CryptoTab - The Biggest Spring Promo Giveaway!!

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WOW, guys, these are some serious prizes!!
As you can see from the image below, the first price is 0.3 BTC,
which at the current exchange rate, is worth 2,759.50 US Dollar.

The second one is 0.2 BTC, 1,839.40 US Dollar value,

and the third prize is 0.1 BTC, 917.90 US Dollar.

There are also 30 Random Prizes of 0.01 BTC.
Nothing to sneeze at either, 0.01 BTC means 91.97 US Dollar in your pocket.


To participate in this contest, you, of course, need to be a CryptoTab member
and invite to CryptoTab new users.

The person, who refers until the end of June 1, 2018, the largest number of new users will get the first prize.

I know, I know, this is quite a challenge, but... a well worth it one,
and you know what... you do not need to win to be the winner.

Yes, I mean it!!
You will be a part of the Newest, Coolest and The Fastest Growing Mining Pool on the Net, and you will make a conscious effort to invite more members to it. By doing so, you will benefit yourself and every single member using his/her CryptoTab extension to earn Bitcoins.

We will all earn more because of your joining, and even if you invite only one single person, (try to invite at least 2 though, to be eligible for the random prize), that still will help. Maybe that person would never join CryptoTab if it were not for you.

The saying the more - the merrier seldom is more accurate than in regards to a mining pool.
For the mining pool to be the most profitable to all members, it needs to be huge, it needs to has a HUGE number of participants. The more people inside it - the more everyone earns and the merrier there is :-)

Therefore your joining it and inviting others, will benefit every single person trying to earn some BTC with his/her browser, not only your 10 level sponsor team.

CryptoTabN (1).png

Some people out there are saying that the Satoshis earned from the daily mining are not worth the effort. But, in my opinion, they are wrong, they fail to see the bigger picture.
What seems like nothing to them, to others can look like a lot...
And, it does not take any effort at all to keep the CryptoTab miner going, it does not even take another tab window opened.

And CryptoTab is paying and is going to be paying for a long time.
Its paying journal is opened to everyone:


The minimum withdraw is 0.00001 BTC, much less than in many BTC faucets.
Plus, you do not need to keep on login and solving any captchas...

Take a peek here, this is hilarious:

When you are at that blog, why don't you take an extra moment and read Kristos' article about the CryptoTab. Kristos,, is my friend, and nope, he is not in my CryptoTab network, neither I am in his, but we both live by what we preach, that everyone inside CryptoTab is benefiting everyone else, and we cooperate with each other.

Look please, the Google Chrome CryptoTab extension has been already added by more than 360 thousand people!!


And my own CryptoTab network is growing like crazy too.
I wrote my first CryptoTab article approximately 2 months ago:

Today, in my CryptoTab 10 level network, there are more than 24 thousand people!
Absolutely incredible...


I guarantee you that this is NOT the end, that the CryptoTab is going to keep on growing and growing.

This Generous Bitcoin Giveaway Spring Promotion will attract many new members too,
and I hope you will be one of them.


You know, everything seems impossible until it's done...

Get Your Own CryptoTab Extension Now!

If you join and want to share your CryptoTab link with others,
please know that inside a free membership of my site, of,
you will find a whole plethora of free marketing tools to support your online promotions.
We also have special splashes promoting the current Spring Bitcoin Giveaway.


Thank you for reading, Cryptoclick

(haha, Cryptoclick ... Cryptotab... it looks like we fit together perfectly :-)


If you are a CryptoTab member, I will appreciate if you leave here a short (or if you like, loooong) comment with your own CryptoTab review, or with a marketing tip for others. Or with a graphic, a video... anything, and of course with your own referring link.

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Interesting. You've made money from this?


People who voted up this question, couldn't read this post, you must not have read either...


Have you ever won any prizes?


LOL, the giveaway contest is till the end of May ;-)

And as to your first question, you can view CryptoTab payments journal, the link for it is in the article.

