RUNCOIN Distribution Round Five: Post Your Proof of Run (Strava, Garmin Race) and Get $1 Worth Of Tokens 🏃🏻

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This is the fifth distribution round of RUNCOIN, my experimental coin for runners. The first four had seven beneficiaries, with a combined value of 340 RUNCOIN.

For each running activity you get $1 worth of RUNCOIN (between 23 and 31 tokens at the current price). I will also need your OpenLedger account so I'll know where to send it.

Here are the detailed rules:

  • $1 worth of RUNCOIN per activity (running activity, that is)
  • proof of run must be submitted, in the comments: screenshot + link + proof of identity
  • proofs of run must be newer than the date of this post
  • OpenLedger account so I know where to transfer the tokens
  • all transactions will be published here, on Steemit
  • time window for this distribution is August 10th - August 20th (everything posted after that will not be eligible for rewards)

This round will expire on August 20th, please refer to the distribution roadmap below.

How This All Started And How Much Did I Invest?

I want to keep this as transparent as possible, so I will document my activities as often as I can. Here's the screenshot of the transaction in which RUNCOIN was created, on the Bitshares blockchain.

The total investment from my part was 607 BTS, roughly 180 USD. Since then, I've been doing mainly market making, which means placing a few buy and sell orders, to provide a bit of liquidity.

The total amount of RUNCOIN issued so far is:

88 on June 30th
888 on July 3rd
340 have been already distributed

RUNCOIN has a limited supply of 8,888,888 tokens (out of which 88,000 are reserved for network maintenance).

The Distribution Roadmap

  • 1st Round: July 1st - July 10th - closed
  • 2nd Round: July 10th - July 20th - closed
  • 3rd Round: July 20th - July 30th - closed
  • 4th Round: July 30th - August 10th - closed
  • 5th Round: August 10th - August 20th - current
  • 6th Round: August 20th - August 30th
  • 7th Round: August 30th - September 10th
  • 8th Round: September 10th - September 20th
  • 9th Round: September 20th - September 30th
  • 10th Round: September 30th - October 10th

You may want to save these dates. In each distribution window, I will distribute $1 worth of RUNCOIN to every runner who will follow the conditions above. The rule is that there is only one slot per distribution window, but you can participate in as many distribution windows as you want. So you can't get more RUNCOIN if you post many races during a distribution window, only one slot, but you can participate in all the distribution windows (getting $1 worth of RUNCOIN in each of them).

I'm curious how this will play out, how many people will find RUNCOIN useful and, why not, how the price will evolve.

Let's run and play :)

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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Good morning.

Here is my PoR:

Posted four hours after your post :)

openledger handle: top-bitcoiner

If I understand the rules you can only get 1 RUNCOIN per distribution even if you run more than once. Correct?

Hi my friend!!!
Last week I went for Trail-running three times! But I couldnt upload any post till now so I guess I have lost the opportunity to get some runcoins of the previous round (LoL)...
Nevertheless, below the link PoR to my last Trail-run in Garmin Connect:

Also you can have a look to my post on that regards, if you have time :-):

Oh yeah! Loving the RUNCOIN.

I'm planning on gong out today if the rain stops long enough. I'll be sure to post the run to Strava. ;-)

Great post , awesome challenge , thank you so much @dragosroua

I ran yesterday.

Will complement with a PoR when I get home from the vacation and have synced the watch.

Finally it stopped raining long enough for me to go for a run!
If this keeps up I'm going to have to take up swimming instead.

PoR in Strava -

I'm quite happy with this one. my ankles has been a bit unwell lately (too much hard core trail work) so I didn't want to stress it out too much. But i did want to test out my new 'gels'. Basically apple puree. So Ii ran pretty hard (for me) to see how it would sit in my stomach. My heart rate was in the 160s for a good portion of the run(which is quite high for me) and i had no issues at all.

So bring on the weekend and the long run, and I'll see how it works over a longer distance.