ADSactly Health - How to lose weight

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ADSactly Health - How to lose weight

I do not know how it works for other countries, but here in the sunny Italy things are getting hot so people start to dress less, hang out until late and make new relationships. It seems a happy season, have some weight to lose.


As we get undressed, our hips, tummy, legs, breast become almost of public domain. We fear how people can judge us, we feel less attractive, and we become uncomfortable among other people. Most of time, these are the motivations that trigger the need to lose weight. Therefore, first thing people usually do to solve the problem is opening a web browser and type: "how to lose weight fast".

While the intent is good, this question has at least three big mistakes. I will explain it soon.

In this post, I will focus more on common mistakes and false myths about diet than talking about how much obesity is dangerous for your health: I think everyone knows that, since social pressure and medias keep spreading lot of dis/information about the topic. As MD, I worked during residency in a division of bariatric surgery for 4 years. I had to deal with obese and super obese patients (even people over 300 kg/ 670 lbs weight); I wrote a scientific paper about obesity and surgery as treatment and even made my thesis on sleeve gastrectomy: I can really put something personal on this topic.

How to lose weight fast: three important mistakes

The first thing people do for loose weight is trying to lose it as fast as possible. This is absolutely the biggest mistake that overweighed people can do. The thing is, our body need food to work properly: food is energy. Losing weight fast means most of time a great reduction of food intake. If we do not get energy from outside sources but we still move, talk and think then where this energy comes from? The answer is from ourselves. Our body literally starts to eat itself in order to get nutrients that are essential to keep us alive. This is the second mistake of the title: losing weight is a general statement and does not reflect our real intention. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, and then we have bones, muscles and fat. It may happen than when we lose weight too fast, we lose mostly water and muscles and not the excess of fat. Third mistake is the answers we get from the internet: some of them are even dangerous for our health. We can read about magic diet that make us lose weight eating everything we want or eating just our preferred food; we can read about magic pills that let us lose weight while sleeping, exotic food or secret mixture that stop hunger and other incredible stuff like that. This is exactly why I am writing this post: to give a basic knowledge on how our body works and how we can adjust our food intake to be in the best shape for this summer. I will try to accomplish this by writing 10 facts about biology, common mistakes and false myths on the matter. Let’s start!

1 - Lose weight is a simple subtraction...or not?

To lose 1 kg or 2,2 lbs of body weight (intended as fat) around 8000 kilocalories (kcal) must be used or burned. Everyone has his own basal metabolic rate (BMR) which can differ depending on body weight, muscle mass, genetics and our hormonal profile. In other words, the BMR is the quantity of energy necessary for our body to function in a state of rest, which is calculated to be between 2000 and 3000 kilocalories on average. BMR is not the only factor that comes into play when burning calories: every activity we do uses energy. Therefore things like walking, running, talking, thinking and reading use energy that comes from burning stored carbs or fat: the sum of BMR and the daily energy consumption is also called daily intake. Please note that all numbers provided here are inaccurate: it is impossible to measure these kind biological value with precision as everything changes from person to person and during the day for the same person: we can only make estimates. Anyway, as you can see, if we need 3000 kcal to live and in order to lose 1 kg we need to consume 8000 kcal, it is almost impossible to lose fat very fast. Even if fasting, numbers suggest that we require almost 3 days to lose 1 kg of fat. This is why any low-calorie diet propose a simple diet scheme where the objective is to slightly reduce calories intake from food in order to be just under the daily requirements. If our body go in a slight calories deficit, it will start use stored fat to produce energy. Is this just all about math? In theory, it would be enough to know how many calories are consumed per day (f.e. 4000 kcal) and subtract to the caloric income (f.e. we eat 2000 kcal per day). With a deficit of 2000 kcal/day we could lose 1 kg in 4 days. It seems easy, but to achieve such high daily consumption you need to do an important physical activity! Let me stress out that why all these concepts are true, numbers are extremely different from person to person due to our biological variability. BMR and even calories we get from foods change accordingly to our muscles mass, our tendency to put on weight, our endocrine profile, our bowel activity and much more. So it’s not just about numbers!

