Street Art #225 Mister Ride , Montreal (Canada)

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Cool work by Mister Ride, the Environmental Artist, done on the walls of the restaurant O'Noir. Nice addition as Stikki Peaches has a wheatpaste on the other wall and just above a collage done by Mateo...




Rue Prince-Arthur (on the restaurant O'Noir, where you eat in the dark), Montreal.

The other works on the building :


^ Collage by Mateo (Street Art #175)

< Young Dali by Stikki Peaches (Street Art #078)


Position on Google Maps



Xavier Ride aka Mister Ride is a French street artist graduated of the Beaux-Arts influenced by independent movements and rock. He opened the Mister Ride Gallery in Bayonne (France) during 3 years. Now, he works in this studio near to Bayonne with others artists where he develops environmental works with generally grass.


He's also member of the Obey Icon Tour founded Sheipard Ferray.

I like his work he done for an hotel in Biarritz in 2014, Arbres Bleus III (Blue Trees III) (photo from his website), nice contrast :






  • 2019.



Mister Ride
Mister Ride Instagram
Sheipard Ferray

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Bonus Video


In 2017



This week, I'll finish my trip in France with one post about French Riviera and one on collages in Paris (Le Marais).

This weekend, I visited another neigbourhood, Rosement Petite Patrie, in Montreal to see the murals done by another street-art festival Canettes de Ruelle. I thought to take a dozen photos... But no almost 100. So wait for a series about this festival, third edition. Sure next year, I'll be there.

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Moss like a boss!

Yep very original

Wow! That Mister Ride really has created unusual art! never seen anything like it. Real cool and original :)

Unusual is the word... at first I didn't see the mural, just a question in my mind "Who put grass on the wall ?" I had to stop to see the woman :-)

Those pieces are really original and creative! Many thanks for sharing!

Yep, first time I see a mural done with grass...