Get To Know Me challenge! (aka my TOP 10 Steemit posts)

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Sooo after the whole HF20 turmoil, I feel Steemit is getting back on track and I've decided to answer the challenge from @evecab originating by @anomadsoul. Thx for nomination Eve! :) Not sure if it's meant just for SF3 participants but hopefully not. And if so, well, hopefully see u all next year. I'm busy with finishing my Masters now + I've been to Krakow too many times to get me excited about another trip there. But I hope everyone will have a gr8 time there and I'm eager to read all the reports.

Get to know me challenge

So the idea here is to bring our favorite top 10 posts back from the grave and remind people who haven't been following us back in the day about our past content. It's a great idea as I feel not many people read those posts here we go :)
  1. How married muslim, homosexual Latino and standard Europan celebrated their friendship in Barcelona
    This one is about having a multicultural friends and being able to have great time together. I love these guys, that weekend was full of fun :)
  2. [My 3 months in Pakistan #3] Northern areas + 40 pictures
  3. I got pretty emotional while writing this..Those memories are just soooo strong.

  4. Experiment - Surviving only on steemit rewards [DAY 2 - leftovers, dumpdiving]
    Hah this one was the 2nd day of my steemit survival challenge. I like it especially since it's so far the only time I've written about my trashdiving experiences :)
  5. My introduction post
    Hah I've been writing this several hours. Kinda hoped to make a breakthrough immediately and get someone notice me :D Didn't work out as planned :D But the post really shows me the way I see me :)
  6. Were those 800kms worth it? Steemit exclusive POHODA summer festival 2018 report
    This one was kinda light post without any deep thoughts. Many pictures, great music, positive vibe :)
  7. 2 stories from communist regime in Czechoslovakia (don't take your freedom to travel for granted)
  8. I'm studying in Austria. Many people don't realize it, but 20 years back, our parents could't even travel here for one day because of communism in Slovakia. I'm talking about 2 stories my father used to tell me when I was kid and how he often dreamed about travelling.

  9. I'm BAAACK! Knee is 100% healed + talk about consistency in BJJ and STEEMIT
  10. Ohh...little did I know I'll get a wart the very next month. But wart is gone now!!! Just to heal the scar and I can train again!! I'll write post similar to this again :)

  11. I've been back home JUST for 3 days now!!... ** Siblings' love **
  12. Siblings - is it love, is it hate? I'm presenting my love to my sis @zzuzza in this post :)

  13. KROWKA - Typical Polish sweet I miss sooooo much while studying abroad
  14. Hah, here I've played with my new camera for the first time. Also, I was pretty surprised how many people reacted to it. So to all SF3 participants, don't miss out on these treats!!

  15. DROPSHIPPING mania. How people passively earn thousands of $$$ and why I find it DISGUSTING...!!
  16. I have mixed feelings about this post. I've upvoted this one with bots to the gills. But not for profit...I swear. I just felt I wanted more people to see and read it as it's such disgusting topic IMO.

Well, this was much harder than I thought. I'd love to include some of my computer science posts like programming an algorithm to analyze Twitter during bull and bear market. I've spent my whole weekend, 16 hours a day working on it..But there's no space for it left. If you want to read it, comment and I'll give u a link :D

Oh and to nominate some people from my friends circle, I'd looove to get an overview from @macchiata as her story is really interesting and I somehow found her too late. Also, I'd like to challenge @zekepickleman and @milkabustamante as I enjoy reading their posts as well :)

You can find my latest posts here:

Hahaha here would usually be some links to my last posts. But I feel there's already enough of links into my Steemit past in this post. So I'll skip this part :)


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What a cool entry @matkodurko! I found yourself through the tag #gettoknowme which proves that @anomadsoul is definitely connecting people here :-)

My favorite article of your list is the first one, proving that it doesn't matter where we come from or which type of background we do have in order to live up true friendship. Great message, thanks for that!


Hah thx a lot for reading the stuff :) That post was particularly nice to write as they are just sooooo close to me :D I remember smiling all the time :)


Well I guess that's what true friendship is all about. When I'm spending time with my besties I can't stop smiling either :-)

really cool posts @matkodurko! I had seen some of them already, like the trash dumping, which I think is awesome btw! And I liked the first one a lot!


Thxxx that one made me feel sooo good just writing it :)

Yah you have always had awesome and entertaining post nephew!

I am always down for a good challenge and will see what I can scrape up.

Love the Pakistan adventure.


Hah please scrape something up. I have problems keeping up with ur posts, so BEST OF it would be great :)

YEP now I get to know you better!!! I read 5 posts of them and I am very impressed with your experiences. I am going to be reading the rest especially the polish sweets :-D -which I've not yet read.

I actually DID this challenge already :-D just below the cooking post

It's great steemit is functioning so I can read your posts and commenting on it again. I am honestly bad at commenting but I lurk now and then haha.

Why haven't I known you earlier? :-D you have many interesting experiences that I love to read! and when hard fvck happened, I was like, " okay so I might not be able to read thoughtful comment from martin again"

Cause you're the one who kinda motivate me to continue writing the memoir :-D

Have a great weekend there!


Oh did you? Haha why didn't you nominate me then? :O Hahah

Thx, wish the same to u!
Heading to ur challenge post now :D

9 je pre mna jasny favorit! :)


To vlastne ani neviem, ci ma tesi :D Ja ze su tam lepsie :D

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Your hobby is get me into trouble, right? 😂 Thanks for thinking of me. I accept!

BTW! My favorite posts are the second. I love the terrorist who attacked you.

(PD: Take a shower 🐷) ❤️