2 - Magic drugs, pills and concoctions to make you lose weight in a short time are not real

Some old-school “doctors” (fortunately, they are extremely rare nowadays) still prescribe drugs to lose weight; more often it happens these drugs are passed off as miraculous food or natural herbs concoctions on suspicious websites.

Let’s take as example diet pills. Most of them are banned by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and even on websites, despite they sell them as natural herbal product, their useit is not recommended in those suffering heart disease, are pregnant or otherwise are not totally healthy. Why not? Because in the majority of cases they contain thyroid hormones that increase BMR and lead you to a rapid but not lasting weight loss and, more important, to extremely harmful consequences to health. Iatrogenic hyperthyroidism (caused by external source hormones intake) increase MBR but can also lead to arrhythmias, changes in thermoregulation, sleep disorders, tremors, mood changes and many other pathological conditions. Moreover, our body becomes addicted to these hormones and it start to no longer produce them autonomously. This means if we suddenly interrupt the medication the consequence will be a state of iatrogenic hypothyroidism (the thyroid is atrophied given the "disuse" and does not produce more hormones) that will lead us to a rebound weight increase and the chance of developing a real thyroid goitre with the need to do a surgery. Concoctions and miraculous food often consists in drugs, medications or herbs with thyroid hormone-like effects. Stay away from them!

3 – Herbal teas, diuretics and draining agents: watch out!

During summer, our body absolutely need to replenish the fluids lost through sweating. It is true that draining works in losing weight, but it is just a loss of body water and not fat. The adipose tissue (fat) is able to bind about 10% of the body's water (a truly remarkable quantity) and it is concentrated mainly in some body areas like abdomen, legs and breast. If hips are slimmer after using draining agents or diuretics, it is only because the loss of water decreased the adipose tissue volume. However, the loss of water, especially during summer, is very risky. Dehydration can be lethal in children, aged people, people who practice sports and in people who suffer hearth disease with consequences ranging from fainting to renal and cardiac failure. The best and safest draining effect can be achieved easily…by drinking!

4 - Water that removes water

The title is not wrong: drinking lot of water, especially the low mineralized one, is able to eliminate the excess water from our body in a natural way without any complications. The problem of fluid retention increasing our leg and hips size, it is not related to water itself but in the salt: the increase of salt in our body cause the retention of water. Have you ever felt heavier after eating a delicious pizza? This usually happens because pizza is a very salty food, which makes us drink a lot with consequent expansion of our body liquid volume. To remove excess salt, all you need to do is to drink low-mineralized water and let our kidney do the entire job, eliminating salt and water in excess. Unlike diuretics and draining concoctions, drinking water it’s cheap, has no side effects, helps keep us hydrated (as opposed to diuretics and draining that can lead us to have electrolyte disorders) but above all, it helps the renal function keeping our blood clean from toxins and reducing the risk of developing kidney stones.

5 - Fasting and skipping meals

Our body is a marvellous machine and if we start to skip meals or start fasting, our metabolism will adapt accordingly. Glucose is the preferred source of energy for brain: it is found in our blood and it can be quickly used by cells. When we start fasting, the glucose level decrease and our body start using other sources of energy. After the first 24 hours of fasting our main energy source become the glycogen (a complex carb) stored in the liver and fat stored in adipose tissue. Once glycogen deposition ends up, the liver starts a process called gluconeogenesis, which create glucose from amino acids. The bad thing is that the main source of amino acids is muscle tissue: after 24 hours of fasting we basically start to eat ourselves. As a result, after some days of fasting, we will be surely slimmer but we will have lost more lean mass (muscles) than fat. Losing lean mass is big deal: not only will we have to work hard to put it back on, but we will decrease our BMR (the muscles consume energy even if we are not working on) and therefore we will gain weight much faster. Skipping meals will have also other side effects like increase hunger during next meal often leading to large binges or eating high-calorie foods. This is because fasting or skipping meals have a bad impact on our mood especially on overweight people. In fact, food and especially sweet food, make our brain release endorphins which boost our mood: overweight and obese people tend to be addicted to these substances and so they mostly fall into large binges when they are forced to skip meals or to fast.

