1000 F0llowerS Party Time!

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sO, finally after a hard yrs wrk I managed to reach 1000 followers and continuing ;) It's amazing what you can accomplish if you just stick with the plan.

Apologies f0r having n0thing planned f0r my 1000 mark, it all happened so fast well, not that fast but you kNw! ha

I will think 0f something. Maybe I will give 0ut some SBD, 0r RDD, I dn't knw yet but it's coming shortly!

Thank y0u to all who follow, go ahead & check my $tats you kNw I follow back! ;) To my followers I l0ve you all, I l0ve this platform, I l0ve bl0ckchain tech f0r saving the day(financially;) I will now strive to give m0re back to the community.

NOW, let's get into RDD f0r my first 1000 level postings ha ha WhAT DID i SAY! Grab up sum RDD! the price 0f RDD was just floating around 17,18 yesterday and f0r some days and today it reached a high 0f 42$ats ;-O wHOA! D0 you have any idea hw much m0ney could have bn made here using BIG M0ney starting fr0m $100 & UP(investment) on this m0ve fr0m 17-42 ALONE!?



I'm enjoying the ride up and will continue to purchase up RDD as it is still dirt cheap and in my opinion, a promising c0in f0r our future indeed!
Will RDD m0ve own(on) up fr0m this level 0r will it head back dWn? Let's find out but as always, continue to BUY! BUY! BUY!


Just F0llow(link above) And Y0u Will Receive S0me RDD. P0st Great C0ntent Just Like Here @steemit And I Will 'Tip' RDD ;)


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Congrats fella! You certainly put in the work here. ✊️


Thank You I needed to hear that ;)
Yes, I had a hard time in the very beginning but am so glad I believe in Bl0ckchain and because 0f that, stuck around with @steemit
Tips c0ming Shortly, thx y0u!


We believe! Let's keep on plugging.

Well deserved a 1000 followers. Respect.

Im once again with you just like the mj coins. I also think RDD has a nice future. Good you told me

Keep up the good crypto vibes.



That's what's up glad to hear! Yeah the power you have with RDD @these l0w levels say, even if RDD didn't shoot to the moon you can still come up with a nice chunk 0f change trading RDD, espeically now with price being so low.
0ther day my RDD balance was rd $50 then RDD made a nice little jump fr0m 16-42Sats thus making my acc a lil 0ver $100 JUST 0ff 0f that m0ve! i WAS tempted to take pr0fit to use towards 0ther c0ins 0r t0 trade(forex) but I decided to HOLD!!!!
@these RDD levels, you can get about a 1000 RDD f0r $1 ;)

B0ught 1000 m0re THC as well. I will do an update p0st 0n some 0f my investments later 0n....
Thx again to my b0i @markush! Been with me since genesis 0f Steemit

Congrats @tradz, can I joined the pack?

Congrats! Well earned.

Congrats buddy! keep steeming :D you're doing great.

Congratulations! :-)

Congratulations on this great achievement!