Street Art #228 Jest, Montreal

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Here is a beautiful mural by Jest, very active street-artist in Montreal :




878, rue Rachel, Montreal

Position on Google Maps




Born in US and now based in Montreal, Jest is also known as The Moon Guy for his signature. His universe is a very colorful science fiction with almost alien characters. You can also find some rapid graffiti :


On Duluth

On Rue Napoléon


More about his works :
Street Art #122 Collaboration with Sloast
Short Street Art #05
Short Street Art #28

DSC06908 (Jest).JPG

I like this cat chasing dollars. We wouldn't be cats ? :-)



  • 2018.





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Bonus Pic


And for @kaptnkalle, a little sticker :

380 - Jest Sticker sur Graffiti Alley.jpg

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really nice artworks. the mural is really nice but i think the illegal artworks are at least as good even if it´s kept simple.
and i really like the sticker. thank you so much for posting it. i always love to see all the creativity concentrated on this small artworks.

Yep always good to see his signature The Moon Guy on the walls... I have to take a picture, you can see it on the top left :

Graffiti or stree art, I wonder if there will be any substantial difference, after all art is subjective, although in my opinion there is a difference. Very very good job.

For me there are differences between graffiti and street art. Graffiti is more illegal with quick drawings or writings. Street art is for the festival or commissioned works, artists have more time to do something. I like both...

That is a real nice piece. Like the cat too....and the little sticker...:)

The stickers are pretty cool but I always see them when I don't have my camera :-)

Yeah! I think they so too :) Unfortunatly it happens all the time i don't have my camera ... sometime I even go back and get it, and then out again... :)

Wow, that first photo has incredible details and a lot of different stuff going on. Wonderful!

Yep great mural, I really like the color palette used.