Haejinality vs. Reality (NXT Review)-- 79% LOSS in 2018

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Haejinality vs. Reality (NXT Review)

In continuing the series I started here:

Based on the idea by @just2random whom did some excellent coverage on the previous BTC calls of @haejin here:

I am now reviewing the NXT call made by @haejin for accuracy

Around December 30th, 2017 NXT was 59.01 cents, @Haejin called “orgasmic lunges towards $3.73 or much higher!”.



His chart stretches until August of 2018 so I cannot say whether his ultimate target will or will not be correct. I can only judge the shorter range targets and buy recommendation he presented.

Haejenality: “orgasmic lunges towards $3.73 or much higher!”.


Overlay of Reality vs Haejinality

Reality: Over the next week and a half NXT would shed 61% of its value hitting a temporary low of 23.2 cents on January 16th 2018. NXT would continue it blisteringly fast downwards spiral losing another 47% by February 6th, 2017 with a trading price of 12.5 cents. The total loss from time of the call to current low would be 79% or a net loss of 79 cents on each dollar invested.

Before I am asked yes 61% and 47% are more than 100% while the total loss was only 79%.

Think of it this way.. I have $1, I lose .50 cents or 50%, from this point I further lose another .37 cents or 75% of the already depreciated amount leaving me with .13 cents for each dollar I initially invested, my total losses are actually 84%; not 61% +47%.

Ergo based upon his call and when you entered or if you averaged down you had the opportunity to continually lose half or more of your investment with each new purchase.

Other factors: BTC was in a very obvious corrective decline at the time this call was made, trading around $14,304, some 28.5% off of its $19,989 high. In fact the day this call was made BTC would drop a further 14% from $14,304 to $12,284 further indicating a very bearish market.

As we all know BTC began to crash at this point and would lose approximately 44% of its value from the time this call was made to the current price of $6900.00

Opinion: Had you of purchased NXT at the time @haejin made the call and HODLED till now your losses would be 79%. Had of purchased BTC in an obvious decline and HODLED till now your losses would amount to 44%. Basically the smarter move would have been to purchase an obviously declining asset in a bear market than to purchase on the buy recommendation made by heajin. You would of saved yourself 35% in losses to have HODLED BTC; a move which by this point, we would all agree would have been dumb in and of itself.

Lastly his chart does stretch until August of 2018 so I cannot say whether his ultimate target will or will not be correct, but I can say that buying into a 79% loss is not a winning strategy under any circumstance.

We shall See

His comment on another users post, Edited for brevity

Original comment can be found here:https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@hendrix22/100-accurate-crypto-analysis-free-for-everyone-100-success-rate

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@pawsdog we should support @hendrix22's war.@haejin is a curse for this platform. We have to stop him.
I know @haejin will flag me because I talk aganist him and he will prove him that he is a doneky.

Nobody and I mean nobody knows how crypto will react, you can use all the methods you want you'll never hit except by chance, becuase the variations are not the natural consequences of the ups and downs of a market but the manipulations being made by whales, markets, goevernments, banks and the media. I see a lot of people using Elliot waves, charts, past performances etc, and yet their accuracy is very low.This is true for everybody, so if you are going to invest in crypto use your own gut feelings because the only advice from other people that you should definitely follow is don't spend anything but the money that you use for entertainment, see crypto as a hobby.

I could see that to a degree, however there is a science to it to some degree and much of that has to do with experience and intuition. Take a gander at my market reports, I'm pretty much on the money most days.. Of course I intraday trade..

That's easy to say now but a lot of us new to crypto were looking for sage advice of some sort to help make wiser choices in this very volatile environment...and whether naive or not...we would gravitate to someone like haejin who came across as someone experienced...calming...and at times accurate...but as I learned...and as pointed out in these pawsdog postings...he took advantage of a market that took off for a while and anyone could have looked good and then failed miserably when it has come to a choppier uncertain market...he definitely was into "orgasms" and his hyped language made me realize he is more like PT Barnum than a true tactician...so...I took a few hits and learned my lesson...

great @pawsdog this is reality.I am with you. expert @salahuddin2004 is much better than this crap haejin. I will resteem this post as well.Haejin downvoted me because i spoke truth about him.

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very helpful @pawsdong

I guess drama makes money?

As long as he gives the people what they want to see, he'll just keep on making the most upvote ("money").

I'm not sure, but I think your right, he is hurting the platform though

Well, I think all we can do is make a better content. If people get burn following his content they will leave eventually. Everybody is a genius on a bull market.

How is he hurting the platform? There are loads of new people learning about steemit just because of his reputation for accuracy. (Yes, I know he had a bad month last month but he has more than made up for it on the bottom of this correction, as if he needed to after last fall...)

