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Ever since I joined steemit community, I have been an active member till date. Although, at some point I was away from the community. During my early days on steem blockchain, I have contributed to the growth of steem promotional activities which are in number. Being a reputable host on the blockchain as far as Nigeria is concerned, I anchored the biggest event in the history of Nigeria and that is Steemit In Nigeria Conference 1 organised by @ehiboss and crew. The part I played in the success of this event happened as a result of my online presence both on the blockchain and off, I am a media enthusiast and an Influencer. Aside the S.I.N conference, I was privileged to anchor several other Steem Meet-Ups which were as follows;

• Steemit Campus Invasion, Sapele, Delta
• Steem Meet-Up, Abuja
• Steem Meet-Up, Warri
• Steem Meet-Up, Ibadan
And among other events have been able to coordinate.


I was able to achieved a lot of these steemit promotional activities through the help of my former laptop. That is, for a media personality like myself. I need to be online 24/7 because I need to talk to people about the event and make them see reasons while they need to attend.
Aside that I run some shows on discord channel and those shows and my online presence have been pending for some time now because my laptop got damaged. Also, sometimes while using my phone for shows, my incoming calls disrupt my connectivity.
I could remember my chat with @sircork when he gave me a blank cheque of hosting my show on OBS but due to the fact that I don't have a laptop I couldn't accept the offer. So pathetic!

In the process of improving the curation system on the blockchain and enhancing the communities in Nigeria, I joined the @bigwaves curation team and my responsibility is to search for incredible and good posts/contents on the blockchain and submit for curation. I have been locating posts and shuffling between Steemit and Discord channel with my phone but it is a herculean task for me using my phone. Especially, when I need to balance up with my curator work at bigwaves server and posting on my blog.


If charity is a baton, are you ready to pass it on to me?

With a sobriety of heart, I am writing this out to the entire blockchain family, a family that will always love irrespective of your race, color and distance. That is what and how the STEEM blockchain is to almost everybody that have been around for a while now.
I am @mediahousent a host on the STEEM blockchain and I'm from Nigeria, basically I have been here for some time now. Although, I should be in my first year on the platform come 22nd of June this year but I had a lot of challenges and hindrances that clogged my way and growth on the steem platform. It was late last year that I started blogging again, a lot had happened while I was away (after my compulsory exile, have been here for over 6 consecutive months now and I'm addicted already).

The most shocking experience about my story is that. I don't have a stable tool (because my laptop got damaged) in connecting with the steemit platform except my phone. You will be shocked if I tell you that for almost six months of my active participation on the steem blockchain, I was blogging with my phone (sober).
Yes, do you believe that? I have been compel to blog with my cellphone for almost six months ago now because I don't have a laptop or tablet that can ease the burden on my phone.
And may I tell you that, I might probably not blog again because my phone will soon crash (I confined in @sircork and he asked me to forward my plea to the blockchain and vouched that this family will help me). I hope my HOPE is resuscitated.
That is the reason behind my cry to the blockchain family. Basically, I operate my phone as if it is a laptop, and you know that can be dangerous to the operating system of the phone.
Some people might want to doubt this at the long run, but to corroborate my story is @ehiboss @illuminatus and @williams-owb
They have been supportive and a listening ears to my predicament for months now and they will support this article with their attestations in order for you to know I'm not here to scam you.

How can you help me fund the purchase of my laptop

I found a decent laptop of 120,000 naira ($333). Currently, I have been able to manageably raise 50,000 naira ($138) out of the money and I need about 70,000 naira ($194) to complete the money.

Thank you for your anticipated response.

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