6 - Little and often, but be careful!

Eating little and often is good advice and has been a golden rule of different types of diet until a few years ago. The main concept behind this is that digestion is an intense metabolic process that consumes energy. In very elementary terms, digesting, absorbing and storing substances contained in food requires a certain amount of energy and consequently burns calories. In other words, eating little and often will trigger all metabolic processes, consuming energy. However, you should not abuse it in order not to stress too much the gallbladder and stomach: keeping them always active can lead to gastric disorders (gastric reflux) or pathologies related to the gallbladder (like slow digestion or gallstones). Moreover, recent studies describe the benefits for health when applying a diet style called “intermittent fasting”. In this kind of diet, people split the day in different time window: one to eat and another one of complete fasting. For example, the 16/8 diet consist in 8 hours where you can eat normally, and 16 hours of fasting. It seems that during the fasting window, our body restore cells and tissue, build up muscles uses the fasting hours, neuronal connections and it also improve mood and sleep.

7 - Light, without added sugar, without fat: look at the label.

It is a very common mistake to be fooled by labels that promise super light products that will not affect our figure. Now that you know what are calories and BMR, take a look at food labels in your house and see for 100 grams of product how many calories that food provides. A light food, at least for me, does not have more than 20-30 kcal per 100 g, almost the same calories of a vegetable. A "light" cheese that has 140 kcal per 100 g is not so light! Know how to read the food labels will also help you to better manage your diet: if you know that three delicious biscuits provide you with almost 400 kcal maybe you will tend for a more substantial and less caloric snack as some crackers with some ham!

8 - Eat fruit and vegetables at will.

Eating anything in excessive amount is always dangerous to our health. Even what seems to us more harmless, in the wrong quantities is harmful. Fruits and vegetables are no exception. Vegetables are good for our bowel function and contains very few calories because they are made mainly of water and vegetable fibres that we cannot digest.

On the one hand, vegetables does not compensate for the need for carbs and proteins that our body needs. This is why we need to eat large amount of vegetables to be satiated: our brain detect the low carb and proteins intake and interrupt the satiety signals. Also, eating so much, will enlarge our stomach, increasing its capacity and making us eat even more. Lose weight eating only vegetables? It is true, but we will lose lean mass for the low protein intake. Let’s also clear the false myth where we can eat as much fruit as we want: it is true that fruit is good and it is recommended in every diet, but it is still a type of food containing sugar and so it’s not such a low in calories. A diet with high dose of sugar like a fruit-only diet, will alter intestinal flora, promoting the growth of "bad" bacteria and consequently can create various intestinal disorders. Moreover, eating too much fruit does not make you lose weight: they have more calories than vegetables and they still are low on proteins. Let it be clear: in the context of a balanced diet, fruits and vegetables are a really addition given their ability to slow down intestinal absorption increasing satiety time and granting a good supply of vitamins; it's their bad use that is harmful. The expression "at will" must always be contextualized in a balanced diet.

9 - A balanced diet is not always sufficient

When the energy balance is negative, after some time our body adapts, starting to slowly demolish lean mass. It is a primitive mechanism that grants our species the ability to survive in conditions of food scarcity. Consequently, by decreasing the muscles, our basal metabolic rate also decreases and therefore, the daily energy requirement. If before our daily caloric need was 4000 calories, after 1 month of diet with a caloric deficit, we will need only 3500, and to lose 1 kg we will have to cut the intake even further, feeding a vicious circle. If instead we combine a physical activity, even light, to the diet, we will give a clear signal to our body: we need the muscles, do not demolish them. The ideal are prolonged physical activities (aerobic): they consume mainly fat, help to raise muscle tone and they are a very powerful anti-stress. In this case, a balanced diet becomes even more important: in order to maintain and increase lean mass, we will need proteins, something that vegetables and fruit unfortunately give us in low quantities. The primitive mechanism described above can be partially avoided if the weight loss is slow and steady, this way our body will reduce the muscle demolition rate and we will keep our BMR intact.

