GET TO KNOW ME by @anomadsoul, well you have too😍. Here is my resumé.

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I ought to have published this resume to the blockchain few days ago but have been down with flu, just recovering.
Anyways, I saw a chance to engage and express something deep about myself with this challenge by @anomadsoul as you can see I wasn't nominated by anyone but something has
kept triggering me to join. Well, here I am!

@mediahousent (a blockchain host at STEEM meetup)

So, here is my journey so far on the blockchain. I started Steemit as early as June last year after making some few research. I couldn't stay back after a month cos of schooling. Although, I am done now - a graduate of Law (going for Bar 1 Exams soon).

“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step...”

1. My first introductory post and ever landmark on Steemit - A brief information about myself


I have little or no knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency as far back as early 2017 when I joined Steemit, I got introduced to the blockchain by an ardent steemit user @ehiboss

Practically, I got very few words stocked in there but they are sincere words from my heart and with honesty. If there is one thing I could remember I was told about Steemit then, it is that; it is found on trust, sincerity and transparency not far fetched it is on a blockchain.


2. My second biggest gig on the chain - Event report on the Ibadan STEEM meetup


Between my first introductory post and this gig, I have anchored the Steemit In Nigeria Conference (the first madien edition). Naturally, I am a talkshow host on radio before joining the platform and I discovered a way to further my passion for **media** by hosting events on the blockchain. And this one right here was a blockbuster, I got so many feedbacks from steemians.

I am literally the official blockchain host for the community, lol


3. I got a contract from @fulltimegeek - I became a researcher on Donald Marshall whistle blowing on Illuminati group


I got my first job on the steem blockchain as a researcher for @fulltimegeek and sincerely I would love to do that again. Thanks FTG!

I also jumped on this offer since it is an open offer to the blockchain and I can practically say that I was exposed to so many things - truth, conspiracy and theories which are playing underground in different sectors of life.
Obviously, I prefer a challenge blogwork to a niche cos it is taskful and it is gonna be about what you understand and know.


4. I was part of the curators for @bigwaves (a Nigerian community established to help minnows especially)


Every steps taken was a lesson on the blockchain, bigwaves sharpened and nurtured my curation skills.

I was nominated by bigwaves to be among the curators for the herculean task after several deliberations as regards our commitment to the blockchain and our activities so far.
I have worked in the capacity of a curator before, that I am sure of.


5. Not everyone is privileged to have it all - My plea on the blockchain


If kindness is a baton, are you ready to pass it on to me?

Who else would imagine that I am blogging with an ordinary smartphone for good 6-8 months now? Sob!
I managed to write to solicit for help to buy a laptop few months ago but it didn't generate enough reward that I needed but I am still here, and still active!


6. I started a series on my blog - How to Master your Warfare


While I was in college, I am found of motivational books and the knowledge imbibe in it. So, I develop a plan to write on strategies for “warfare” - (relative and comparative meaning) after reading 33 Strategies of Wars authored by Robert Greene
It will motivate you.


7. I started a promo with @meno - My soft promotion of STEEMIT not STEEM

images (3).jpeg

I got to know @meno via a long comment, lol. Although, I knew him to be among the fulltimegeek beneficiaries and since then we have been cool. He strongly believe in the dream and aspirations of this platform and he's a strong philosopher. So, he told me about this idea of promoting STEEMIT not the cash. Although, it started with some tags but it was really nice promoting Steemit.


8. If you ain't in any community yet, please kindly join a community today

images (4).jpeg

Out of my deep concerns for newbie that have no clue at all about how the platform functions, I decided to take the pain to write and informed them about the essence of a community to a steemian (especially the developing).

To every individual on the Steem blockchain, community is like another family member to them. Relationship is important!


9. I tutored someone in Public Speaking


Perhaps, you were thinking I did that in 60sec, NO!
A friend of mine on the blockchain asked if I could be of help to his friend who seek for a public speaking coach. I took it upon myself to tutor her for the competition. And I later made a post to that effect, besides she passed the preliminary stage of the oratory contest.

I am now a champ!


10. While, to top it - Has genocide war been able to solve the scramble for Africa by Africans?

cannon-164669__480 (1).jpg

We save the best for last, this is the best I guess, lol.
I watched a movie titled - Tears of the Sun and I practically got the inspiration for this post there. Save for the fact that it deals with certain political correctness. It is a pure reflection on the situation of things around me.

Meanwhile, I would like to nominate these three for the challenge - @jeaniepearl @oredebby and @juiletisrael
It is really amazing to share my blog posts with you all. Thanks to @anomadsoul for this challenge.

Yours, @mediahousent blockchain host and a media personality

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Wow, it's good to get to know you completely
After having gone through, I feel like I've known you all my life, lol
Let's get to know me too huh
Thanks for the tag

Wow.. You've really gone a long way.. Keep it up..


See how sweet that sounds, but you know I still have several mountains to climb, lol.
Thank you very much dear, I won't let you down

It's really cool to have met you in the last few months you've worked with me on WAFRO discord party. I hope our journey together continues far into the sun.


Awwnn, thank you very much sir. And to add our journey will escape the sun and reach the jupiter. Lol.
It is really nice to be working with wafrica...💪


Lol, you are my mentor you just don't know it
Well, let's mentor ourselves 😁

I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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All I can say is keep moving bro, more achievement is on your way.


Uche, wow
Thank you very much for this encouraging words. I will keep striving to be the best and I won't let you down brother. Thank you

Keep it up bro...


Thank you 💪

Nice to know you - you have done a lot. I like that you are a funny guy - one must maintain a sense of humor. I am now intrigued to see "Tears of the Sun". See u on the blockchain.


Thank you very much, well the reply I give to people is this - Sometimes, you think I am that hilarious guy. Meanwhile, I am just the fun king.

Ensure you see the movie, it is really interesting and full of intriguing moment.
Nice to meet you.

This is simply amazing. You've gone a whole long way and I appreciate this good works. Being an MC of course builds your abilities of being excellent in public speaking that you were able to teach someone else.
How amazing.
Keep up the good work and thanks for the nomination dear.

I am @oredebby