streetArt | Clash of nations.

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Guanajuato, Mexico. By @cnandofer

The biggest river of the world separated the two countries, the river was so big, that some even call it the sweet sea because you couldn't see the other side of the river until you've spent several hours on a boat.

The country to the west of the river was a big, thriving country. They had found in their lands mines of a crystal that they named 'Ischiro.' They started to mine it because it was a very rare and shiny material which made it very popular among the citizens of the country.

After years of mining the Ischiro crystals, a man named Socrates started to experiment with it. First, he put it in water for one day until he noticed that the typical green colour had changed for a vivid and intense red colour. He experimented more with, fire and water heating and cooling it down for months until he started to realize something.

Everytime that he made the crystal get a purple-ish colour the crystal was making him stronger, faster, smarter. When the crystal was treated properly, it was giving him superpowers.

In the east side of the sweet river was a young country, settled by nomads that were coming from the south and found fertile lands in this place. They were a hardworking nation that based their culture on values like respect and equality.

Their country was full of a green rock that they considered very useful to make tools and weapons. They didn't know that this rock was incredibly valuable for their neighbours from the other side of the river.

Drunk on power, the eastern country finished their reserves of Ischiro, which cause an internal fight between cities and families. After years of war, most of the Ischiro was lost and the remaining crystals were kept under the strict control of the government, only very rich people were ever seen with Ischiro crystals around their necks.

When the rumour of a countryside full of Ishiro at the other side of the river got to the ears of the west, they assembly and army supplied with purple crystals around their necks to conquer the lands across the river.

After crossing the river, the sweep out the east nation easily because of their superhuman abilities and because the east nation had treated them as friends, not as enemies... a big mistake.

The west enslaved the east forcing them to collect Ischiro and send it to the west, where it was treated and sold it to the western citizens.

Decades past, every citizen was giving purple Ischiro at birth and the superpowers stopped to be superpowers, it was the new normal on the west. The new generations didn't even know why by law, they had to wear these purple crystals around their neck all the time.

In the east years of slavery had desolated the country, they were seen as animals from their masters. They bred the strongest and smartest and kept them under their fist for decades. The new generation on the east started to believe that this was the way the world was and it had always been like this.

Decades passed with the west exploiting the east until the technology was developed in the enslaved country. First the computers then the internet and an incredible flow of information that was about to change the world.

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