I think that you if anyone @cryotoclick can win this contest. You are the biggest promoter of the extension that I have seen


WOW, thank you kindly for your compliment, but nope, you are quite wrong. I am much more of a team builder than of a promoter, and many people have waaaaay more referrals on their first level than I do, please look 3924! And he was only starting:

I do have a huge network, but not a huge number of personal refs; which is OK for me, as long as the network keeps on growing and growing :-)

BTW, I do not know the maker of this video, neither I have ever used the mentioned on the video method of getting referrals. I am completely clueless about it... just sharing what I found on YouTube...


I just think based on what I see out there, which is little. I wish I had more time to spend promoting my referral links. It's slow going. I'm going to make a blanket steemit post about it soon.


Best of luck with it!!

Here is a banner that is getting quite many clicks:

and 125x125 one:

Nothing special but I know it is working, so feel free to use it with your ref link.

I like banner advertising a lot, it builds the brand and is one of the best forms of non-incentivised advertising.

The members of my site can use the banners above with this splash:


Thanks for the resources. Here is my latest ref. Post. Thanks for being so inspiring @cryptoclick


Super, thanks for sharing here your article. I know everything but Project Ubu .

Ini even yang luar biasa terimakasih atas infonya


Terima kasih atas kunjungan Anda di sini.

Semua orang suka bitcoin gratis :-)

Hey cryptoclick!

I am still using the CryptoTab, on an pc that dosent have much power but it works. I am trying to get referrals, but i only got 4 and they are not using the CryptoTab after 1-2 days i think.

How many H/s do people here get from there pc's?

Looking forward for more news, tips and updates from your blog!
Thank you!


I'm glad youve been so succesful using cryptotab getting in early and building such an impressive network below you is no easy feat so you deserve all the payout you're going to get.

People who have an active audience or who are willing to put in the work will benefit from projects like these. However the developers benefit even more to a large extent more while those who got in at the bottom won't make more than a penny or two.

I wish you all the best with cryptotabbing and i've followed you too :)

If you would like to check it out here is my honest review can be found here


Thanks so much for your visit and your follow and for your comment.
Re the pennies for those joining later and not having big network below them, I often compare earning with CryptoTab to a penny found, not more efforts required that pick such penny up :-)

Plus, when the BTC price goes up, there will be more of those pennies, and like I said, the more people in the pool, the bigger mining power and the more everyone earns.

And as to building the network, surely this is more tricky now than at the very beginning, but hey, it is still possible. There are new people joining internet and learning about crypto, is just a matter of reaching them with one's message.

And last but not least, kindly please edit your link, it lead me here:


Im happy to edit the link but that screenshot says my article cant be found


Yes, this is exactly what I get when I click at the link of your review, that the page does not exist, and everything stays on Steemit, so...


oops sorry i see it was my mistake the link is fixed now in my comment! its been a long day clearly i need to get to bed


Thanks for fixing it and a good, restful night your way :-)


Hi @chkohler, now you are invited to read this:

Hope you read it and share your thoughts...

Merry, you are very kind...thanks a lot! :)

About Cryptotab. My last payment from them coincided with a payment I had from a Bitcoin Faucet that I am also using, so the balance was zeroed at both programs at exactly the same time!

On both programs, I have more or less the same number of personal referrals, a bit below 100 which seems to be my limit. Today my balance at Cryptotab is exactly 7 times bigger than my faucets balance! Let me add that my computer is old and pretty much average, and also that I am using the particular faucet daily because is pretty much the easiest one around.

The main advantage of Cryptotab, in my opinion, besides the multi-level referral plan, is that people are not quitting as readily as in other programs. In most programs that I promote only a very small percentage (4-6%) of my referrals are actually active. In Cryptotab is more near to 20-25%!


Kristos, I love your work, your posts, ads and comments!! You are real and positive and with ZERO HYPE!! Promotions online will be so much nicer if more people had your attitude.

This is to prove how fast the network keeps on growing and growing.
My snip in the blog was made the time of writing the post, not yet 3 full days ago, below you can see the stats from this moment, 7 PM, April 26th:



The stats from May 8th, 7PM



The CryptTab guys just announced that there are new translations
to four new languages on CryptoTab site!



Hi guys,
Just so you know...

It keeps on going and going like the energizer battery LOL


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