10 – Key word: Zero.

Stevia and Acesulfame K are two new sweeteners; the first one is natural and the second one is artificial. Both are gaining more and more attention thanks to their ability to give the pleasant sugary flavour to drinks and food, but with zero calories.

Used initially in drinks, they are also entering into the composition of foods. From a scientific point of view we know that these substances are not harmful in the short term for our health, but there are no studies on the effects of these substances in the long term. Some researchers hypothesize that they are carcinogenic, others hypothesize that they can be addictive, others that despite they do not have calories they activate the same hormonal / metabolic pathways of the common sugar and therefore they can provoke the same effects of its abuse (diabetes, humoral alterations, chronic fatigue to name a few). If you can avoid them, better: for sure I do not advise you to use them every day!

Last but not least: be comfortable with yourself.

I’m pretty sure most of people get fat in times of high stress. The food, especially the sugar, is a panacea for our nerves: the sweet determines the release of substances that stimulate the sense of contentment, allowing you to relax a moment. But this lasts just a moment: the effect of the dessert is indeed short and we often abuse it, with subsequent passing from an euphoric state to the following psychophysical "crash". Losing weight to get back into shape must start from our head: it should not be seen as an imposition from the outside, from society, from friends or from the partner who "wants" us in a certain way. You simply have to do it for yourself, because you will keep yourself healthy and fit. In times of extreme stress, do not throw yourself on food but use two zero calories anti-stress: physical activity and a good chat with friends/partner to let off steam. Remember that physical activity is not just “gym”: if you are like me and get bored running on treadmill or repeating same exercise for hours, just organize bike rides, long walks, small hikes with nice picnic or simply put your favourite songs in your room and dance; in short, anything that doesn’t make you standing still. As for food intake, more than following a specific diet, I suggest you to take a food diary. Since now you know a bit more about calories, intake, metabolism, it should be easy to write down everything you eat during the day and do an approximate calculation of calories in order to use these information to balance you weekly calories intake. This is the best option: it does not force you to eat something specific, saves money and let you keep track what and when you eat things, making you totally aware of what are you doing.

All images provided in this post, where not specified otherwise, are under CC0 license (Public Domain)

Authored by @cryptoitaly

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Gene talks? Some people never gets fat.


That's true, some people eat a lot and never get happens these people have a really fast metabolism. This is really good because they burn lot of energy, but this is also bad because these people get old faster and are more susceptible to some kinds of diseases. This is also why some slow metabolism animals like elephants live longer!


Oh, that is the secret.


Very true, I know people asii.

An interesting instruction on how to lose weight. All the popular ways of losing weight and their strengths and weaknesses are perfectly described. I know that the problem of excess weight disturbs many people. In the weather for a beautiful figure, people mistakenly can harm their health. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to lose weight and bring your body into shape. But most of the "miraculous" ways on the Internet do not correspond to reality. And some of them cost money. However .... personally in my opinion the most effective is the "right" and balanced nutrition.
"We are what we eat". - there is a lot of truth in these words.
In addition, physical activity and the absence of long-term stresses also affect the excess weight gain. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, appreciate and rejoice in moments of life, be active ... then in my opinion this is an excellent decision to get rid of excess weight. But this is my subjective opinion.
Thank you for an excellent and objective article.

In order of importance:

  1. get your nutrition in order
  2. get your nutrition in order
  3. resistance train (3 sessions per week, minimum)
  4. cardio (2-3 HIIT sessions per week, 1-2 sessions of longer, more moderate cardio considered optional)

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. High protein, low processed carbs, lots of vegetables and fruit, minimize your sugar intake. Consider tracking your food intake just to make sure you're taking in what you should be. No juice, no soda, just water. No "low-fat" diet crap. Read labels. Learn the names of different sweeteners. Spoiler alert: they're in EVERYTHING. Don't crash diet or do any of that crap. Learn to eat healthy as a lifetime habit. Period. Whole, real, unprocessed food.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue, you want to retain what you have and build more with heavy strength training. Skip the crunches, they're not going to do jack for you. You need exercises utilizing large muscle groups and multiple joints - squats, deadlifts, chest press, pushups, pull ups. Train the core with planks.

