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More elaboration than could fit into Steem’s 16KiB limit for my prior comment post to which this comment replies:

Willful Denial of Physics

I wrote in this blog:

Jim is […] blinded to the Big Picture because (I know from my prior debates with him on his blog that) he wants to believe that it’s only the leftistards in cahoots with the Deep State that ails Western civilization. This is why he also believes that any blame for 9/11 (other than the Muslims he ludicrously thinks actually perpetrated 9/11) can only be attributed to his left singularity theory. Israel’s Mossad was evidently involved in the perpetration of 9/11 and the truth about 9/11 is available to anyone who bothers to look closely at a detailed analysis of the evidence as I explained in my blogs Debunking Mark Roberts’ 9/11 Disinformation Tactics, Plane Flyover; Explosives Planted Inside The Pentagon, Disembarkment of the 9/11 Passengers and “You can’t handle the truth!”. Anyone with even a modicum of physics and engineering knowledge would understand that the NIST reports on 9/11 were bullshit, and that (c.f. also) most likely the WTC were p͟u͟l͟v͟e͟r͟i͟z͟e͟d͟ ͟i͟n͟t͟o͟ ͟m͟i͟c͟r͟o͟s͟c͟o͟p͟i͟c͟ ͟d͟u͟s͟t͟ ͟p͟a͟r͟t͟i͟c͟l͟e͟s͟  with small scale, low radiation, tactical “suitcase” nukes planted in the basements after weakening with militarized, nano-thermate cutting charges (and the spectrometry evidence of dust samples confirms this).


Israel had the motive, because they want the U.S.A. engaged in the Middle East to support Israel’s security and existence (as Trump has carried out by officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s). There is a much deeper global elite pulling the major strings on this puppet world. They created Bitcoin and when their plan for world domination with Bitcoin […]

Is it not beyond any shred of doubt impossible for the government’s official narrativeto be implausible? And if so, what are the ramifications for our society? Apology in advance if I will expose you to a Pandora’s box. Yet I want to be rebuked resoundingly on this matter.

There’s many details to explore, e.g. the NIST model of WTC7 which wasn’t even hit by an airplane required some ordered cascade which defies chaos theory Butterfly effect improbabilities. Yet we can start with the implausibility that aluminum airplanes, kerosene, and office fires could pulverize massive steel girders at the base. Simple calculations of energy levels required dictate that an external energy source was required.

Atheists’ Contemptuous Ignorance of Physics

[…] because even with their self-claimed “152+ I.Q.” they’re incapable of understanding.

It’s fascinating to read what I wrote in 2009 on the progenitor of ‘open source’, “152+ I.Q.” (c.f. also §Thucydides Trap of this blog) @Eric S. Raymond’s blog, and realize hence entirely vindicated, c.f. also! I was so astutely on point! […]

Aliasing error accumulates because absent omniscience which would make our existence imperceptible, there’s no catching up to what wasn’t observed in realtime.

Western Civilization Unraveling

If […] in the Philippines, I will reside within a large (multi-hectares) exclusive compound (hopefully that I manage) with adequate firepower to secure inside the compound against any rogue elements. If we can’t insure the security of foreigners, then only the most pathetic and desperate foreigners will want to come over.

Yet the West will also become much less secure as it collapses into economic devastation. Whereas, the Philippines can only get better as the expanding middle-class demands their government get tough on crime and corruption — diametrically opposed trajectories for future peace and order for Asia versus the West, because of the diametrically opposed future prospect for economic development versus economic devastation.

Current solar minimum cycle is bottoming 2020, then a deadcat bounce into 2024 and then into accelerating Maunder Minimum climate change especially egregious after 2032.

Our unraveling Western civilization future will not just suddenly become insufferable, although the Repo Crisis is warning that interest rates will start rising:

How Will Europe Respond to Being the Source of the Crisis?

Armstrong blogged in REPO Crisis:

[…] the epicenter is outside the domestic jurisdictions of even the Federal Reserve. To avoid this crisis, it will require political action, not just central banks. Thus, I do not believe anyone can avoid this mess because it is being driven by politics which would require a major shift in thinking. To accomplish that, history warns we must first experience the crisis before any politicians would ever act.


Beyond that, I must be cautious with this crisis because it is the Mother of All Financial Crises […] I have contacts at the very core of the marketplace who see this coming but cannot speak due to confidentiality agreements. The best I can do is keep it to a private service for the time being. I really do not have any choice. The implications can be too great and too broad. It is not something that will affect just Repo. That is simply where it begins. We are talking about a crisis that will dominate the next 8.6-year business cycle. Because this involves governments, they will search desperately for someone else to blame.

Why the Repo Report Must Remain Private:

I am asking everyone to please refrain from telling the world what is really taking place. Only the core people involved in high-level finance understand the risks and can see what is unfolding […] Otherwise, when the crisis hits, the government will blame me and you because they cannot admit they have created this nightmare.

