Street Art #226 Monk.E , Montreal (Canada)

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171 - Sur St Dominique et Maisonneuve.jpg

For 2015 Mural Festival



1600, rue Saint-Dominique (close to Metro Saint-Laurent), Montreal.

Position on Google Maps

169 - Sur St Dominique et Maisonneuve.jpg



Monk.E is a Canadian street-artist, he defines himself as an Alchimiographist. He's also Hip-Hop musician (as you can see at the end of the post, a clip for his new album). He started graffiti with the collective K6A and since Monk.E imposes his artistic vision all around the world.

More about his works :

Collaboration with Tiburon Street Art #172


But I don't know who did the lettering below... But looks great :

170 - Sur St Dominique et Maisonneuve.jpg



  • 2015.



Mural Festival

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Bonus Video


Monk-E - Devises Étrangères. 2nd single from new album

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For painting a mural in Montreal like this for example you need to a special permission or something like that? I wonder how is the process, Here in Mexico the most time we paint only with the owner wall permission

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I think it also requires permission from the owner. And in this case, as it's during the Mural Festival, so it's easier with the town hall. Otherwise there must be administrative procedures to be done.

Haven't seen anything of this artist before! At least not that I know of. Nice pieces though.

Interesting artist, there are some of his murals in Montreal, always great colors with a mix of characters and buildings.

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