Make sure you're focused on fat loss, not weight loss. Fat loss preserves muscle mass,while dropping the fat, weight loss is indiscriminate. For example, high doses of low intensity cardio will burn muscle stores along with fat, and you don't want this. Lots of overweight people finish marathons. Expert marathoners are thin, yes, but also have very little muscle mass. So don't run more, run smarter - with sprint intervals.

Oh, and sleep and get your stress under control. Tiny details.

You can tweak details like nutrient timing and stuff like that, but you need the foundations in order first. And skip on the "eat 5-6 meals per day". That's generally agreed to be old and inaccurate information. At the end of the day, it's the number of calories in, not when.

Very interesting, its publication is educational. In fact, I am going to talk about my particular experience, when I was 9 years old I had an insulin problem, if I was an obese child that I loved to eat, I had little exercise, I had a lot of fat accumulated in my abdomen My worried mother took me to the pediatrician and he told me to go to a nutritionist, this specialist gave all the instructions to my mother so that I would lose weight gradually, it was a fairly controlled weight control with proper nutrition, was Do not stop eating, said the specialist. My mother that people because of their desire to lose weight fast do crazy things that can damage their bodies and that is not the idea. To lose weight, the secret is to learn to eat, to balance the daily calories according to age and the calculation of the weight that you must have and the one you have in excess, the doctor recommends reducing the consumption of flours, oils and sugars, you could consume but in proportions low, sugar, flours only for a measure that she provided, consume a lot of raw salad, make 6 meals a day to accelerate metabolism and exercise. In a month my results were very good, I continued with my proper nutrition and I learned to eat that was the idea that I learned to eat the right amount of food and not in excess, today I am a healthy person who does not have obesity
I think that obesity is a disease that in these times is very difficult to control if the person who suffers does not recognize himself as obese, first step recognizes that you are suffering from obesity, then go with the specialists that are the most appropriate for Examine your body and tell you what you can do, do not give up because at the beginning you do not lose weight, for this you must be constant and persevering.

Dear Adsactly

Wow it's something quite interesting after reading the complete article now if someone want to loose weight should read all the ten points carefully and you will find some myths are so harmful these pills advertised as the best option to loose weight are so dangerous can cause some serious consequences, everything I think everything you covered the fasting, excessive eating, low eating, random or step eating, calorie intake BMR calorie reading, consuming ratio I mean everything and every aspect what is important for the title.
It's a complete guide for a better health weight loose will automatically follows you if you are desciplined and follow all the key points, effectively correctly the result will stunned you.
As I am searching it for my brothers spouse because she had some fat stored in breast area and hip area after a baby and she is so nervous sometimes I will suggest her to do some better things in life and not much depends on fasting as some aunties suggest her to follow fasting and she is tired of all this and doing fasting a day in a week although I told her it's harmful for a mother having little baby who is depend on her milk but maybe due to her oversized shape she gets some complications with her hubby although she is so beautiful, after the birth of baby she is fat now and her shape is quite disbalanced. I am sure this will work for her and I suggest everyone of you who are commenting here or come to this post please resteem this post and give 5 minutes to read this awesome information.
I am thankful to you dear mam for bringing it to the steem a big hug and thanks.

It's too hot summers in India too.

Love you from India.



This is exactly the comments I love to read. Thanks for reading the post and thanks for sharing it with your family for everyday life! :)


I wish you great applause from my bhabhi (brothers wife) she saved this posts message and screenshot on her phone to read it again and again and going to follow each and every steps, she is excited that from now she will not fast for whole day because she feels so laziness and some time stomach pain and headache.
Big thanks from her and me for bringing this nice information to us.
God bless you dear friend.

Honestly, I came here to complain about the next mumbo jumbo diet system. But I had to realize that I 100% agree with your blog post.

