CryptoGiveaway Bounty - 1000 Free Coins Offer

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Join the CryptoGiveaway advertising campaign!

Install the app and get 500 bonus coins (~$5) as a gift! Enter your promo code - PAXHRB - to receive extra 500 coins.

Install the app and get 500 bonus coins as a gift. Activate your promo code and increase your account balance up to 1000 coins. Then spread the word and earn more bonuses.

They are going to pay us 30% for every new lead as soon as they will install and authorize CryptoGiveaway Bounty by our personal link.

The opportunities to earn free coins are limitless, just like with... CryptoTab.
And, same like with CryptoTab, it is completely FREE! Zero investments required.

We are encouraged to invite as many friends as possible and to illustrate the potential growth of our network, we are given the exact same examples:

CryptoGiveawayBounty (3).png

As you can see, the above example is taken from the GetCryptoTab website, and below is the same example taken from the CryptoGiveaway website:

CryptoGiveawayBounty (4).png

Also, on both of those sites, there are the same graphics of our beloved Bitcoin on the dark green background:

CryptoGiveawayBounty (6).png

If I am right, if CryptoGiveaway is a CryptoTab sister site, so this is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, for we love CryptoTab!! CryptoTab is now a well-established mining pool, paying BTC daily to many, many members,

I am in a position to personally verify that the given example of the network potential is NOT too much exaggerated at all... that with alike opportunities everything is possible!!

Until now, to CryptoTab, I have personally sponsored only 266 members, yet my CryptoTab 10 level network has right now 34675 members and that number keeps on growing daily.
CryptoGiveawayBounty (8).png

But, CryptoTab is just a browser mining app, CryptoGiveaway is a bounty advertising campaign for a new cryptocurrency; the potential with it could be way, way bigger!

Do not miss your chance to get 100 free coins and do not miss your chance to share your CryptoGiveaway Bounty link with others!

I have just found and downloaded the app this very evening, haven't yet shared it with no one, wanted to write my Steemit post first... Look, I still only have the initial 1000 coins:


Join me and let us see how far we can go with this!

Same as with CryptoTab, everything is simple and super easy, no investments and no documents uploads!

  1. Download the app (you can choose now the window version)
  2. Verify your cell number ( they will send you the code, just insert it )
  3. Authorize the downloaded CryptoGiveawayBounty through a login to your Facebook.

They need our Facebook to confirm we are a real people and to avoid any mishaps during the token distribution process

Inside your downloaded app, you will see your own referring link to CryptoGiveaway with your unique bonus coins promo-code, just pass that link to people around you.


And, if you want to promote your link online, join the free AirDrops Site and get your own page like this one here:

CryptoGiveawayBounty (9).png

Also, if you join PromoteAdsPayPro site, we will get an access to special splash pages with your own CryptoGiveaway link :-)

Thanks for reading and big cheers to you and your crypto success!!

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What kind of coins did you get?

Nice of you to head my advice and visit this post :-)
There is more info on the site about it, so I haven't written here, they say:

How it works
CryptoGiveaway Bounty is a pre-ICO advertising campaign held to find the core users who are interested in cryptocurrency but do not want to risk investing their money in any of the current ones. We are offering a unique risk-free opportunity for anyone interested in. The more people will join us at this stage, the higher the token price will be after our cryptocurrency launch. Our cryptocurrency Viccoin will be created on the blockchain-based Ethereum platform and will follow its principles: anonymity, information security, decentralization, etc.

So how is your CryptoGiveaway network growing?

Mine is growing much slower than CryptoTab, but it is growing,
and till now I have collected over 3000 coins.


Yes, I know, those coins do not have any real value yet, but it is still fun to collect them and it is a great feeling to be able to see the names and faces of people who downloaded the app with our code.

I haven't made any splash pages for it, for it would be hard to produce something better than the main promotional page:

but I just made few CryptoGiveaway Bounty banners, here they are:

CryptoGiveawayBounty468 (1).png

CryptoGiveawayBounty (11).png

CryptoGiveaway Bounty is now added to both, the Airdrops.Link and BountyTokens, top free sites useful to sign up and start collecting the best coin airdrops and bounties!

So this is how many new coins I have accumulated on my app now:


and this is a splash page for it I made just few (maybe already several ;-) days ago:


Now there are not any more guessing that CryptoGiveaway is related to CryptoTab.

As to CryptoTab, these are my stats now...

cryptotab legend.PNG


and I was NOT promoting it any more from ages, the network has its own power now
and on the 10 levels together, there are... 53191 members!!

Yep, I am a legend now;
You can congratulate me :-)

And that number can say a lot to the no-sayers...

Surely not all members are active, but still, they registered and many do mine.

BTW, CryptoTab is paying and... is paying GOOD, look:
I am using them today as a kind of BTC wallet, cause we can use a diffrent address every time we withdrew there, super cool. and... ZERO fees!!

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