🏆 #GooglyPrize 👀 This Week's Winners - Issue No. 67

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GooglyPrize GooglyEyes TitleImage Vol67

Welcome to the #GooglyPrize,

where the best #GooglyEyes of the past week race for the win.

We had a full dozen valid entries entering this lap of the race. Only three will win today, but we go round and round and do this every week. So there's no need to rush, because this isn't a race at all. You can enter whenever you're ready, show some passion and originality and you'll definitely stand a chance at winning. A little free SBD for you wallet, some SP power ups for your account and decent delegations to prop up your voting power for a couple of days are up for grabs.

So let's see how the prize-pool is looking and who will make the race today:

The Prize Pool:

carried over from last week
3.091 SBD and 4.017 STEEM in liquid funds
and an available delegation of 258.406 SP
all liquid SBD have been converted into 5.265 STEEM


100% of all rewards on last week's winner announcement:
6.466 SBD and 11.017 SP


that's 6.466 SBD and 9.282 STEEM in the cash-pool:

60% will be given out today, 40% will be carried over into next week!
1st - 30%; 2nd - 20%; 3rd - 10%;


269.423 SP will be delegated to the winners!

Need more details and numbers about the Prize-Pool? There's a whole spreadheet for you!

As always, friends and family on the Planet Googly discord selected their favourite #GooglyEyes posts from the week's top-10 in order to select the winners for today.

qualifying posts were submitted by:
@photoquest, @krakonos, @sparkesy43, @mileidy10, @detlev, @brittandjosie,
@mandysp, @elfenlicht, @julieabbi2, @marblely, @bucipuci and @linnyplant
today's guest judges were:
@davor27, @dexterdev, @hopehuggs,
@insaneworks, @krystle and @sparkesy43
disclaimer: guest judges are not allowed to vote for their own entries!


drumroll please...


🥉 Today's 3rd winner is: 🥉

@mandysp with
"Unnamed Googlies"

Unnamed Googlies by @mandysp

We had a tie for the 3rd prize today, but the other contender featured just one single image, so @mandysp easily wins the spot on the pedestal. Three judges picked her "unnamed googlies" as one of their favourites. I had to take some liberty with the title here, the post doesn't have one and no names either, but it does come with a whole bunch of hard working googly friends.



🥈 The 2nd winner is: 🥈

@photoquest with
"Thirsty Googly CAP MAN"

Thirsty Googly CAP MAN by @photoquest

@photoquest is back on the track with some #GooglyEyes again. Long time no see! And yes, of course the post includes a well crafted GIF again. Thirsty Cap Man was a favourite to four of today's judges and comes in as our second winner today. Congrats!



🥇 And Our Grand Winner is: 🥇

@mileidy10 with
"Mr. Achotin"

Mr. Achotin by @mileidy10

WOAH! @mileidy brings us this crazy googly monster along with a small botanical and culinary lesson. That's one crazy wide grin and 5 of today's judges voted this to be our grand winner. Kudos!




another drumroll, please

🥁 this week's Googly-Delegation-Winners are: 🥁

@mileidy10, @photoquest and @mandysp

you'll receive delegations of 134.711, 80.826 and 53.884SP for 9 days.

None of our winners is obscenely rich or self-voting in excessive manner, so all of them qualify for their share of this week's delegation pool. We're doing the usual 50/30/20 split. @mileidy10, you're a bit low on voting activity in general, I hope you'll put your delegation to good use and vote a bit more in the coming 9 days, would be a shame to see the delegation not being used to it's full potential ;)


The #GooglyPrize continues!

prizes are being awarded every 7-8 days

No-Conditions Policy:

No mandatory resteems, upvotes or follows are required!

- get some #GooglyEyes -
- stick them onto something -
- take some pictures -
- make a post with the tag #googlyeyes -

- post original content and don't spam -
- this is a creative contest and not a lottery -
- show us something special and post with passion -

More Winners Every Week!

The prize-pool for the next issue already contains:
liquid funds of 3.712 STEEM and 2.586 SBD
and delegations of 263.089 SP
100% of all rewards on THIS POST!

Want to learn more about this contest? Read:
A brief History, some Updates and a few Tips for Winning

Have more questions or just want to hang out? Join:
Planet Googly on Discord

bonus image:

GooglyPrize GooglyEyes bonus image 67
googly trophy is always running laps around the blockchain

My special appreciation goes to our googly patrons:
@krystle, @ausbitbank, @reggaemuffin and @drakos!
They are bootsrapping this contest with their ongoing support!

@ausbitbank, @reggaemuffin & @drakos are also running as witnesses,
show them some love by giving them your approval!

More shoutouts go to @perepilichnyy, @contestkings, @abigail-dantes, @ew-and-patterns, @kamikaze, @thecryptodrive, @o07, @steemchoose, @angelinafx, @insaneworks, @nfc, @mathowl, @lighteye, @marty-art, @linnyplant, @jasonbu, @accelerator, @davor27, @literaturkritik, @zneeke, @marblely, @tellurian, @schlunior, @bucipuci, @apsu, @shasta, @dexterdev, @niko3d, @yaraha, @bubbleburst, @i-c-e, @sparkesy43, @robofox, @onepercentbetter, @gweern, @julieabbi2, @improv, @steemtaker, @glitterbooster, @merlion, @hazel420, @lukasmining, @wstanley226, @meilynvb, @thomasgift, @yeaho, @photoquest, @upgoat, @raorac, @garrettwallace, @stormykar, @ikarus56, @creativechaos, @iovoccae, @sharelovenothate, @soundworks, @inlakech, @filipino, @mileidy10, @mandysp, @retard-gamer-de, @disragafmi, @cepowati, @reakuntahab, @escrosilas, @contmeafgere, @disfarmthreelxe, @linkerstinker, @suppdercaga, @jefohube, @waporthdoube, @resheep, @reversehitler88, @nahardyspgi, @pisderscompe, @funlands, @samptoterdo, @cqt, @blanaresam1978, @faireasadown, @filebot, @canhoch, @mblain, @capx, @nako1337, @arsadulislam, @upcroak, @nurah, @badham, @magpielover, @effofex, @funbox, @dmonia, @thefunfactory, @qeoddrir, @funanime, @funkyfun, @goldrym, @funnyfun, @someonefun, @dodrorth, @kingnosa, @jesusj1, @changeangels, @bestboutique6 and @drakernoise for upvoting last week's post and thereby helping to fund this award!!

everything is better with #GooglyEyes

Your upvote on this post is funding next week's prize!

100% of all rewards are going into the prize-pool!


Congrats to all the soulful googlyeyes that looked upon us and won!

Congratulations to the winners. You have great ideas.
The best view of the world is through #googlyeyes :-D

I am flattered, since I know googleyes my life is full of eyes, I discovered a great fantasy world within what I do everyday, this is great, but when I reward for fun...

... Thanks to everyone for their support

Congratulations to the winners from me too!

Hey all you googlyeyers, your googlyeyes are googlyeying back at me so googlyeyeshly that I am just all googlyeyed! These were the googlyeyest things ever and much more than just cool, these were goolyeycing on the googlyeyecake!

...so, just thought that I should say this. :D

Congratulations @googlyeyes! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You published more than 60 posts. Your next target is to reach 70 posts.
You made more than 2500 comments. Your next target is to reach 3000 comments.

Click here to view your Board of Honor
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Congratulations to all the winners!! Crazy googlyeyes, cute googlyeyes, happy googlyeyes friends all come together! :)

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