A balanced(!) diet and a lot of water are key to maintaining a healthy body. It's astounding how many people I've met who just didn't understand why they wouldn't loose weight.
They believed they were well educated about food but were lacking basic 5th grade biology knowledge. For example I met some girls who ordered burgers without bread claiming to do low-carb but then complained to the waiter why he didn't bring ketchup.

And don't get me started on that. I'm opposed to all the "low-carb" stuff and other special "leave the one unhealthy thing away and magically loose weight" theories.
Even if some of them worked (which I doubt and if they do I think it's mostly because people doing them are becoming more aware of their food habits in general) I think they are not healthy (less carbs and more fat is good? what?).
So yes, read the label, know what you're eating - that's the most important part. There's no problem with eating at McDonalds once in a while but you should be aware that that's about 1200 kalories per menu. So if you drink about 3 more cokes that day your daily calories limit is kind of reached.

Very cool post! For me I was able to lose 17 lbs in 20 days, and then another 3 over another 5 days. It was pretty awesome. I went from eating chips, ice cream, junk food, and maybe 1 serving of veggies a day, to cutting all that food out, and eating 10 to 12 servings of veggies a day. I ate like every 2.5 to 3 hours, like a snack would be a hard boiled egg with a handful of almonds. But I also upped my workout big time. 4 days a week at the gym 1 to 1.25 hrs each time. basketball twice a week and country dancing one sometimes twice a week. I got 8 hours of sleep each night and drank a ton of water. It was pretty cool! I had a cheat day if I wanted. I kept that up for quite awhile. Then decided I love food too much to give up some of my favorite, and fell back into old habits. LOL But I always know at least for my body what I need to do if I want to ever trim down. haha

You have the right that these supplements have a good feeling, but I am afraid of their unnatural effects
We must be careful and consultation with the doctor is necessary
Thanks for sharing..

Key is to make a daily meal plan including all the foods you love, workout and do everything like you normally would and at the end of the week, see if you lose weight. If you do, great, keep doing it. If not, see something you're eating and eat less of it. Took about 30 years to figure this one out.

It is a nice article. It is actually true in my country as well. A lot of young ladies have the same concerns and spend a lot of time on diets.

you want to loose weight but i want to get some weight.... LOL


Come here to visit southern Italy, just smelling our air made by pizza, babà and sfogliatella flavor will make you gain weight :)


will try afer some years

I tried multiple ways but for me one solution is Badminton, you keep moving and running as you are struggling to win, you are in competition. Finally after 30 - 45 mins you see alot of sweat and fit body in some days without skipping any meal plus without taking any medicine.

the use of herbal tea to lose weight actually works on a basis of detoxification, most people think after drinking the tea it would emulsify their fat automatically
nice post tho.

Your article is very useful, as fighting with extra pounds, absolutely no one is immune from mistakes, and losing weight very often become hostages of illusions. After all, there are many myths about weight loss, and most of them seem extremely plausible. Blindly following an unknown invented dogma, it is difficult to say goodbye to overweight and even more difficult to keep the figure in the norm, returning to the usual diet.

I will follow this methods to loss weight

Nice info! good article !

2 garlic +warm lemon water every day morning ,you will see the result with in three week.

How to lose weight?
Just do the sport which you like

Dear friend @adsactly, your article can not be more precise, it is very well explained how to lose those kilos that are too much in the body, and with each point that you explained, you could not have more reason, this is how you expose it is a matter of removing the clothes according to the season in your country, that is dramatic so to speak, I mean, ladies, we must be decorous at all times, be hot or not, we must always take care of our appearance in front of the public, is my opinion brebe.
On the other hand, I want to share my point of view regarding how I apply the diets to me.
A very practical and easy advice is the following:

  • Up early
  • Eat something light and low in calories
  • Go to a very good and long walk
  • Do cardiovascular exercises to activate your muscles and put all your organs in perfect working order
  • Eat balanced foods, protein, vitamins, low fat, salt and calories
  • And above all, get away from the daily routine in which you share our lives, do not limit yourself to doing things that you think you can not do.