Last fall was not him; he is not a guru, or anything special.. last year was the market, it was a tremendous bull market and you could of picked nearly any coin and made a lot.. He is not special.. What I can say is that: He made obvious bullish calls (ridiculous, dumb, armature calls) on many ALTS WELL AFTER, BTC was obviously in a corrective trend.. Any one with any experience knew BTC was in a sell off after the high at 19,000 really basic MACD read on the 3 day.. regardless he made wild calls against the greater market trend that hurt a lot of people. TO be so reckless and made such dumb calls in an obvious downtrend erases any credibility.. Now is the bear and when you need skill to make money, he cannot do it.. read my daily reports, heck read my report from yesterday and compare that to the price action of BTC.. That is the skill you need as a professional, not some idiot throwing wild calls out their of "orgasmic jizz all over his users"

Indeed, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even defended him early on because it all seemed more like a personal attack at the beginning than anything else (and frankly, I don't entirely trust the motives of whales with huge stakes from the ninja mine, claiming to champion minions)

I always thought to myself that we will see whether this guy has a clue just before and during the next meaningful correction. I am fairly new to trading of any kind but I have been around long enough to see that no matter what charts for alts may or may not say, any significant BTC correction results in a correction for the whole crypto space. As you said, he was making bullish calls on BTC after it was obvious that sentiment had turned. Even when he got a bit bearish on BTC he continued to predict huge gains on smaller alts, that just didn't make sense.

Agreed, and he was also calling BTC to hit 24k right after the drop to $10,200.. I forget which post it was but I do know he said "orgasmic lunges up" to 24k was his next target and this is before the lower high at 17,700.. So I can definitively say, he has not a fucking clue.

I just feel sad for the people that lost 60 or 80 percent of their capital following his stupid calls once market sentiment had gone south.. Sad really..

Havent seen your daily report on btc. You know my opinion for haejin. Is it worth your whole energy , yo? Write me on steemit.chat if you have time

You are probably right, and it does not seem to pay very well either.. I will get a report out tomorrow.. I'm loving that 107 LTC again.. :)

great news. hope you doubled the size :D

did ok this last week.. almost burned out for a bit I think.. but I will get the report out tomorrow for sure..

Take a break and recharge.

I may do that..

Do you think haejin is a reason why steem is so low now?

No idea on that, but the platform seems kinda slow that last week.. He is pretty much a parasite, but not much we can do about it..

what if everybody got together and stop flagging his ass? lol I did notice that he has friends that sick down voting robots on people. Thats some scary stuff!

I see that, but you would need a lot of people to basically overwhelm.. Its sporadic now and that why they can just counter act the down votes..

Who are these friends? The bernie bots downvote everyone who comments on his posts because he's on pawsdog's side of this issue. The tactics used to go after him have been extremely ugly and do not breed any new allies for your cause.

I’m new to this issue and honestly haven’t even got a grasp of exactly what it is. I was just curious one day and was scrolling down hajiens wallet activity and saw sombody sent him some steem with the memo saying sicked a down voting bot on his ass. Probably not the exact words but if you scroll down you will see it. Just sparked my curiosity more. I didn’t even bother to check into it cause like i said I’m new to this issue and i would rather go look at stuff i like. Also @pawsdog is sombody i interact with and he has shown me love with some decent upvotes so whatever he says or post i pay attention to.

@haejin followers: "people to be ready to lose all their money with his shit-post".

I agree and its dangerous, irresponsible behavior as well..

@haejin isn't a TA, he's a religion...

Surprise, surprise :-D

And now @haejin is spruiking his follow numbers daily as another way to gain the trust of the readers.

I think he's getting desperate.

The more real data we get out there the quicker we expose this fraud.

Congrats and keep going...

I will the upvotes are minimal though.. I wish I had a whale daddy.. lol

"I'm pretty much on the money most days..." Shouldn't you be able to be your own whale daddy by now then?

You are welcome to review all my analysis.. every one.. I bet you 10 SBD, that I am much more correct than haejin.. check yesterday or the day before, fuck go to December when I was saying Bear and dummy was saying Bull.. And I strongly suspect that haejin and rancho are the same person, they both read Korean for sure (odd coincidence).. the upvotes the timing etc.. More than likely he is using that account to upvote himself.. Regardless, matters not to me, as I'm not here to rape the platform on a daily basis with bullshit calls that get people hurt.. Hell I will put 40 SBD on my calls this year vs your Gurus. take the time compare.. Mine are dated and called "trade analysis and market outlook" you can find them in my blog.. I put my money where my mouth is...

You could have just said "no"

In real life, not steemit, yes.. but I'm not going to put 200k or more in tokens for a platform that may likely die, due to rampant abuse and lack of moderation. So yes I could purchase a considerable amount of steem and upvote myself etc, but as it may be a dying platform I find the investment too risky.

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u are jelaous baby. i hope u hv 13 yearsold if not your life is a shit. he is right.

He has statistically lost over and over and over. . In fact 1 month ago he was projecting BTC ar 24k, calling bottom and saying we were on the way up. .I"m not jealous.. I promise you that.. I made plenty, but I follow my own advice, not wild predictions that are against greater market trend.. As you are so heated, you have no idea how to trade, you follow blindly. I do this as a profession, so I don't need to argue with an obvious lay man in the field.

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