Street Art #223 Astro & Skepa, Montreal (Canada)

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Cool collaboration between Astro and Skepa for the lettering...

403 - Astro & Skepa sur Napoléon..jpg



Rue Napoleon, Montreal.

Position on Google Maps




405 - Astro & Skepa sur Napoléon..jpg

Based on Montreal, Astro is a street artist, illustrator and creator of comic characters. He began graffiti in 1994, gradually perfecting his characteristic and very personal style. Since then, he has exhibited his paintings and his creatures all around the world.

Here a selection of his paintings on wood, I like it with all this details (pics from his website) :




No information about this artist, I only know he had some collaborations with Astro. If you have more, let me know in the Comment Section.

404 - Astro & Skepa sur Napoléon..jpg



  • Unknown. But I think around 2012.




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Very creative work! I like it. I always have the doubt, if in winter they also continue doing street art in Montreal for example?, I ask for the cold, and ice that could complicate the thing. 🤔🙄😅

Street artist are like bears, they hibernate in winter :-) There is certainly less mural but wheatpastes, stickers... appear on the walls.

It's a nice. The piece on wood is very detailed :)

Many detail in all his works, on his murals many different characters... always fun to watch.

unfortunately i do not know anything about skepa. but i really like the collaboration between skepa and astro.

Don't worry for Skepa (I'll find something about him one day :-) )...

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