So much great information here @adsactly ! Thanks! upped earlier on Auto now resteemed, a great post I can come back to several times! Will also up and resteem into my @momskitchen blog !👌✌💕

Great post. Resteemed @adsactly :-)

the best way to lose weight is moving to venezuela hahahaha

i upvote you for wetness.
check my user name mohammedmubeen plead upvote on my blogs.

Can u giv 1000kl diet plan??


Absolutely not! 1000 kcal plan is really too low and you will lose mainly muscles! Read carefully the post and try to cut some carbs or making some sport :)

Wow! What an in depth article! The information about glycogen, gluconeogenesis and the demolition of lean mass was very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing!

Sensible weight loss advice? wow.... you might just change the world. :) Much needed, even here in Thailand where it's always hot and we are expected to be as trim and petite as little Thai goddesses, who have somewhat of a genetic advantage. :) Nice post.

It really helps me thanks a lot for giving me a wide variety to lose weight. Very informative

loosing weight is very hard job.this article is very useful. i only say if any body stop consume salt,sugar ,white floor and rice ,,weight will be slowly loose.

As I am already in the process of loosing weight the article helps much with information regarding weight loss.

Thanks @adsactly and @cryptoitaly for sharing.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

Good. Have a nice time. ... from Seoul.

Cuando realmente se quiere perder peso, solo hace falta voluntad, sin tener que hacer mucho sacrificio, yo perdi 60 kilos en un año.

Thank you for writing this piece. Very good information to have. You have a nice writing style too.

Just one suggestion to make it even better, especially if you would like to write regularly, is to get someone to edit the text. It is always easier to find small mistakes in someone else’s text than your own.

Do keep sharing this kind of information please. People need to know this.

I really liked the posting, great tips, alerts on magic drugs to lose weight, congratulations ... I will always keep you.

Very true what you say, I have been publishing some medicinal plants and most help to lose weight. But the main thing to lose weight is a daily routine of exercises and a balanced diet.

Very good post on weight loss.....Along with above the main thing one should have is patience and dedication.

Controlling mind would be the best thing not only to loose weight but also to grow high in life.

One may practice meditation daily to control his mind.

Thanking you @saswat036

is there any shortcut to lose weight? i am tired of exercising seriously .


yes.... concentrate on ur diet plan instead of exercises......


Yea there are shortcut but they are not healthy ones. So if you already exercise, just keep a diet diary and read food label. Sometimes a little piece of cake can nullify hours of training. Just avoid high calory food and you will get in shape in no time!

That is really helpful,
But i have heard from one my friend that running reduces the whole body ?
is it so ?
like rest of the body is fine what i have to do , reduce the belly ??
and one more thing is refined oil is harmful... ?


the thing is more complex than it seems.
I'll give you an example: if you have a big belly and you focus your traning on belly, you will increase your belly!
This is because while training increase muscles only in the area you train (running-> legs and abdomen, f.e.), it decrease the fat equally over all the body.
The distribution of adipose tissue is random: girls have it mainly on breast and hips, man on belly. But things change from person to person.

If you want to decrease only the belly, my advice is to make a sport that uses most of muscles: aerobic gym, dance and swimming are good examples!


well thanks @cryptoitaly for the advice, i will play badminton..
Hope that will work for me ....

thanks for the valuable post but i hope i ll never get these fat issues....... xoxo

Now, if only people would get off their damn computers to go for a walk and try out some of these tips.

Thanks for sharing this information

Great explanation but seriously its too hard to lose fat . You need to maintain discipline in your life which is very hard work.

The main cause of the obesity is to take fatty food

The best way to loose weight is Running only. Eat healthy and do more exercise will make you fit.

@adsactly sir everyone gives tips for how to lose weight. your tips is too good.
sir i wants to know how increase our weight please suggest me some tip.
thankyou for post.

@adsactly the germans have Süssli made from a plant is very good, but I think that instead of eaten three big meals you can have 5 very small meals so that your metabolism activate. Some people only drink a juice without sugar at dinner