[…] So please do not even discuss this in social media. We must let it unfold FIRST, or run the risk of being blamed for creating a panic. It is not worth the risk. Just look after yourself right now. This is coming and nobody can stop it. So do not stand in the way as a target for they will desperately need scapegoats.

Is World War III on the Horizon?:

QUESTION: […] When looking at your war cycle with Russia that started in 2014 and supposedly cycles roughly 25 years, I noticed that correlates nicely with your ECM on Russia peaking around 2039. Coincidence? Is it becoming pretty clear World War 3 between east and west seems just over the horizon past 2032?

ANSWER: Socialism is dying and in the process, we are witnessing the rise in even domestic violence. In the United States, this hatred of Trump-inspired by the Democrats has unleashed the destruction of the United States as we have known it. The United States will most likely cease to exist after 2034 and the same result will impact Russia by 2038.

The crisis we face is that governments have made so many worthless promises that cannot be funded. When that takes place historically, the political states collapse internally. However, before that happens, they will turn to international war as a means to retain power and distract the people from the real economic crisis which is befalling civilization.

Rather the unraveling will likely be a series of (akin to “death by slowly developing infection from a thousand paper cuts”) downgrades over many years until finally sometime in ~2036+, we Westerners are essentially worn down to nothing and completely depleted. This is how these “death by attrition” scenarios play out. It’s also the precursor to a Dark Age because of the slow grind into oblivion which doesn’t provoke a reactionary restoration.

That’s why it will be very difficult for us to “see” it coming and do anything about it. Because it the exponential approach appears nominally just slow enough to confirm all our interim confirmation bias decisions as being rational. Except they’re not rational in the long-term outcome.

Potential future required jobs in the West for recipients of universal basic income?

I’m going to leverage one foot in Asia. Asia is the future. I am not ready to turn my future over to the western Titanic, due to some inability to inconvenience myself.

However, I been over here so long, I actually prefer some facets of it to the life I would return to.

For example, we have no use for toilet paper. Very dirty. We wash with a sprayer and soap which adjoins every toilet here in Asia. Nobody uses toilet paper. That’s why Indonesians will not eat with their left hand.

Much better to be in a slightly warmer climate that will become colder. Some semblance of cold, misty climate can be found that in the mountains here. Or we can visit Korea/China/Japan for snow as it is only a 5 hours flight from Angeles City/Clark.

That’s not to argue that the West (especially the U.S.A.) isn’t superior to the Philippines in many facets at this juncture. I would love to experience some of the American luxuries and culture that I admire and enjoy before they’re gone.

@anonymous replied:

I wrote in email

The radical swing to the left will be swift.

Though Armstrong seems to be of the opinion that socialism is dead. It seems that way in the UK right now. The Left are in disarray. I know you think that following a future financial crash the public will embrace the Left after blaming the the Right for the mess they're in, but I tend to be more inclined to believe a complete mistrust of all career politicians is likely (and quite what might result from such a power vacuum), unless carefully managed narrative control from the mainstream media can pull the wool over enough eyes and redirect the herd. Dunno.

  1. I doubt the worst will be before 2033. So you will be much older when it gets really difficult. Which will make it more difficult.

  2. Distrust of politicians = we can do it better with a revolution = left singularity holiness spiral ≠ sane, sober reconstruction

    Study history and theory I have been presenting in this thread of comments.

Professor Jorge Stolfi and I discussed in 2015, Western Dark Ages cause the growth to move somewhere else, e.g. moving eastward towards Asia such as the Eastern Byzantine Roman Empire which ultimately collapsed as India and China became dominant by the 11th century during the prior Maunder Minimum.

Revisiting Some More of My History

In 2008 I was designing IPFS and partially designing Bitcoin, before Szabo’s deliberately altered publish date for bitgold (not the original, c.f. also) and Bitcoin itself. Also in 2009 I published It Was Just Time. And in 2011 and 2013 my knowledge age thesis and technological devastation rebirth, c.f. also. In 2019 @zoidsoft even started a forum thread to asked others if I’m legit or a kook?

My former GoldWeTrust forum is still available. In 2008 I wrote:

I don't hate the politicians, I just think they are by definition of the profession, involved in socialized profit models (i.e. crooks). Many see means to an end with politics. I see NO END of politics.

“We should blast this song as we naruto-run into Area 51”

“When the boogaloo goes down this shit going to be fire”

“We need Muse on the front lines blasting this in WW3”

“This song becomes more relevant with each passing day”

“This song makes me want to overthrow the government to it. Who would join me?”:

Apparently he wasn't “over you” which is the reverse psychology point of the song, as he died from alcohol overdose:

When you want to want to tell someone but they can’t hear you, “Wherever I am girl, I'm always walking with you...Whoever I'm with, I'm always, always talking to you”:

The video of the following song reminds me of the shocking filth and poverty when I first arrived in Manila in 1990 coming from sparkling California:

Did Jesus lead me to the Philippines, and there’s an unfinished work to do here and “abroad”? Filipino “low trust” society criminals shining a compassion/life-purpose light on the path forward? One of them sings to inspire his fellow inmates:

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