller with me my legs are killing me from working out could be doing with rolling out the muscles :) Nice tip on the Strava App do you need to have a Garmin to be able to use it?


I feel you 100% it's a nice piece of equipment to have especially before or after a good leg day workout. keep killing it though!

But no you dont need a Garmin to use the heart rate feature. It works with fitbit and I'm sure any other halfway popular heart rate monitor or fitness tracker. It also has gps and keeps track of distance, pace, and some other stuff from the phone itself without even needing a fitness tracker.

But yeah, if you want to see how the effects that different parts of the workout have on your heart rate, strava isn't a bad choice


Yes I would use it every time after training really helped with flexibility too think I need to order one of amazon now ;)

We had a fitbit but now we can't find it think I will need to buy a new one because we miss it so much for training and walking I have been using my iphone to track certain things but it just isn't the same

Yes the app does sound really good I am going to need to look into all of this now I need to up my game with my training :D

Nice Post! Upvoted


Thanks! glad you enjoyed!


Followed you buddy! We'll remain in touch!